This is sad but true, that Asthma is the most experienced health condition in the world today. The majority of the world is dealing with it, regardless of gender. Means that, older people, young people and even children are suffering from asthma these days. Asthma is the aspiratory condition which is directly linked to breathing. And it is largely due to bad atmosphere, inherited from family and a weak immune system.

At first, when science hasn’t proof itself, the treatment of asthma wasn’t discovered that can cure it. But, as soon as science progressed, there are hundreds of treatments for asthma have been discovered. Which are designed according to the different nature of the human beings.

Can we consider asthma as an allergic condition of the body?

As per the perceptions, Many of us conclude asthma as the condition of allergy, related to the breathing. However, people need to understand the difference between an allergy and a disease. An allergy is the health condition that can be developed due to unfavourable weather or due to some food, that doesn’t match with the body organs. This condition is temporary or you can say will be for a week or month.

Whereas, a disease related to your breathing doesn’t confine to a month or week. It will be with you till you won’t see a doctor. Asthma is not a allergy. It will be cured by the medicine prescribed by the doctor. An allergy can be cured with the home remedies only. However, But asthma surely needs medical advice.

What Happens in Asthma?

Initially, In asthma, the patient finds it difficult to breath adequately. The lungs feel difficulty in the airways that make their way to the lungs. A person breathes from the nose and mouth and in asthma, it is difficult to breath from these both ways. Asthma is a chronic disease and have bad effects on the patient. It is also related to some aspiratory allergies in which the patient feels irritation of certain types of food and environmental factors.

If it is more of an allergic condition, still it will not remain for a few days, rather will take months to be cured completely. The organs that are directly affected with asthma are, lungs, airways passage, nose, mouth and nasal passages. People who develop asthma usually don’t have the strongest immune system and fighting agents in their body.

What Invites and Triggers Asthma in You?

Precautions will only be made when you have the idea that what triggers asthma? First and foremost thing that triggers asthma is the junk food. In other words, people eat fries, burgers, artificial oil products and fried meat, likely to develop asthma. That is why children and adults are more victimised by asthma than mature people and especially in Europe.

Because use of garlic, ginger and onion is quite less in those regions and artificial food is preferred largely due to the busy schedule of life. Apart from this, sugary food items and those food items which have artificial fats in them, increases the risks of developing asthma. Because fats narrow the arteries of the body and cause stress for the blood or air to pass through easily. If we take a quick look that which food items hits the asthma attack?

That will be:

  1. Junk food.
  2. Artificial fats and saturated fat.
  3. Artificial food oils.
  4. Sugary items.
  5. Pasteurised and powdered sugar and formula milk for infants.
  6. Fried food and fried meat.
  7. Yeast.
  8. Eggs and nuts.
  9. Seeds and Soy protein.
  10.  Dairy products.
  11.  Wheat flour, that is present in artificial food items such as burger buns, bread rolls and patties.

Do Asthma Has Profound Causes?

Of course, Asthma has different causes in different people. It also has different conditions in different atmosphere. Like, a person’s environment and way of living will cause largely whether he can develop asthma or not, if he has no family history of it and still have it. Other than that, there are certain causes that plays a major role in developing asthma in the people.

Sadly, the majority of the world is living in such a way, with such a lifestyle and environment that allows so many health problems and diseases to come in. And we attributes our illness is to some alien cause. However, if we pay attention to our lifestyle only, we can save ourselves from half of the problems.

Common causes of asthma include:

Symptoms of Asthma
  • The atmosphere and environment.
  • Inherited from the parents and family history of asthma.
  • Genetic disorder.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Negative reaction of some medicines.
  • Dust, pollution and pollen.
  • Depression, stress and anxiety disorders.
  • Smoking, or living with a smoker.
  • Working in a factory which manufacture rubber, cotton and wooden items. (dust and smoke will be in bulk in such kind of factories)

Most Common Symptoms of Asthma:

Luckily, asthma has very vivid sign and symptoms. A mere coughing and or cold cannot related to asthma. It has some different symptoms also, along with the cough and narrow breathing. Medical assistance is mandatory for asthma patients. Otherwise, severe loss can be possible. These symptoms are:

  1. Coughing and sneezing.
  2. Difficulty in breathing, in which a certain sound occurs in the chest.
  3. Feeling lack of oxygen while speaking or breathing.
  4. Feeling yourself unable to exercise or running.
  5. Intense dryness of the mouth.
  6. Achy tonsils and swollen lymph nodes, glands of the neck.
  7. Common symptoms of allergies also appear in asthma, for instance, red eyes, runny nose, swollen and achy throat.
  8. Fast heartbeat and sweating.
  9. Weakness and fatigue.
  10.  Having a blue or purple colour of the lips and fingers, while coughing and in short of oxygen.
  11.  Feeling heavy weight and tightness in the chest.

The signs and symptoms can be different in different people and in various environmental conditions. the symptoms of asthma will also determine by the profession you have chosen for yourself.

The Best Possible Ways to Treat Asthma, Other Than the Medical Treatments:

Of course, there are medical treatments for the asthma attack. And science has discovered so many medical treatments for the asthma patients according to their body and nature. These medications are available in heavy and light potency and will be prescribed by the physician after the thorough examination of the body.

Because, if you are diabetic or heart patient and you have developed asthma, and didn’t share your medical history of these previous diseases, then there are the strong chances to have reactions of these medications that you take for asthma. So, do share your medical history with your doctor, if you develop asthma and you are taking medicines for some other problems too.

Other than the medical treatment, there are some very healthy and helpful ways and methods that will help much to get relief from asthma. These ways are:

Omega-3 and Related Food for Asthma:

Basically, One of the biggest causes of developing asthma is a weaker immune system. People who have a weak immune system and don’t have the strength to fight back against germs, usually develop asthma, if staying in dust, pollution and powdery area. Omega 3 is widely used to strengthen the immune system and body’s defensive system.

Therefore, the patient of asthma should use food products that are rich with omega 3. Fish is the biggest source of omega 3. Any kind of fish, salmon, tuna and other will be quite beneficial in asthma.

And the fish:

Luckily, Fish is one of the meat products that apparently has no demerit or flaw. It’s fat free, and in low calorie, but has so many defensive particles.

If the asthma patient adds omega 3 in his diet along with the medicines. He will find a tremendous change in his health. And overall strength in the body because of strong immune system.

Vitamin C and E in Asthma:

Logically, Vitamins are known for their anti inflammatory behaviour in the body. Those who adds vitamins in their diet, have less inflammatory problems. Vitamin C and E are antioxidant, therefore bring relief to the body. In asthma, when the airways, that make their way to the lungs, have acute inflammation because of asthma. So, in such cases, taking vitamin C will be quite beneficial to the body. Commonly the vitamin C is found in;

  1. Lemon.
  2. Orange and lime.
  3. Green leafy vegetables.
  4. Berries.
  5. Sun rays.

Whereas, the vitamin E which is equally important in asthma, as it has similar traits that the vitamin C has. It is also an antioxidant and grant relief in inflammation. Even the medication for asthma also contains vitamin C and E. Common food items that are rich with vitamin E are;

  • Nuts.
  • Seeds and beans.
  • Plant oils.

Magnesium for Asthma Patients:

Indeed, Magnesium has proven to be the best ingredient in slowing down the intensity of asthma. Studies have shown, that decreasing the amount of magnesium in the diet actually rises higher the risk of developing asthma and increasing the amount of magnesium will lower down the risk of asthma respectively. Magnesium plays a vital role in reducing the severity of asthma attack and also help to calm its intensity. Your muscles, that feels strain due to severe coughing, wheezing and tightening of the chest, magnesium brings relaxation to those muscles and compose the patient condition. It will reduce the inflammation and give ample way the air to pass through the airways eventually. The food items in which magnesium in bulk are;

  • Cocoa.
  • Grains.
  • Nuts.
  • Banana.
  • Beans.

Spinach and Carrots Juice Recipe have Marvellous Impact on the Human Body in this:

Treatment of Asthma

Obviously, These two ingredients, spinach and carrots are the healthiest vegetables in the less calorie food items. And mixing these two ingredients together, brings new flavour and taste. In breathing disorders however, these ingredients play a sound role in maintaining the health. If you made juice of these two ingredients and use them in this, along with the medicines, you will find tremendous results. All you have to do is to make juices of these two ingredients separately and then mix them with one another.

The healthy particles of carrots and spinach will work well with the asthma condition. The spinach leaves are full of oxygen, thus provide ample passage to breathe adequately.

One thing you need to make sure

that consult to your doctor before taking this juice. If you have kidney disease, any of kidney problems, then spinach might not be very helpful in such condition. Because spinach is full of iron and iron is not so beneficial, while you are having kidney stones.

Similarly, carrots should be taken in the form of juice only when your doctor recommends that.

Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli and Some Other Vegetables Stem:

Undoubtedly, When it comes to healthy eating, vegetables and grains are the most popular food items among the experts. Most of the time your physician will suggest you to have vegetables and fruits, if you want to lose weight or cure stomach ulcer or recently had bypass surgery. Similarly, in this scenario, some specific vegetables and sprouts are quite beneficial for the disease.

Furthermore, These sorts of vegetables like broccoli and Brussels have such particles that prevents the air pollution and dust coming in the body.

Basic benefits of these vegetables:

Luckily, These vegetables don’t allow dust and dirt into the body and even made the breathing free from pollution, therefore an asthma attack will not be invited. Because the broccoli is an antioxidant, that’s why it reduces the inflammatory tract. It will also fade away the heartburn problem.

Other than the broccoli and Brussels sprouts, onion, mustard seed and garlic have proven to be the best food ingredients for such patients. These patients must add garlic and onion into their diet. Because these are antibiotic and have defensive and healing properties, that’s why in such health condition, they play an important part in stabilizing the condition of the asthma patient.

Important Things You should do to Save Yourself From the problem:

Technically, There should be some vivid and easy understanding points with which you can estimate of the things you should do and not to do. These points will demonstrate clearly about the do’s and don’ts in the asthma attacks or for saving yourself from asthma. Such as:

  1. First and foremost, Avoid the smoke as much as you can, whether it is of a cigarette or wood or of a stove.
  2. Get rid of artificial flavour and products. Use raw and natural food ingredients.
  3. Antibacterial soaps and detergents invites asthma attack, avoid them.
  4. Quit smoking and avoid the company, who is a smoker.
  5. Beauty products or creams, which has petroleum, sometimes trigger issues with breathing.
  6. Remove those carpets and rugs from the house that cause dust and dirt.
  7. Wash your bed sheets and sofa covers after every three days. And use cotton sheets, preferably which has no feathers or fluff.
  8. Stay away from your pets which have feathers or which are furry like cats and dogs.
  9. Clean your house and make it insect free. Cockroaches and other insects especially triggers the problem. Let the experts spray your house to remove these sort of insect and make it bacterial free.
  10.  Avoid to go to the dusty and polluted atmosphere as much as you can. And if it is important, cover your face thoroughly.

Summarization to the Discussion:

Fortunately, In the modern world like today, almost everything is possible. Because its the space age. And so many cures have been discovered for the disease. And science is in the process of discovering more information about each and every illness from different perspectives. Unfortunately, Asthma in the past, had not been evaluated by the experts as a curable disease. But today, along with the innumerable medicines so many other treatments are there to relieve the patient.

Above all, You should even though, consult to a professional before adopting any treatment, the doctor will examine your current body condition, your age and gender and then suggest the treatment. The treatment of it for a virgin lady will be different from the pregnant lady. So, it’s important to talk to a professional about the problem. And you can have a normal, healthy and an asthma free, happy life eventually.


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