Depression is the manifesto of several mixed emotions and feelings. A large number of people are drowning in this mental condition as the time passes. The majority of the world is confusing this state of mind with mood swings or the stress of daily life situations. However, depression is a profound, compact, cognitive condition of the mind.

In which your psychological approach get hurt or affected to this extent that you can’t get rid of it by just sleeping overnight or hanging out with friends. It’s a significant mental retardation that leaves no choice for the victim to commit something unethical, if not treated with attention. No doubt, that depression need assistance and support, but you can get rid of it without going somewhere specific. In today’s world, things have been so much easier than ever. Reason?  Because science has progressed in every aspect of healthcare, whether physical or psychological. That’s why, getting rid of depression is a apple pie recipe these days.

Depression! An illness or just a Mood Swings?

If anything is related to your brain, which is seriously affecting it, then it’s an illness. And so much so depression is. Depression is an illness. It actually hurts your brain. When there are certain changes happening in your brain due to any factor whether it is hormonal change, or due to some medicines or its genetic, or you have experienced a kind of serious grief and loss in your life recently, any possible condition can trigger depression.

The combination of these conditions that are discussed above or even these conditions alone, can develop depression in a person. Almost all the researches about it come to a mutual ground that changes in the brain’s chemistry will cause depression. Now it’s up to the person’s condition that how lethal it is? How badly is he hurt? Or how intensely his physical condition is affected by the reasons of depression that has been mentioned above.

Let’s Take a Look at the Number of People who are Affected by Depression:

Unfortunately, depression is the most common type of mental retardation in the world these days. It’s the most anticipated mental illness. And the bad part is that almost every walk of life is compromised by depression in the world today. Whether it is marriage, or job, or personal life, or career, or friendship, or parenthood or financial problems, every walk of life is affected by depression. Depression is taking everyone in it’s web, regardless of gender. Means that men and women both are affected by the illness. Even children are reported to have the depression episodes. Which is pathetic. It is said that,

  • around 1 in every 6 women and
  • 1 in every 11 men are affected by depression at any stage in their lives. The cause could be any. Similarly,
  • 22% women in each hundred and
  • 12% men in each hundred are the patients of depression.

The ratio is increasing day by day. There is no discrimination in this illness. Means to say that, there is no compulsion for you to be poor or from some broken family or from some village, only then you can develop depression. No! Depression can hit any class, any social scenario with any economic background. Depression can develop due to several diseases and when it combines with a disease like diabetes, heart or kidney disease or any other health problems, it becomes even more worse than before.

Popular Types of Depression:

Of course it has types. Because it is not just a mood swings or you are feeling low. It’s a profound illness that requires a complete course of treatment. If you are feeling low or sad or melancholic for a couple of hours or even for a day, its fine. It’s completely different from feeling sad for weeks and months. That will be something entirely different and cannot be attributed to stress or mood swing. That is the disturbed state of mind that requires attention. It is depression. And of course, it has phases and types. The most experienced and knowledgeable types of depression are;

  1. The Melancholia.
  2. Psychotic Depression. (Related to the psyche of the patient)
  3. Postnatal depression, depression that occurs in women during pregnancy till childbirth.

Now, you can see that there are types of depression. Even specifically for women only. Which type do you have, will be determined by the lifestyle you have and the profession you have chosen for yourself, also how much stable and unstable your personal and psychological space is.

What are Those Personal Aspects that Invites Depression in You?

That’s not very hard to guess. But, still people need assistance with this. There are some very wrongdoings that a man does during the course of his life, that cause so many other problems along with depression. These misdeeds on the other hands, become a cause of developing depression. These factors that drives depression in you are:

Your Family History;

It is also associated with the genetic disorder. If your mother, father or any close family member had depression that doesn’t mean that you will automatically develop it. But their gloomy behaviour and disillusion nature automatically will bring depressed feeling into your mind-set. Then after some time or at some point in your life your mind will develop the same feeling due to the constant listening to the same talks and behaviour in your family, in the past. Apart from this, life events will influence a lot in this manner.

Your Personality Type;

If you are the person, who worries a lot who wants everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy with you. If you are the person who gets fussy due to keeping the symmetry in order, then you may have the chances to develop depression later in life. People with less confidence, and who can’t deal with criticism on them, who feel their insult instantly and thinks about it for several hours, can also develop depression more quickly than the rest.

Due to Some Disease and Illness;

People who are dealing with some disease or bad health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, cancer, infertility, impotency or any other diseases similar to these, will bring negative thoughts in the patient and eventually end up with depression. A type of pain, whether muscle and joint that is persistent, will also initiate the roots of depression.

If You are Addicted to Alcohol and Drugs;

Depression! An illness or just a Mood Swings

There is no advantage that you can get from alcohol and drug. Rather disadvantages are many. From lungs cancer to mouth cancer and skin problems to blood pressure issues, innumerable problems are certain with alcohol or drugs usage. Apart from this, even if you don’t develop any of the disease that are described above, the person’s mental health get hurt badly by having alcohol and drug. Their psychological stance on life disturbs badly and even after having alcohol and drug for over a month, people develop depression, stress and anxiety. The majority of the world consumes alcohol and drug and this majority of the world also deals with the episodes of depression on a daily basis.

What happens with the person who is in depression?

People act differently in this situation. According to their mind-set and nature. But mostly the emotion that influence this condition is anger and frustration. A person who gets to know that he/she is having this kind of mental illness, at first glance, he/she doesn’t accept this and keep denying it. Reason behind this is the patient actually feels terror and fear of having depression. He doesn’t know how to deal with it or will he comes out of it someday or not. This thing initiates a sense of denial and negative thoughts.

The patient also feels terrible to adopt a new lifestyle for getting rid of depression. He feels shock and scared to the atmosphere and from even the people around him. A person with depression often found out as an introvert. He feels very guilty and clumsy among people and doesn’t want to interact with people. A thought, that troubles him much that what the people are thinking about him and how is he seeing those people? Will he want them to be around or not and the answer is no. His scared and guilty feelings made him more isolated and aloof and even in the people of his choice, he wants to be stay alone and hidden. That’s how depression works with people’s mind.

Widely Experienced Symptoms of Depression:

Since depression is the cognitive problem are related to the mind that is why the symptoms that this disease is carrying are quite vivid and visible. You can easily point it out if you or someone else is going through the episodes of depression. Symptoms will be related to psychological problems, behavioural aspects, physical feebleness and other similar conditions. Other significant symptoms include:

A cluster of different feelings

such as sadness, anger, rage, mood swings, disinterest in beloved activities including intimacy.

Negative thought process,

Hallucination, forgetting things, Alzheimer, developing the urge to commit suicide, feeling difficult to concentrate on anything, and feels unable to take a decision.

Rudeness and bad behaviour with everyone.

Try to cut off from people, especially family and friends. People in depression often skip school, college or office as they find it difficult to work.

Always wants to cry and sob.

The patient doesn’t understand why he wants to cry all the time. His inner self persistently gets him involved into self pity, in which he mourns over his life and wants to cry or sob all the time.

Visible physical issues,

such as loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, insomnia, obesity, muscle pain, lose interest in sexual intercourse or lack of sexual drive and sleeping for many hours. These are the most vivid physical symptoms of depression. Now, many of us experience such symptoms daily in our lives.

Then what does this mean? Are we all having the episodes of depression? No. Certainly not. A person who is in depression will have almost all of the above symptoms for more than two weeks. And not only him, but the others will also visibly see it. That’s how you can figure out that you are in depression or not. Because having one or more symptoms of depression that fades away in a couple of days is just normal.

How Can I Get Rid of Depression for the Rest of My Life?

The first and foremost thing that you would do, you will change your lifestyle. Changing in lifestyle will work more efficiently than any other treatments. This will engage you in new activities which will help you to forget what is hurting you, for a while. You can ditch the havoc of depression that is forced upon you by your brain, at your home. All you have to do is to;

Reunite with your family and friends.

Talk to them, tell them how you feel and discuss your insecurities with them. This will help you embrace the truth. Spend time with your friends and family as much as you can. Laugh with them.

Get yourself busy.

Pick up a lifestyle that demand most of your time. Don’t sit idle. This thing bring negative thoughts. If your daily tasks are limited and can be done till the middle of the day, then add gardening into your schedule. It’s a meditation in itself and has innumerable advantages. Seeing those plants and trees growing before your eyes that once you have planted, is a great feeling. It helps much in bringing positive thoughts and encouragement.

Choose a goal to achieve.

Because one thing that is being clanged to the brain of the patient that he is good for nothing. He can’t do anything and he isn’t worth of anything. For that, new goals must be logged in to go along. You have to choose new destinations and things to achieve. If you don’t want to opt for new goals, its fine. Try to achieve that old one that you left in the process. When you start achieving, you can add more into the pipeline.

Fight back with the negative thoughts that comes into the mind after every minute.

Your brain plays the trick to get you more in depression. Because it is not in order. So you play back with it. If negative thoughts come into your mind, contradict those thoughts with the positive ones. If you brain says you are good for nothing you should die it will ease the pain, reply your brain that what if it doesn’t? What would be my family’s reaction to this? If someone else in my family died, in my love, just because I took my life and he/she can’t live without me, will this be fine? Can this incident ease my pain? The guilt that my demise took someone’s else life too. Talking such things will strengthen your positive thoughts and help you to ditch negative impulses.

Do exercise at least five days a week.

Adding exercise into your schedule has always been a great deal. Exercise not only bring stability physically but it will grant immense pleasure to your mind. Remember that you don’t need to do hard core exercise to get rid of depression. All you have to do is to boost the metabolism and endorphins. (a chemical in the body that boost the good feeling temporarily)

Eat healthy and organic food.

Interestingly, avocado, spinach, almonds and omega-3 (all kinds of fishes) helps to reduce depression. There is no specific diet for depressed patients, but eating healthy and what makes you happy will work well. However, you should have better control on your cravings. The aim is to stay happy, and not invite obesity.

Sleep well and say “bid adieu” to insomnia.

When you wake up late at night, negative and criminal thoughts kicks in. That’s where depression starts planting its roots into your mind. Taking enough sleep in the night prevents the mind to generate negative thoughts. Also frustration and irritation sweep away. Try not to sleep in the day. And when you off to bed, remove all the gadgets around you.

Always seek to do something new and innovative.

Symptoms of Depression

Enjoyment is mandatory in depression. Always try to do something new and exciting. Plan to go for a picnic or to some place where you can get some useful information. Go for hiking and camping. If this isn’t possible, go to some interesting place in your city. Start reading or writing. Writing is the best meditation. It strengthens and nourish your mind’s skills and knowledge. Read the books of your interest and go to those seminars that offers information of your choice.

Let the bygones be bygones and try to stay happy.

Happiness is everything you need. Listen to quality music to reduce depression. You can also go to watch films, but only those that has enjoying elements in it. Not those that invites depression instead. Try to be happy. Consider the fact that what is gone is gone. You cannot change the reality but you can change your mood and current situation. Don’t let the circumstances control you, rather you control the circumstances. All you have to do is to relearn the stuff you used to do in life in the past.

Professional Services to Reduce Depression:

Psychotherapy is the best treatment for depression. Psychiatrists are the one who are highly recommended for reducing depression. These professionals are this much skill full that they know how to trigger the patient’s problems and how will it be solved. A person who is experiencing the mild or severe episodes of depression, must attend those sessions that are organized by these psychiatrists. They will help you to ease your psychological pain and give you ample space to talk about your grief and what’s bothering you. Their replies will help you tremendously.

The Bottom Line:

Depression is a mental retardation. It gets worse if not treated with care and attention. Be disciplined and organised if you want to fade away this psychological problem. Severe depression has taken the lives of the people in the world in last few decades. Because it wasn’t treated well. That is why its important to work with the depressed patients with proper care and support. Depression can be cured by the intimate partner more profoundly than any other person. Your partner’s love and support will heal you in a magical way. So don’t lose hope. If you are experiencing the episodes of depression, you can get through this.  


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