It may sound familiar but it’s true. That you may have met many people who don’t really care about the hygiene and self care. Such people think that being messy and unclean, is limited to us only, that it may haven’t had that much bad impact on others. But the thing is, if you are being messy, unclean and unhygienic, IT IS certainly bothering the others. Your unclean dress, unwashed face and body and your bad breath, clearly making others uncomfortable.

And the bad breath? It’s above all! Bad breath that is formally known as halitosis, has extremely negative impact on the others. A person will easily judge you on the basis of halitosis, even if you are down to earth and an extremely good person. So it’s better to keep yourself hygienic and smell free if you want to be judged as a better person.

The literal meaning of the term halitosis:

Before jumping into the literal meaning of the word, get one thing straight that the word “halitosis” is a scientific word for bad breath. Now, many people confuse this condition with a bad breath that temporarily occurs in your mouth when you eat something that causes smell. For example, if you ate onion omelette with the addition of two eggs and a few sips of milk in it and after that you smell bad, that doesn’t mean that you have developed halitosis.

It’s rather a kind of alarming health condition. Sometimes the patient has developed some serious problems internally, that starts telling himself with the occurrence of halitosis. Most of the time when people are having stomach problems in their bodies and they don’t really know it or sometimes they even know it, halitosis is the initial physical condition they faces primarily.

Halitosis is a confidence killer and causes big time humiliation for the victim:

Of course, when people try to communicate, they tend to confront you. And in today’s world, confrontational conversations are sound to be more attractive than the online chat or phone calls. If you are meeting somebody in person, hygiene will be the primary thing that you will notice in a person. And if he has bad breath, or halitosis, knowing or unknowingly, you will maintain your distance with him. This thing kills the confidence and strength of a person.

He will feel unwanted and less important in the gatherings when people are distant just because of halitosis. And sensitive people actually commits suicide because of the society’s behaviour. Halitosis actually destroys the person’s self esteem and inner strength. The person loses his or her confidence because of this health issue and society’s behaviour with him.

What actually causes halitosis in a person? Renowned reasons:

Normally, people believe that we are brushing our teeth regularly, we will not develop bad breath or similar issues like halitosis. But in fact, brushing your teeth regularly will not immune to halitosis or will not determine the fact that you won’t develop halitosis. For developing this kind of problem, the reasons are many. To know these things better, first you have to explore that what actually cause halitosis? What are those possible reasons which will eventually lead you to halitosis? Here you will find your answer.

  • Dental problems leads to halitosis for sure: I am sure you are aware of the term cavity. Cavities forms into your teeth when you eat sweet or spicy food items too much. This causes a sticky substance clings to you teeth or a tooth which further made holes in that tooth and tooth decay. Now, there are bacteria in the mouth that are spreading the cavities. The same bacteria also cause smell in the mouth. And if you don’t opt for a proper treatment, this bad breath will convert into halitosis. Along with this, problem in the gums also create bad breath in the mouth. When we take medications for any sort of oral problem, it causes halitosis. But remember that such type of halitosis is temporal. It won’t last for long. As soon as you will find the cure for your disease the bad smell in the mouth will be evaporated soon after that.
  • Smoking, drinking and tobacco use cause chronic halitosis: Does this point need more justifications? Tobacco has a certain type of very bad smell prior to smoke it. People who smoke cigarettes that contain tobacco in it, they have purple or blackish lips and a very bad breath. They clearly develops halitosis. The point that needs more observation that after how much time these people who are smoking, develops Halitosis. It depends on the person’s body and immune system. Some people develop halitosis after years and years of smoking. And some of them develop halitosis right after two to three months of using tobacco. Similar case with alcohol drinking. It has very very bad smell too. And after drinking that several other diseases develops in the body besides halitosis, that not only are life threats but also cause bad breath. For instance when you smoke cigarettes too much and drinks alcohol, the chances of heart attack and lung cancer are very vibrant and it will not only cause smell in mouth but will also cause a bad smell in your body and clothes as well.
  • Halitosis and viral infections: This is a kind of understood. Our respiratory system is very sensitive. We, when inhale and exhale, millions of bacteria comes and goes into our system through breathing. Now, if you have a strong immune system, your body will fight back against these germs and you will not get into the trouble of flu, cough and fever. Since nose and mouth are the two main and only areas of the body from where you breathe, that’s why germs and bacteria stays in such areas and cause halitosis. Also when you take any medicine through your nose and mouth, it causes bad breath too. So taking medications because of having flu, cough or other viral infections can even cause halitosis.
  • If you are dry inside out, halitosis kicks in: Didn’t understand? Let me explain. Because we are discussing the bad breath, that is why the term dryness is referring to the dryness of the mouth here. When your mouth stays ridiculously dry all the time and lack of the essential water and saliva that helps to swallow and digest your food promptly, your mouth will be completely dry or as if you have gargled with sand particles. It will not only cause tens of problems, but it will also create bad breath or halitosis. Saliva and natural water in the mouth helps to pass the food particles and also swallow them easily. Normally people have a good amount of saliva in their mouth. It indicates that their body system is functioning properly. But people who take medications for a long term disease like diabetes or kidney, liver problems, they won’t produce saliva properly hence, halitosis will develop. Also people who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or drink coffee abundantly, they have chronic halitosis.
  • Too much consumption of onion, ginger and garlic and it’s connection with halitosis: Turmeric, onion, ginger and garlic have proven to be the best antibiotics for the body. They have such fighting agents that hit the germs and protect the body. Even if you are bitten by any insect such as honey bee or any other flies, rubbing the onion layer on it can extract the venom of the insect from the body. It is that much beneficial. But at the same time, it has some drawbacks too. Onion is on number one, that produces smell in the breath and cause halitosis. It’s water when mix in you body and reach into your lungs, it causes bad breath and too much consumption of it leads to halitosis eventually. Same is the case with garlic and ginger. But because these are antibiotics, we can’t leave them. With a smile or with tears, we have to add them in our daily meals to get safety from different diseases. The only way to get rid of bad breath to wash our hands and mouth thoroughly after eating such food products. Moreover, drinks plenty of water. It will not only flush out the toxins but also make your breath smell free.
  • Halitosis can be a primary sign of an internal disease: Yes of course. Sometimes, people who don’t drink or smoke or eat a lot of garlic ginger, still develop halitosis, they wonders that what have they done? Or why are they having such health issue if they aren’t doing anything wrong? The answer is sometimes halitosis is the forerunner or an indicator of a certain disease that has sprouted in the body and going to reveal soon. For example diabetes, kidney stones, stomach disorders and pneumonia. To avoid the damage, you should go for a test to check what kind of problem you are having internally. That is causing halitosis. It is seen largely that those who are having stomach disorders often develop halitosis as an indicator.

Renowned and Visible symptoms of halitosis:

To know if you have halitosis or not, check out for these symptoms. The presence of these symptoms will determine the stage of halitosis in you and to what extent you requires treatments. These symptoms are;

  1. Awful bad breath.
  2. Stomach problems especially gastric reflux.
  3. Yellow teeth and cavities.
  4. Canker and other types of sores in the mouth.
  5. Gums problems.
  6. Nose and viral infections.
  7. Tongue redness.
  8. Dry and torn lips. (rare cases)
  9. Tooth decay.
  10. Flu and cough often.

Prevention and precautions for halitosis:

Halitosis is something that needs a prompt reaction. Moreover, people who have a mere complain of bad breath should adopt all the precautions and prevention that are mandatory for halitosis. By doing so, halitosis will not raise its head in you, ever. These precautions are;

Clean your teeth after dinner and breakfast:

Teeth cleansing is very much important to prevent halitosis. Normally people brush their teeth early in the morning before breakfast. But actually it’s the wrong method. The right method is brushing your teeth once before sleep at night and once after breakfast. This cycle of brushing your teeth will maintain the hygiene and cleanliness all day long. And when your teeth are clean, there is no way you will develop bad breath or halitosis.

Use tongue scraper to evaporate halitosis:

Tongue scraper is a brilliant tool to cure halitosis. Now, the new types of tongue scrapers have proven to be the most effective tools in halitosis. It helps to remove toxins and food leftovers from the mouth. It also evaporates the smell. Cleaning your tongue with tongue scraper always brings good results. Your dentist will firmly recommend you to use the tongue scraper if you are dealing with halitosis. Because a tongue scraper will make your breath smell-free even if you had garlic or ginger in your meals.

Gargle with mouthwash to avoid the embarrassment of halitosis:

In the ancient times, people gargle with lukewarm water and salt to cleanse the mouth thoroughly. Today, mouthwashes have taken the place of salted water. And when you have halitosis, mouthwash is a part of your treatment. People in the United States of America and Canada, uses mouthwash regularly with or without halitosis. The reason is they drink alcohol and smoking. And these things cause bitter and toxic smell. Also those who likes to eat meat and junk food should also develop a habit of using mouthwash. It will help in halitosis and will also vanish the bad breath.

Always clean your dentures and braces to avoid halitosis:

Because the slightest chance of dirt and plaque can cause bad breath or smell from the mouth. When you eat something, you use your teeth. After that you brush your teeth and everything goes under control. But if you are wearing dentures or braces, and not cleaning them, the results will be the same as if you don’t brush your teeth in the first place. To avoid plaque and dirt staying in the braces or dentures, take them off at night. To cleanse the dentures, always use the substances that are specifically created to clean them. Don’t ever use toothpaste to clean them.

Tips and tricks to have a cleaner, refreshing and healthy breathing:

Here are some important points that you can count at your fingertips, such as;

  1. Give up smoking and alcohol for the rest of your life.
  2. Take healthy and organic diet, including fresh, green vegetables and fruits.
  3. Always wash your mouth and teeth after eating onion, garlic and ginger.
  4. Avoid sweet and sticky food items.
  5. Drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day.
  6. Try to do exercises five days a week.
  7. If you are having medications for any disease especially for stomach, have a mint chewing gum in your pocket.
  8. Take a morning walk. Inhale and exhale in the morning air.
  9. Stay calm and happy.
  10. Take beauty sleep and avoid insomnia.

The final words:

To sum up the discussion, keep a point in your mind that bad breath will always consider to be an ill manner. No one will ever appreciate your presence with halitosis or bad breath. Even if you are an extremely good person with down to earth nature and beautiful soul. Your own loved one will leave you in split if you are having halitosis and doing nothing about it. Even the most unhygienic and ugly people will prefer to spend time with a clean, hygienic and well mannered person.

So, to keep your respect and dignity with you, you have to get over halitosis. You have to fight it and end it. You have to get yourself clean all the time, to avoid bad breath. Because it’s today’s reality, that no one will ever love you or care for you if you aren’t really attractive for them. Do essential precaution for halitosis and have a refreshing, healthy and full of life breathing.


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