Since when the human race is living on the earth, the curiosity of invention has always been its primary focus. Man discovered various ornamental items on earth and decorated him/herself with it. If you take a look at the history of a man, you will notice that whether belonging to any religion and any specie, man decorated himself with whatever he got, even with the ivory. This is how, jewellery was invented by the humans and people wear it through piercing. The urge of decorating him/herself was present in every age. However, things have been changed now.

Today man doesn’t want to have heavy necklaces or ear loops or bangles. But yes, in the Stone Age, man do want to be decorated with the jewellery. That was the time when it came into existence. When man created jewellery, this thing too was invented by the human. Although people didn’t know the classification of the allowed and prohibited area of the body for it and do decorate themselves wherever they find right.

However, much later humans realized the sensitivity of the genital area and stopped doing piercing there.

Piercing Meaning and its Types,.

Piercing! Human’s Favourite Thing for Ages;

First, you need to understand what is it actually? Piercing is a sort of opening a hole in the human skin so you can wear a piece of jewellery in it. It’s a type of puncturing the skin for making a hole in it. In other words, it is a type of modification. Initially, people only preferred earlobes piercing.

This was the time of 1500 B.C., when people step up for making nose holes. After that, when geologists dig deep in the history of the mankind, they found out people buried with nose and ear holes almost 5000 years ago. So you may say that piercing is as ancient, as the human existence on the planet earth.

Historical References of Piercing;

It’s an interesting fact that piercing is as ancient as the birth of a human. And the religious books like the bible, have the references of earrings, which means that people of that time also did the fashion. There are some ancient reference that shows the age of piercing.

  • The oldest earrings found in 25.00 BCE with a mummified body in a grave.
  • Ortiz the iceman, whose body found in the glacier of Italy, had the earrings and pierced ears 53.00 years ago. The length of ear piercing was 7-11 mm diameter.

These references show that with the birth, human started making jewellery and ornaments. And the fun fact is gender isn’t counted while decoration. Means, that there is no exception of gender to wear jewellery. If you take a look at the old myths, stories of Greece, Hinduism, and Buddhism, you will find out that both genders men and women wear heavy jewellery. This aptitude wasn’t confined to the females only.

Men too did this thing of their ear and even the nose. It was so common and widely adopted by humans because no religion prohibited humans from piercing. That’s why, whether a person is a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddha, Secular or Pagan, piercing was all allowed to have. However, there is a point to remember that a few religions don’t allow piercing on the genital organs of the body like other religions allows.

Why Do People Opt in for Piercing?

There can be several different reasons to for go it or not choose to do piercing. People have various concepts related to it. Some people do it because it suits to their religion, society and social surroundings. Like in Muslims, when a girl born, within 7 days her ears will be pierced by her grandmother or some doctor. This gesture denotes to ensure that a girl has fulfilled her feminine requirement by it.

In western countries, people are piercing on the different areas of the body, regardless of gender. The reason behind this could be many such as:

Piercing Meaning and its Types,,
  1. Self expression.
  2. For sexual pleasure.
  3. In an aesthetic value.
  4. For spiritual reasons.
  5. To get integrated with the culture.
  6. To complete the feminine look.
  7. To adopt new fashion trends.

There could be more reasons apart from the above. However, some people even after facing the opposition from the society, do the body piercing. This sort of thing includes those areas that are really soft, gentle and shouldn’t be touched in a way like they do. But still, body piercing besides the earlobes and the nose, is being practiced in the world, even with the strong opposition in the way.

The Classification of Piercing in the World;

As you know that the it has many types apart from the nose piercing and earlobes which was the traditional way of it, these other sorts of piercing are practiced in the world in a large extent. However, These types includes piercing:

  • On the Nose.
  • Of Earlobes.
  • On the Tongue.
  • Of the lips.
  • On the edges of the eyebrows.
  • Of the navel and on the upper side of the navel.
  • On the nipples.
  • Of the genital organs of the body. (the most painful one)
  • On Ear bone.
  • Of the cheeks.

Surprisingly, These are the weird and astonishing sorts of piercing in the world. In some of the conservative tribes of Africa and America, people do the weirdest type of piercing. For instance, they made a bigger hole in the earlobe or in the tongue and fix a round plate shape object in it, which made this hole even bigger. This looks obnoxious and painful, but people of those tribes are bound to obey such customs helplessly.

The Possible Troubles that You Can Face, If go for Unconventional Piercing;

Basically, Everything in the world, which looks good, also has its bad shape too. Piercing, if done on the appropriate parts of the body, won’t harm in any circumstances. But if you step up to get weird and wants to try the rebellious looks, which includes body piercing, then you need to understand that cleanliness and hygiene are the first and foremost rule to follow no matter what.

Otherwise, you will be risking your health that could end up with a fatal disease like cancer. So you need to be extremely careful, while making decisions about body piercing. The risks that you will invite, with it can be:

  • Skin allergies: like with metals such as nickel and steel.
  • Oral swellings: while wearing ornaments in the tongue or uvula can produce swelling. These ornaments interfere while swallowing, thus cause gum infection also.
  • Skin infections: itchiness, redness, scarring, swelling and discharge of the fluid calls the pus.
  • Diseases due to the usage of unhygienic utensils: if you let someone do you’re piercing with the uncleansed utensils, this will undoubtedly lead you to the dangerous diseases such as HIV, Cancer, and hepatitis of any kind.
  • Tearing the skin due to the jewellery: of course, when you wear any piece of jewellery for a long time, this will eventually tear your skin and made the hole bigger. That could be required stitches.

How can You Save Yourself from the Painful Effects of Piercing?

There are millions of ways that can help you to have safe piercing. If you opt for the important precautions while piercing, you don’t have to be worry for any disease or infections. These important notes are:

Piercing Meaning and its Types..'
  1. Primarily, All the utensils that are selected for the piercing should be sterilized and soaked in antibiotic substance.
  2. The person’s hands and the area that you want to pierce, should be washed before the piercing and the gloves should be used while piercing.
  3. Take the essential first aid kit with you, so if the distance between your home and the doctor’s clinic is long and your blood spurts from the pierced area, then that first aid kit will help you abruptly.
  4. Clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly if you wish to do tongue or uvula piercing.
  5. The rings and jewellery that you want to wear after it must be rust free and clean.
  6. Don’t be so fussy about the cleanliness. If your skin is healthy and clean, you don’t have to apply any cleaning agents further. This can give you eczema or drier your skin.
  7. The skin area that you wish to pierce should be clean from any fluid like, saliva, sweat and moisture. Wet skin can cause infection.
  8. Don’t rub used tissue on the pierced areas. Always clean the area with a soft cotton new piece of cloth.
  9. If you did ear piercing, clean your mobile before using.
  10. Avoid to applying makeup to the piercing area. Also, don’t use perfume or spray on it.
  11. Don’t take any risk in the tongue or lips piercing. Always use antibacterial mouthwash. And do gargles after every meal.
  12. Accept the change. Take the step and then happily live with it. Don’t take the stress after doing it anywhere in your body. If you took the step, stand by it.

The Bottom Line;

Basically, It is not something taboo or bad thing to do. It’s the human nature to get dressed up and decorate him/herself in the things he/she wants. And there isn’t anything wrong with this. The only requirement in piercing is the safety precautions. You have to take all the safety precautions while doing body piercing. The place should be clean, appropriate and hygienic that you choose for piercing.

Body piercing is although very common in the western countries and in young people these days, but it’s not somehow safe, if you consider your health. However, Piercing in the genital area, tongue, uvula, and the bone of the ear is probably the most risky thing to do. Infections and even cancers are reported of these specific areas of the body due to piercing. As long as beauty is concerned, piercing in the nose and ear lobes only look beautiful.

Above all, Piercing of the other areas merely looks fashionable, but not beautiful and Attractive. This sort of fashion usually comes for a year or a season, after that it looks odd and boring. However, it’s your personal decision, if you want to do piercing of any area, go for it, but remember, safety procedures are mandatory in any circumstances for piercing eventually.


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