Even if we try to live in an imaginary land, where rainbow appears everyday, where people are loving, helpful and rich, where there is no poverty, no child labour and no sexual abuse, still we cannot ditch the ground reality. Even though it’s a pretty fascinating thought that a person could imagine, but as soon as the sun comes up, reality sets in. Which have diseases such as breast cancer, plagues and catastrophes.

Willingly or unwillingly, the ground reality claims that we are surrounded with innumerable problems, which includes personal and professional, physical and emotional, and finally individual and societal issues. Adding up to this, an additional halt in it is the genders’ specific problems. In plain words, we have issues related to our gender also. Men have their own problems and women have their own. And when it comes to their bodies, the conversation goes even bitter. Because the physical problems are the big hurdle in humans lives.

Women are the main target:

And women are in more trouble these days as far as their health is concerned. Why? Because a woman has more operational organs, fixed in her body, with which not only her life’s cycle moves but also she takes different tasks from them, for instance, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding involves a woman’s breasts or boobs and a baby takes the basic food from them. These are the baby’s most fundamental food source.

Having problems in a woman’s breasts cause serious damage to her emotional and physical stability and well being. This problem, if not acknowledged or cure by a professional on a primary basis, it can cause a serious issue for a woman in the shape of breast cancer. Sadly speaking, breast cancer these days, is one of those most prevailing diseases in the world that have created much noise and harm to a human’s life.

But due to considering it a taboo topic, breast cancer is not being discussed in most of the underdeveloped countries of the world.

Global ratio of breast cancer patients in the world:

Even though the United States of America and the United Kingdom are considered to be the most developed lands of the world, yet some of the misfortunes happens there even after having the tags of a developed nations. Speaking of breast cancer and similar diseases like this. The most younger pregnant women found in these lands of the world. Similarly, problems related to breast are also found there. Irregularities in menstrual cycle in women is another popular case in United States of America and in the U.K.

The common age in which women in the world are diagnosed with breast cancer is fifty. But those who have some kind of weakness or they have a family history of breast cancer in their mothers or grandmothers, can develop breast cancer in their early ages.

A survey calculations:

One in every 40 women with breast cancer have the chance of death due to this disease.

In 2017, the total count of women with breast cancer was around three lakhs in USA. And women who died with breast cancer in 2017 were 40,000 in number. There are men too who are reported with breast cancer in America and the United Kingdom. Generally a breast cancer patient survives for five years with it. And this ratio is around 90% in the world.

There is good news for breast cancer patients in the modern world:

On the contrary to the past, today’s people have quite the hopes for various diseases they are suffering from. And the breast cancer is one of them. There are authentic proofs of it that breast cancer can be treated successfully if it is caught in the early stages. But for the detection of this problem in the early stages, one must have to examine his or her breasts quite often and report if finds any changes and consult to the doctor immediately. Breast cancer treated in the early stages, will bring tremendous results.

What are the most basic reasons of developing breast cancer?

Of course, there are some specific causes and reasons of developing breast cancer that normally people avoids due to their hectic and packed lifestyles. But such reasons certainly do have their impacts on a person’s body. And those who have a weak immune system or a feeble fighting team in the body, they get caught up in the mess of breast cancer. Common reasons of developing breast cancer includes;

How can a woman resist breast cancer
  • Over consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Being tall.
  • Age factor. Usually after forties.
  • Genetics, a family history of breast cancer whether in men or women.
  • Having any problems related to breasts in the past.
  • Wearing skin fitting undergarments for instance, too much tight bras or waists.
  • Wearing black bra in the sunlight. As the black colour absorbs the sun beams directly hence, cause breast cancer.
  • Refuse to breastfeeding cause mass in the woman’s breasts because it dries the milk within the breasts thus put the foundation of a mass inside the boobs and eventually sprouts the stem of breast cancer.

Popular signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

You may have heard people saying that they didn’t know that they are having any cancer, developing in their bodies. Or you may have heard people saying that they didn’t know that breast cancer have caught them in its shackles. However, it’s because they didn’t pay any attention first at the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It’s not true the breast cancer doesn’t show any signs. It always shows visible symptoms, you just have to figure it out the unusual changes in your body, such as;

  1. A painless mass or lump in the breasts.
  2. A round, soft, painful lump or mass in the breasts.
  3. Extra swell breasts.
  4. Itching, irritation or redness in the skin of the breasts.
  5. Pain in the nipples and breasts.
  6. nipples starts turning inwardly.
  7. Red patches on the breasts’ skin.
  8. Fluid discharge from the nipples. (besides the breast milk.)

Is the breast cancer develop in the breasts only? Or it may sprout somewhere else in the body too?

You may not have information about this but, if a person has breast cancer, it’s not mandatory that he or she will develop it in the breasts only. Surprisingly, there are some cases reported, who have developed breast cancer around the collar bone or under the arm. In such cases, the patient feels swelling on these areas that are mentioned above, before the actual tumour appears in the breasts. Sometimes lymph nodes may be swollen due to developing such type of cancer. Therefore, one must have to examine his or her body frequently to skip such a mess.

There can be other signs and places too where the cancer can easily spread before appearing into the breasts. So if you see anything unusual in your body, switch to your physician and have a thorough examination of your body inside out.

Age factors is the main reason of developing breast cancer:

As your grow older, the chances of breast cancer become vibrant in females. Why? Because a woman experiences so many things in her life and passes many phases. For instance, menstrual cycle, then marriage, (living with husband physically) then pregnancy, and breastfeeding. In all such processes, her breasts are being used, quite significantly and thus the chances of developing such kind of condition becomes higher.

A woman should have to take extra care of her boobs when she is on her breast feeding period. In that time span, the chances of producing a tumour is very high. A woman should breastfeed her child for two years. It is not only best for the baby, but it also very beneficial for the mother’s health as well.

Your breast tissues shouldn’t be thicker than normal tissues:

We all know that the universe has created us in a marvellous manner. And when it comes to a female body, we see the state of the art. Take a look inside a female’s breast and you will see how beautifully the tissues are fixed there. A female’s breast contains delicate, and thin tissues, fixed in a flower petals form. A female breast anatomy shows a flower of tissues. These tissues have to be thin and delicate.

In this position a female is safe from this disease. But if these tissues gets thicker, the chances of getting caught up in breast cancer become higher and higher. So whenever you feel an unusual thickness in your breasts, consider them a serious issue and do something about it.

How much breastfeeding helps in reducing the chances of breast cancer?

In Europe and America, the concept of breastfeeding is not much in fashion. Means that women don’t consider it important. They simply deliver the child, dries out the milk within the breasts or extracts it from the breasts and feed their child from artificial sources. However, it is very dangerous for both of them, the child and the mother. A specific hormone namely oestrogen is a female sex hormone. All the matter that are related to female life cycle specifically are determined by this sex hormone.

What if you won’t do it?

When a woman skips any of the process or prolong any of the process i.e. periods, early or late menopause, and pregnancy, the oestrogen gets exposed in the body for a longer period than usual. And this becomes a reason of drowning into breast cancer.

If a woman play traditionally, and breastfeed her child right after delivering for minimally one year and maximumly for two years, she will reduce the chances of breast cancer because both processes comes after one another, pregnancy and breastfeeding. And if followed in sequence, it reduces the chances of over exposing of oestrogen.

Oral birth control pills and breast cancer:

It may sound funny, but actually it does make sense. That humans are alive only for three things. A better lifestyle, yummy food and the third is sex. The third one sometimes takes superiority over the first two. People in west, crazily and delibrately wants to do sex, but they don’t want to have babies. And babies happens when you tend to do such stuff. To skip the results women usually takes birth control pills and avoid pregnancy.

These birth control pills increases the levels of oestrogen in the body and subsequently, gives free passage to your body to develop breast cancer. If, instead of taking the birth control pills, that even distrubs the menstural cycle, we take precautions while having sex or avoid to take the secretion inside or your partner ejaculates outside your body, it can also safe us from conceiving a baby. Taking the shots of birth controlling pills sometimes creates problems in conceiving again when we actually want to.

Laser treatment and breast cancer:

If it is famous, doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. Those who opt for laser treatment to crush the kidney stones or any skin issue or liver treatment, they will certainly develop breast cancer or any other cancer later in life. This type of treatment harm the body in this way for sure. So you, especially if you are a woman, should not go for laser treatment. It will harm the health of your breasts as they are quite delicate and sensitive and will drown you in breast cancer.

Obesity is a big time hurdle in a woman’s health and cause breast cancer:

This point is asserted without any further debate. Obesity causes so many problems for a woman and this is one of them. Women who have early menopause, get fat and gain extra weight. And as soon as they grow older, the chances of having breast cancer gets brighter. Why? Because the early menopause increases the levels of oestrogen in the body. Other than this, having junk food, dessert, and unhealthy eating items destroys the overall health. It not only indulge you in the problems, but also in diabetes type 2, depression, hair fall, weak eyesight and arthritis.

Alcohol consumption and its relationship with breast cancer:

Generally, alcohol consumption is associated with the mens in the society. But that’s not so true today. Because there are a number of women who drinks alcohol more than men. And because a woman have a less strong body and muscle’s structure than a man, hence her body doesn’t survive the toxicology of the alcohol and thus she develop diseases.

If a woman takes three glasses of alcohol regularly, the chances of breast cancer are highly vibrant. Same is the case with smoking and other intoxications and drugs. All such things are prohibited for a woman. It not only cause her, but it will also sprouts the stem of other diseases like lung cancer, mouth cancer, stomach ulcer, infertility and brain tumour.

5 effective and scientific treatments for breast cancer:

There are four main types of treatments that are designed for the cure. Before opting for any kind of treatment, keep this thing in your mind that the stage of your cancer will actually determine the type of treatment you should choose to get the cure. After the confirmation of the stage, choose the right method of treatment and stick to it till you get the cure. The treatments includes;

Surgery, to take out the tumour or cancerous area

In this method, a surgery is performed to to extract the cancerous area of the body. Now, the whole breast will be removed or only the tumour will be removed, this decision will be taken by the surgeon after a complete examination of the breasts. And then the surgery will be performed. During this process, several lymph nodes also removes along with the cancerous part or tumour.

Chemotherapy is a well known treatment to slow down breast cancer

breast cancer

chemotherapy do have side effects but mainly if performed to required number, it will bring positive results. It helps to kill the cells that are spreading cancer in the body or in the breasts. Although chemotherapy cause hair fall, blackish nails, blurred vision, early menopause, vomiting and fatigue. It helps to reduce the cancerous cells and prevent them to grow again on a maximum level.

Laser or radiation therapy

In laser light treatment, a specific type of powerful heavy waves are used to destroy the breast cancer tumour and cells. However, laser treatment is not really recommended by the sincere physician as it has drastic side effects.

Oestrogen restricted hormone therapy

In this process several designed drugs are being used to restrict the sex hormone cell oestrogen. So much so to reduce the chances of prevailing the cancerous cells of breast cancer. But keep this thing in mind that, hormone therapy must be done under the supervision of an expert. It’s a sensitive and responsible matter to perform.

Medicines for breast cancer

Undoubtedly, Special medicines are designed to cure and slow down the growth of breast cancer. These medicines should be taken prior and after the menopause. However, such medicines cause acute dryness in the female vagina. Sometimes, the medicine of breast cancer helps to prevent the production of hormones in the ovaries. Irregularities in menstrual cycle is reported in several cases due to the medication of breast cancer.

Other than this, a woman should have to examine her breasts thoroughly, once in a while. Whether it has developed any changes or not. See for yourself if your breasts are seeming hard or not. If you see or feel anything unusual or new, talk to your doctor and do exactly what he says.

Self care at home regarding breast cancer:

Do not depend on the scientific treatments of breast cancer entirely. Take precautions and do self care in order to save yourself from the complexities of breast cancer. If you do a little more care in daily life, you don’t have to face the hurdles of bad health ever in life. And this is the most delicate part of your body. You have to take extra care of your breasts. Such as;

  1. Add exercises in your life. Burn extra calories. Clear the excessive fats from your body.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol too much. Don’t smoke either.
  3. Wear loose fitting under garments. Also don’t wear wet under garments.
  4. If you opt for a hormone therapy, set a limit. Don’t go crazy.
  5. Obesity is one of the major cause of breast cancer. Get rid of it. Lose weight. Because it is beneficialfor your overall health.
  6. Mediterranean diet, mixed with olive oil and nuts decreases the chances of developing breast cancer.
  7. Add fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  8. After giving birth to your baby, dont skip the process of breastfeeding. Women who breast feed their child for a year, reduces the chances of breast cancer.
  9. If you have a family history of this disease, dont be ignorant. Check your body frequently.
  10. Try to stay happy most of the time. Cancer spreads when you are sad or depressed.

The final words:

Due to not having the adequate knowledge about the breast cancer campaigns, thousands of women don’t get the essential information about it. However, mothers and sisters should give ample awareness and acknowledge the youngers about the prevention and precautions. Because the pain and botheration is unspeakable. Avoid black colour in the sunlight. This colour absorbs the sun beams hence, cause even more trouble if the person has breast cancer.

Be positive about the treatment, and let the process flow with the continuity. Stay happy and content. Even if you are on stage two, you can recover from breast cancer. All you have to do is to believe in the process and in yourself. Because unlike other cancers, it’s cure largely relies on your mental positive approach rather than the medicine and scientific treatments.

Try to be happy and content. And you will see the difference. Even if you have stage three breast cancer, do not lose hope even then, stick to your doctor and treatments. Follow the precautions and prevention. It will work in better way to get cure from the disease.


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