No matter how much efforts, you put into the safety measure for your body and muscles, they may get wrecked or pull or damage. The proper word for this physical condition called muscle strain. The majority of the world is shackled in the miseries of muscle strain. People use different methods and techniques for relaxing the muscle strain.

And sometimes, instead of getting the relief, people get even more pain and discomfort. The main reason behind this, is the quakes and self employed physician who actually uses people for their experiences and damage their muscles. That is why, it is really important to consult a physiotherapist or an expert when you are dealing with muscle strain.

Muscle strain or the pulled muscle:

Normally, The common term of muscle strain is pulled muscle. You may have heard this sentence several times that “my muscle is pulled.” Or sometimes the word that is being used to describe the muscle tension is muscle strain, but this is means one. There is no difference in it. All the terminologies refer to muscle problems.

In plain words, when you lift the extra weight on your body without any support or helping hand, it usually damages your muscle temporarily and cause pain and discomfort of the muscle. Sometimes this muscle damage takes serious shape in the term of torn tissue of the muscle or muscle strain. Sometimes, the muscle gets frozen. And with relevant methodologies, it get back to the position the way it was.

A quick look at the most common reasons for muscle strain:

The first and foremost important thing to note that when does muscle strain occur mostly. The answer is, whenever your muscle is too hot or too cold. Don’t understand? Let me explain. Whenever you are working frivolously and suddenly you put weight in the opposite direction of the muscle or even in the correct direction of the muscle, your muscle may be pulled or strained.

Similarly, whenever there is cold, and you didn’t cover your muscle or any of your muscle remain in the cold for too long and your didn’t move or cover it, your muscle will surely be strained at some point.

Other common reasons of muscle strain include;

  • Running beyond the capacity.
  • Putting heavy weight.
  • Sudden push or pull by any of the muscles.
  • Muscles attached with the calf or arms.
  • Shoulder muscles that can be pulled by putting extra pressure on them.
  • Dance, due to that neck muscle, back muscle and abdominal muscles can be strained.
  • Squeezing wet clothes too much can cause chest muscle strain.
  • Biceps muscle strain due to rope jumping.
  • Taking a shower with cold water and coming into the air can cause shoulder muscle strain.

There can be other reasons of muscle strain which will solely depend on the person’s age, gender, profession and physical strength.

Visible symptoms of muscle strain:

Of course, there are very visible and vibrant symptoms of muscle strain. It’s the physical condition that one cannot ignore, unless do something about it. The muscle strain usually causes pain, discomfort and anxiety. Which cannot be cured itself on its own. Renowned symptoms include;

  1. Redness and swelling.
  2. Freezing of the particular portion of the body.
  3. Bruising or bleeding from the cuts.
  4. Acute pain and discomfort.
  5. Sudden pain with the movement of that body part.
  6. Weakness in the body.
  7. Sensation and vibration in the muscle.
  8. Insomnia  due to muscle strain.
  9. Depression.
  10. Fever and body pain. (specific cases)

What is the sprain and its relationship with a muscle strain:

treatment of muscle strain

First of all, You need to understand the difference between a muscle strain and sprain. People confuse both of these expressions. Sprain and strain are somehow cause the same thing, pain. But people need to understand the difference between it. For that, one has to take a look at the definition of both of these terms, which is;

A sprain

A sprain is a discomfort that results after tearing or damage in the tissue. This damage of the tissue cause intact the bones that are behind this tissue. It is a sprain. The usual parts of the body where sprain occurs are ankles, elbows, knees, shoulder joints and the cords.

A strain

A strain is basically pull in the muscle. A specific tissue that joints the muscle to the bones. The strain usually occurs in the muscle. That is why, the word muscle strain formed. Such problem normally occurs in the thigh muscles, arms muscles, shoulder muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles.

The location of the pain in the body after the muscle strain:

Technically, When a person is suffering from a muscle strain, that doesn’t mean that his or her whole body or whole part of the body will pain. But a specific portion of the body hurts. The nature has granted us lots of tissues and muscles. These muscles are integrated with arms and legs. There are profound and classified names for each class of muscles such as;

  • Bicep muscle= connected with arms. Pain occurs in the elbows.
  • Gluteal muscle= muscular pain while running on mountains and hills.
  • Hips muscle= pain due to extra movement through the hips.
  • Calf muscle= discomfortin the legs, specifically pain after running and jumping.
  • Abdominal muscle= pain in the abdominal  area after sit-ups.
  • Neck muscle= pain after the abnormal movements of head and arms.
  • Lumbar back muscle= when you try to bend over, these muscles starts to pain if you have this kind of muscle strain.
  • Trapezius muscle= when you pull down from an overhead position, and this type of condition you are suffering from, the pain will start.

Certainly, There are many other muscles and their conditions that can cause trouble for a person. But it can be sorted out with the required method of healing.

How will you ease the muscle strain at home?

common reasons for muscle strain

It’s simple, its precise and very comfort to adopt. But these methods require time, patience and consistency. Without consistency, you can’t do anything. When a muscle is strained, it needs relaxation and time. It requires at least 36 hours to heal and get back to the position the way it was. Most common and effective methods of maintaining the painful part of the body are;

Remove all the belongings from the area of muscle strain.

Covering up that body part tightly will cause even more pain and damage. Try to remove all the coverings, tight dressings, accessories and other stuff. Make yourself easy as possible as you can.

Let the muscle and body rest and relax for an hour at least.

Ofcourse, Your body needs rest and relaxation once it is injured. Muscle strain is also a kind of injury. It hurts the muscle and if it gets worse, it even cause damage to the muscle. Rest for an hour at least is mandatory for this type of aching. Even after the rest, you should do work which doesn’t put any pressure on the body. The more you take rest and get relaxed, the more your body and muscle will be healed quickly.

Icing in the muscle strain is one of the best option to exhaust.

Luckily, 90 out of 100 percent times icing has proven to be one of the best remedy for muscle strain. But remember that too much icing can halt the moment of the muscle. Therefore, apply ice on the area for about twenty minutes for one time. You can repeat the process thrice a day. If the pain is persistent and acute. It will slow down the pain and inflammation.

Wrap the muscle strain gently to move that effected body part easily.

However, It doesn’t mean that wrap it tightly. It means that when you wrap the muscle, it will give support and firmness to the muscle and will give ample space to come back to its actual position and function again. But remember always that don’t wrap the strained muscle tightly.

Muscle strain demands a little elevation then the rest of the body.

Normally, When any of your body part is injured, you try to elevate that body part from the body, right? Same is the case with this condition. To avoid swelling  and pain, elevate the muscle strain. When there isn’t any swelling, there will be less pain. Elevation will help to reduce the pain also.

Significantly important tips for muscle strain:

For a quick understanding about the muscle strain healing methods, take a look at these superb, effective and efficient tips which have proven to be more sound and functional, when it comes to practicing something. These tips are;

  • Your body stretch in the morning or after a hectic day should be with less force.
  • Always warm up your body before doing any physical activity.
  • Stretch before heavy exercises.
  • When you are dealing with a muscle strain, take good care of the area while doing any work.
  • Consult a physiotherapist and keep in touch with him or her till you get the relief.
  • Don’t be so static or motionless. Keep yourself engage in healthy activities.
  • Don’t stretch forcefully. It can damage your muscle.
  • Sleep on a plain and comfortable place.
  • Take sides while sleeping, don’t sleep on a single side whole night long.
  • Your food preferences should be according to the weather.
  • Don’t take medications for depression and anxiety due to muscle strain. You will get through this once you opt for the right kind of treatment.
  • Try to calm your mind and stay happy. This is just a temporary physical disability. It will be fine with a passage of time.

The final word:

Fortunately, When we are young, we tend to do all the work frivolously. Regardless of the fact that our muscles and tissues are delicate. If we work hard with them, they will be exhausted and feeble. And then even with a mere stretch we can have a problem like this. Older people, because have spend the most part of their life, that is why when they do any physical activity which even don’t involves any heavy objects but which prolongs to long hours can cause muscle strain. And the bad part is the older people get relief from a muscle strain in weeks.

Similarly, kids and adults, when have the problem heals in days. They have delicate tissues and aren’t get strong and rough with a passage of time. All the muscles and tissues are new to almost all activities. So when a kid or an adult do any activity that involves his or her body directly, the chances are high of getting caught up in acute pain like this.


it is important for living beings to take good care of their bodies. Maintain their diet according to the needs of their bodies. Add milk and proper diet into your life. It will strengthen your bones and joints. Also, vitamin and minerals are highly beneficial for the human health. With all such things there are the minimum chances of getting the tension of such conditions.


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