Obesity is the big time problem today. And yoga is the best solution. Regardless of gender, people are getting fatter day by day. The majority of the world is depressed with the fact that they are getting fatter with every upcoming day, even just having the normal food. The major reason behind this is diet isn’t pure now. Just to make this diet long lasting for days, companies add artificial flavour and such ingredients in it that swells these food items and make them sustainable.

However, as a result the person who consume these food items, get fat. The only solution for obesity, is proper diet and workouts. Exercise and workouts are the steps that help a lot to shape your body and regulate the metabolism. Those, who can’t do heavy exercise and can’t go outside every day for running and jogging, yoga is the best pattern, that is offered to such people to not only shed the weight, but also maintains the metabolism. It is one of the best meditation nowadays that can not only shape the figure, but also relax the mind.  

Historical References about Yoga:

Take a quick look at the historical references related to yoga. References can only be taken into assertion, when they have sound proofs of it. It is said that initial reference of yoga were on the palm leaves. But those references had no authenticity. On one ground all the experts agree, that 5,000 years ago, yoga was there, in the human’s additions. Some say that yoga was practiced 10,000 years ago from now. It was the Indian who initialize the process of yoga. Their priests and upper class practiced yoga for the sacred purposes. After that when yoga was refined, polished and new dimensions were being introduced, then commoners start practicing yoga, other than the clergy class. https://www.theshreds.org/what-is-rheumatoid-arthritis/    

history of yoga

The Classification of Yoga According to the Periods:

Like other exercises, yoga also had diversions and modifications. It’s not just that yoga has the same postures today that were being practiced 5,000 years ago. It has changed to much extend. New poses and postures are discovered and introduced in this style of meditation. That’s why, yoga is classified into two periods.

  • The Classical Period.
  • The Modern Period.

Classical period

was the initial phase of yoga. This was the introduction mode in which, several vague and unclear ideas and beliefs was added to yoga and most of them didn’t have the adequate definition. It was the blend of traditional notions and self awareness program. Which had vivid contradictory elements. https://www.theshreds.org/milk-is-a-complete-diet-healthy-benefits/

The modern period

on the other hand, is the period which is between the late 1800 to early 1900. It was the time, when the inventors of yoga decided to go to the world and spread knowledge about it. The very first lecture in the west that has been delivered by the Indian expert, was in the parliament of Chicago in 1893. This expert lecture about the usefulness and spirituality of it to the members of the parliament. Afterwards, yoga was largely promoted in India and some other areas of the world.

What are The Most Suitable Yoga Postures for Weight Loss?

Since obesity is the most frustrating and crippling condition, people seeks madly for the ways to get rid of it. Yoga luckily, have so many postures which are especially designed for weight loss. These moves and postures help the parts of the body individually to shed weight without doing much heavy exercise. Normally, a human body gain weight on the limbs, back and on the belly area. Therefore, yoga postures are significantly designed for these body parts to shed weight significantly. These postures include:

  • Yoga poses for face swelling and fat.
  • Yoga poses for arms.
  • Poses for the shoulders and upper back fat.
  • Yoga poses for bulky thigh and fat.
  • Yoga poses for calf slimness.
  • Poses for slimming the hips.

 One thing you need to understand that it’s not only the yoga postures that help you to shape your body. With proper diet, sleeping pattern, busy lifestyle along with these yoga poses will eventually maintain your body figure and shape it beautifully. But, whether it is yoga or any other exercise you opt for weight loss, make sure that your bones are this much strong that can handle the pressure.

Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

Some Best Yoga Poses for Weight Lose:

The most authentic and aspiring yoga poses that will bring mind blowing results in body shaping and maintaining the metabolism are here. Such steps are so easy to adopt and carry. These steps don’t require any physical strength and endurance. With minor practice, you will not only take control, but will also shed your weight significantly. These poses are;

The Low Plank Yoga Posture:

One of the best posture that is adopted by the majority of the world is four limbed staff or you may say the low plank posture. It’s like a overall fitness program. With this pose, you can tone your limbs like your arms and your legs. Especially your thighs and belly fat reduces to much extent with these yoga planks. For this yoga pose, you just have to maintain your balance on the floor because your whole weight will be on your elbows and then on your toes.

Try to stay on this posture for over 30 seconds to a minute. Doing this pose for a month will remarkably tone your abdominal area, thighs and calf. It will reshape your arms as well.

The Yoga posture for slimming the hip:

This is one of the best and most popular pose. The majority of the world is panicking with the extra fat on the hip area. The reason for this is that people do most of their work while sitting. Whether there are men or women. Both face the same intriguing situation. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-benefits-of-yoga

Therefore, this pose widely known as the lunge pose that involves your arms, hip and knees, will not only reduce the fat from hip area, but it will also bring flexibility to your lower part of the body. Make sure to do this pose for at least 30 sec and repeat anew after a brief pause. And choose a clean and wide open place to do it.

The Yoga Pose for Tummy Fat; The Half Boat Yoga Pose:

Apart from the hip fat, the other most stubborn fat is the tummy fat which is too difficult to reduce. People often opt for heavy exercises to do the job. But yoga works magically when it comes to reducing it the tummy fat and the half boat yoga pose is all you need. All you have to do is just to bend down on the floor, put your hand on it, raise an arm and a leg parallel to it straight and balance. Repeat the step on the other leg and arm and hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

Toner Pose: Tree posture;

A tree, if you see looks like a long bamboo. This pose has the same look. Put your foot on your other leg’s thigh and maintain the balance. Press your palm with each other and lift your hand up to your head. Try to stay in this position for at least 20 to 30 seconds. This pose will tone your body overall. Also, it will reduce the fat from your back, below to the shoulder. It creates balance in the body and miraculously, it provides a soothing feeling to the mind. Your body will be toned tremendously with the yoga tree pose.

Yoga Pose for ABS and Weight Loss;

This is one of the awesome pose for weight loss and ABS building. Normally people do heavy exercises to form the ABS. But, now with yoga poses, you can have the greatest feeling of forming ABS and lose weight. The thing you have to do is to lay down in the pose of four limbed planks. But with the palms on the mat, not the elbows. Then gradually shift your weight to one palm and toe by slightly tilting on one side.

Now your face will be on one side of the room as if you are leaning aside. Gradually lift your hand upward and maintain the balance for 30 Sec. Make sure that your backbone and shoulders have to be straight while doing this pose. Repeat this pose on the other side. It will help you much in losing weight.

The Weight Loss Yoga Pose with the Help of Your Shoulders;

Some yoga poses are this much beneficial that because they intact many parts of the body, that’s why they help to reduce the fat from many parts of the body as well. Same thing happens in this pose too. In this pose, you will put all of your weight on your shoulder by lifting your feet, legs and abdominal area upward to the ceiling.

If you feel uncomfortable in doing so, place your hands on your back to give support. https://www.theshreds.org/the-most-effective-ways-to-relief-your-shoulder-instantly/ Hold this step for merely 4 to 5 breaths and then release. Because this yoga pose engage most of the parts of your body, that’s why it will reduce fat from many parts of the body.

The Pose for Toning Your Limbs;

Roughly, this pose known as the warrior yoga pose. Because the posture you take in this position looks like a warrior. This pose has two sections. The warrior pose 1 and the warrior pose 2. It largely reduces the fat from thighs and arms. A person need to lean forward his knee at the 90 degree angle, and raise forward both of his arms and parallel leg as if he is catching a thing with one hand.

You will be looking like a stick in the air with one foot on the floor. And leaning towards the floor with one hand forward and one leg backwards. This pose will reduce fat from your limbs. Both of the warrior poses bring flexibility, strength and endurance in your body. Holding up for 30 seconds for each yoga pose will be beneficial.

The Yoga Pose for Toning the Arms;

This is one of the best pose. It will not only tone your arms, but also it will nourish your hair and skin also. Place your weight on your hand and arms by positioning your upper body on your hand and arms. Feet will be on the floor. And hold the position for 30 Sec. This pose will help to cycle your blood in the brain more effectively, thus it will nourish your hair and skin. https://www.theshreds.org/everything-you-need-to-know-about-hair-and-its-care/

Child Pose: the Relaxing Posture;

This is the most relieving yoga posture. If you have ever heard the process of prayer that the Muslims do. They bend down the floor with placing the head on the floor and palms on the hands. But in this pose your arms will be on the floor and hands near to your foot. Your knees will touch your chin and forehead on the floor. This is the most soothing yoga pose.

It will relax your body. You can stay in this pose for 6 to 7 breaths or whenever you want it to be. It is the most relaxing pose. Even of you are having a headache, this child pose will reduce the pain and overall stiffness of the muscles that occurred during performing the other hard yoga poses.

The Takeaway:

Yoga is the most experienced exercise today. It calls meditation by so many other experts. It is very beneficial for both the mind and the body. Remember one thing that making up your mind to doing yoga daily is a hectic thought in itself. But remind yourself that your health should be your priority. Make yourself happy while doing yoga. Add those poses into your daily schedule which soothe your mind and soul.

Yoga poses for weight loss are highly beneficial and effective. With these yoga steps, eat healthy and organic food. Walk for at least half an hour in a day, preferably in the morning. There are yoga poses for pregnant ladies also. But don’t try those step by merely watching them on the internet. Consult an expert and under proper supervision, adopt those yoga poses. Because it is about your child’s life and health.


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