The majority of the world is dealing with the problems of hair. Some people have silky smooth locks and yearns to have curls whereas some wants to straighten their curls and have straight ones. In such processes, the health of them affects badly. They are very delicate part of the body. It may have flexibility in it when you stretch it. That’s why people do experiments with it, but that doesn’t mean that you work on your head ruthlessly.

They cannot bear extreme heat and chemicals. Doing so even though, will cause severe damage that won’t be reversed, but goes worse with the passage of time. So it’s important to acknowledge yourself about the genesis of them and how to make your locks bad to beautiful again.

The Genesis of the Hair;

Like you have known before that the hair is very simple in structure, but it does have a complete mechanism. A hair is made by keratin. It is a tough protein that forms this strong fiber like thing from the body. The thing that lock the hair into the skin is called hair follicle. Now the question is where comes the hair follicle? The hair follicle is formed by the hair bulb. It made the base of the hair follicle.

The main work of the head is done under the hair bulb. The cell with which this is made, divide and take growth in the hair bulb and then build the shaft of it. The remaining work done by the blood, which helps the cells to let the cell nourish and grow in the hair bulb. Blood also provides the hormones to the cell to grow at different times of your life. That’s how it take birth and grow in your scalp. 

The Process of Your Hair Growth: The Classifications;

The process isn’t over yet. It’s not just that your lock in the hair bulb stays in the hair bulb in the shape of a cell and then comes out in the shape of it. It has rather a complete system which divided into three processes. Also, these processes determined by the person’s overall health. Hair passes through three cycles before growing in to its complete form. Such as:

The Growth phase:

This is the consecutive phase. Every hair takes years in this phase. Because the process of growing is consistent. Also, it is the first phase for every cell which starts to stem.

The Transitional Phase:

It is the process when the growth of the locks gets slower after keep growing for several weeks. After this process, the follicle squeezes out and shrinks.

The Resting Phase:

As the time passes, and when the old ones stops to grow more, it disconnects itself from the follicle and the new ones start its process of growing. This process continues with any halt and that’s how you see them growing and processing from old to new.

What is The Most Common and Experienced Hair Growth Rate in People?

When it comes to growth of the locks, not all the people got lucky in it. But all the people in the world want to be lucky in this manner. People with good blood flow and pressure have good locks growth. For instance, the normal growth rate is about 1 ½ inch per month. Means that, it normally grows around one inch in a month. The colour of the head is formed by a cell call melanin. It’s a pigment cell that stays in the follicle. Through the big course of your life, this cell struggle to keep your colour in it the way it was when you were born.

But as the time passes and you start ageing, then those scalp which are weak or have no melanin cells, starts turning grey. Sometimes, these pigment cells call melanin, are in the hair follicle and they do keep the locks in their original colour, but as soon as these pigment cells start dying, the hair starts to lose their colour and turn grey.

Some Bad Conditions of The Hair that Human Face Due to Different Reasons;

The human history is filled with many incidents of hair loss and its aftermath. The causes for the its loss could be many, but the results are somehow similar to one another; its loss. Or in other cases it will be dull, rough torn and fade locks. The most common bad shapes of our scalp that we find are:

The Alopecia:

It is famously known as crown baldness. In which you will receive round baldness on your scalp. Usually this happens to the males more than females. Sometimes, its just a line of baldness, but most probably its in like a crown shape. The cause and reason for alopecia isn’t discovered yet. But it is the condition of the hair commonly experienced in the world largely.

Hair loss in women:

Hair loss in women is a bit different from the men. Men who get bald in a crown shape, the women loss their locks across the scalp. Like they loss their locks overall. Their crown may effect, but not that much as the men. Their overall head effect from hair loss.

The Dandruff:

Dandruff in men

when your skin inflamed due to any reason, it gets itchy and scaly and with that minor flakes produces and comes out with just rubbing the scalp or scratching it. This commonly called dandruff. It also appears in the ear, back on the ear and sometimes on the face. The dandruff cause loss on large level. One, due to the constant scratching and rubbing on the head. Two, because of the intense dryness in the scalp, they leaves the pores. Because to remain strong in the scalp, they needs moisture.

The hair lice:

Not all the people in the world aware or it but several people do have the familiarity with the hair lice. Especially, the people Asia, the women are keenly aware of this monstrous issue.

These are the very small insects that live in the scalp and in the locks. Especially kids, who goes to school are the big sufferers of lice. These insects feed human blood. These insects are also found on some animals too. The bad part about head lice is it can easily convert through just close sitting or sleeping with the person who have it. It is one of the major reason for hair loss. Dull and rough scalp is also reported because of head lice.

Hair loss due to sudden shock or accident:

If you have just delivered a baby or going through a rough patch of life like losing someone or just faced some accident, hair loss will be evident. Your locks will be loss in patches when you have these conditions that are discussed above. But soon the scalp will start growing them anew.

What Can be The Possible Treatments for Your Hair?

Even in the past, when humans got problems, they try to sort them out by doing various effort to discover the solutions for the problems. But in the modern world, things have changed quite well. Today, for one problem, we have hundreds of solutions. And we choose among them which one we want to use for the inconvenience we have. Same is the case in this issue. We have so many options before us. So we could choose which one we want to adopt. The options are:

Hair Nourishment With Oil:

Oils are always proven to be the best treatment for them. If your scalp are dry, rough and dull, the first and foremost solution is applying oils of different types of course, according to the weather, into your scalp and head and leave it for 4 to 5 hours maximum. It will give you tremendous results in just weeks. The best oils for them and scalp nourishment are almond oil, coconut oil, mustard seed oil, olive oil and avocado oil. These oils have extra fragrance in them that leave them silky, smooth and shiny.

Important Supplies for Your Scalp:

It’s not all about your hair only. Healthy and strong hair comes from your scalp. If your scalp is healthy, then you don’t have to be worried about your locks life and health. The things that give a new life and energy to your scalp are:

  • Oil with mint.
  • Honey.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Egg and yogurt mixture.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Sea salt.

All these things are used to nourish the scalp. These things help ls to remove the dryness and dandruff from the scalp. Especially egg and yogurt mixture helps a lot in giving volume and shine to your locks. Apart from these items, Neem leaf and any oil mixture helps to strengthen the locks. Remember one thing that your skin, whether it is scalp or your body skin, it demands moisture. If not provided, will produce dryness and scaling. And this is the main reason for hair loss and baldness.

Go Get Blond!

This is the most experienced method these days for the nourishment of the locks. As you are aware of the fact that chamomile is very effective for scalp. It smoothly lighten your locks and give extra shine and brightness. With that, if you use organic lemon juice, it will enhances the shine of your hair. Saffron works well with these extracts. You may have noticed that market id filled with those colours that claims to have the lemon, saffron and chamomile extracts. Why? Because all these ingredients are very effective and safe for the head.

Artificial Tactics for Hair:

Yes of course, there are millions of ways with which you can have black, shiny and glossy locks. Indeed, these tactics are temporary and demands repeating the process, but they do have glaring impact. However, the experts emphasize to go for the natural treatments. These artificial tactics include, rebound, straighten the hair, temporary curls, and dyeing them.

However, all these things are not good for them at all. These things solely damages them and the scalp. Hair dye causes dryness and baldness. Heat and temperature is not good for the head and scalp. It cause hair loss. Girls who opt for hairstyles all the time, receive damage and hair loss eventually.

Food Items Which are Best for The Hair;

You will glad to know that there are some food items that are proven to be very beneficial for the scalp health. These food items will make your hair healthier and shinier. Adding those food items in your daily diet will also improve your overall health. These items are:

Best Remedies and Tips for good hair
  • Milk.
  • Almonds.
  • Peas.
  • Yogurt.
  • Carrots.
  • Spinach.
  • Red meat.
  • Coconut.
  • Eggs.
  • Olives.

There are few other things that are quite beneficial for the hair. Which can only be added to the diet by the permission of the physician.  

Is Cutting Hair Proving Beneficial in the Long Run?

Normally, people have this notion that if they have dry, dull and rough hair, they should go for the haircut. Mostly girls opt for cutting them if they had split ends. This can help to grow healthy hair, but with one condition. Girls opt for different types of cutting like, layers cutting, forward cutting, step cutting and so on. This is where you does wrong. Because when you apply such type of haircut, your hair are not in the straight shape and when they grow, they are long from somewhere and short from somewhere.

In other words, they have no length and symmetry. This long and short position of the hair doesn’t allow them to be thick again. Also unable to bring volume. That’s why one should go for the straight cut from below for about 2 to 3 inches. It will grow them fast and also the split ends will be removed.

Do Hairstyles Really Damage the Hair?

Some people debate about this very point that does making hairstyles actually hurt the head? The answer is, when you decide to go for making a hairstyle, you use tools for it. It involves a styling utensil, hair pins and hair gel. Hair pins most of the time hurts the scalp and also break the hair. Hair gel is not at all good for hair. It’s the big reason for hair loss. It also destroys the outer surface of them and they starts grow grey.

And above all, heat and temperature that your head receives from the styling tool like straightener or curling roller burn the scalp and root the stem of baldness. That is why making hairstyles are somehow dangerous for the hair life. However, if you opt for those hairstyles which not involve any utensils or gel are likely safe. They don’t cause any problem.

Unless the hairstyle you want to make, doesn’t cause much shuffling in them. Don’t do such hairstyles that scatter your locks, especially the ones, who have long ones.

Precautions and preventions for the Hair;

The one thing that is beloved for both men and women is them. It’s the most delicate yet most important part of the body. That is why precautions are mandatory for the head. Rubbing too much on the scalp can cause loss, especially after taking a shower. Combing the hair daily is the best meditation for them. Also, binding them in less tight braids will safe them from falling. Nourish your scalp with appropriate moisturizers. Use those oils that suits your scalp and nature. Try to save your head from dust and dirt. It will cause dandruff and filth in the hair. It will also produce lice in them. Wash your head at least after 48 hours.

The Bottom Line;

You are given this life for once. So much so the hair you have on your head. If you don’t pay attention to the care and safety of them, you will lose all of them anytime soon. In this manner, you need to take care of the atmosphere and the environment around you. Polluted area and atmosphere can cause dull and rough shape of them. Those who have beautiful locks by birth, should take care of their hair even then.

Because, even if your hormones and blood helps you maintain the beauty of them and even if, you have this luxury genetically, still it can fade away and slip from your hands, if you don’t pay attention to the nourishment of them.


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