People have this perception in their minds that our diet plays an important role in our growth and overall health. And this is true to a great extent. That’s right. Good and healthy diet which contains organic food items, plays a core part in our body’s and mental growth. Similarly, a diet plan, with lack of hygiene, essential ingredients, and nutrition, is not only bad for health, but it also harms the body internally and externally. Therefore, one must have to balance his or her diet with proper food items and add all the important ingredients in it such as meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and lentils.

Lentils are one of the most basic ingredients of human diet. It is considered to be the most essential organic ingredients among the seeds family, that without it our diet’s nutrition won’t be completed. But to what extent should we take grains in our daily meals? How many times we should take lentils as a food and which type of lentils are beneficial for the body? This is a vast topic and requires time and details.

Lentils aren’t boring at all. Rather a yummy food item:

It’s a common thing. Whenever you mention the name grains and beans, people especially adults and children sighs in sorrow and make distasteful faces. On the contrary, beans are quite delicious type of food item. It must have its involvement in the meals, at least after every three days of the week. As compared to the other sorts of seeds and beans, like red beans and yellow beans, lentils are very easy to cook and requires minimum amount of ingredients in making.

In Asia and even now in Europe, garlic and ginger paste, a few red pepper flakes, salt, turmeric and coriander are required in the making of most of the types of lentils. And with these ingredients only you may have delicious item ready for your meal. A normal type of beans requires 25 to 30 minutes to cook.

Origin of lentils and it’s ancient history:

Although, man in the stone age and even after that, did hunt the animals and sea creatures to feed his and his family’s stomach, but because a man is curious by nature, he discovered the grains back in the 13th century. But since he wasn’t that much civilized back then so cooking method wasn’t that much appropriate at that time. As the time passed people searched and learned more methods.

The word “lentils” is the decedent from the word “lens”. It’s an Italian word. In ancient times, the royals had great appreciation for lentils and vegetables. Peasants, kings and queens liked to have this type of food among the numerous other dishes. Because they were economical, and was in the range of the people who can’t afford meat and seafood, that’s why it was the favourite dish of the middle and lower class.

And still is. Apart from the price, it is full of protein and other important required supplies that are mandatory for the body. In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, grains and beans are called “dal” or “dhal”. Initially, they are grown in the pods and then let them dry after the harvesting.

Which are the most suitable places to grow the lentils? A Geographical study:

This is an important research. And to grow lentils successfully, one must have to study the whole procedure. Also have to take extra care of the hygiene levels when it comes to grow lentils. Because there is a wide range of grains and beans in the world. Most of them are in human’s use and cooked with spices to get better flavour. Food items like this have vibrant and bright colours which are quite appealing and exaggerates the hunger.

Origin of lentils

Normally, lentils grows in winter or in decently cold weather. They require an ample amount of water for growth, that stands statically. The average time period for sowing the lentils is the initial weeks of spring or before the start of spring. In the United States of America and Canada, lentils grows with the rotation of wheat crops. Other than this, grains and beans are being growing on a larger scale in the sub continent, (Pakistan and India) as it is the most consuming food item in that region.

Unrivalled healthy advantages of consuming lentils:

In my personal opinion, no one could ever deny to the unparalleled, matchless, and superlative healthy benefits of consuming lentils. As this type of food is such a great blessing for us. The nature has bestowed upon us some other food items similar to this, but the great impact that the lentils have on our body is unspeakable. All the other food products that raise the cholesterol level in our bodies, lentils helps to lower down that level.

The whole legume family helps to maintain the blood sugar count, reduce extra weight and calories, and highly beneficial for diabetic patients. Also, lentils have vitamins and minerals in bulk. Although lentils have numerous benefits, here are some of the major health benefits and gains of consuming lentils for instance;

Say bid adieu to high cholesterol levels with lentils:

Luckily, lentils are very low in calories, having a bowl of lentils with wheat bread is very low in calories and in fact lower down the cholesterol level. Did you ever think that why the lentils are so helpful in lowering the cholesterol levels? The answer is that lentils are enriched with soluble fibre. This ingredient helps to clean the arteries thoroughly so the bloodstream doesn’t disturb by the fat and cholesterol. Hence, the risks of cardiovascular disease decreases.

A human heart remains happy and jovial with the addition of them in the diet:

It is naturally understood now, that when your arteries and veins are cleaned with the consumption of lentils, heart will stay active and healthy in the absence of extra fat and cholesterol. Moreover, magnesium is very good for heart and since lentils have a lot of magnesium so consuming lentils preferably in the lunch plays a vital role in better heart performance. Low levels of magnesium cause the heart problem instead. Hence, as long as you are taking lentils in your meals, forget about the heart problems.

Lentils are good for stomach:

Just because they are enriched with innumerable healthy ingredients, that’s why they are stomach friendly. Due to the insoluble fibre such food products are easy to digest, reduce the chances of constipation, stops the bowel movement (if cooked well) and other digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, and digestion of food. So adding up lentils into your diet would be highly beneficial for your stomach.

Obesity will be gone with the help of lentils:

Now, you know why your body weight will be in ground with consuming lentils. Because it is very low in calories. According to the nutritionists, a cup of cooked food contains around 230 calories. And just because lentils are the embodiment of protein, vitamins and minerals, that’s why you will feel your stomach full of you have a cup of lentils with wheat bread. It will eventually, prevent you to have something to eat further for hours and hence, if you do physical work, it will shed your body weight for sure.

Lentils are enriched with proteins:

You may have heard by your doctor that whoever is suffering from protein deficiency, should have lentils, whether in different forms. Normally people get their protein portion from all kinds of meat, but those who are vegetarians, uses various kinds of grains and beans to consume their protein portion. As the lentils consists approximately 26% of  protein that makes it the third highest source of protein. So it is the best alternative of meat (which is full of protein) for the vegetarians.

Diabetes can be super effectively controlled with the help of lentils:

One of the most prevalent diseases in the world nowadays is diabetes. Men, women and even adults are suffering from this disease. In this, the patient has to stabilize his or her blood sugar level. And since lentils have soluble fibre in it that helps to digest the food without any intrusion, it makes it easier for a diabetic patient to eat and work after that. It maintains the blood sugar and doesn’t produce extra insulin.

You will feel more energetic if you add lentils into your diet plan:

Because lentils have the sufficient amount of iron, minerals, protein and vitamins. That is why, when you add lentils into your diet plan and take it at least twice a week in various forms, whether cooked or boiled or added to salads or in nuggets, you will feel exceptionally energetic and active. Your metabolism will be increased with the help of the food item.

Don’t take lentils in your meals if you have these health conditions:

No doubt, lentils have millions of advantages and benefits. It is very delicious and healthy type of food item. But there are some kinds of health issues that can be triggered with the consumption of lentils. Or there are some health problems that if you have them, you cannot have lentils. So, it’s really important to examine your current physical condition prior to adding lentils in your diet plan. Take a look at those specific health problems.

Do not ever try to add them in your weekly diet plan if you are having kidney stones or any other kidney disorder:

I repeat, DON’T. Never ever try to have lentils, even if your kidney stone is recently removed or crushed. Beans and similar products have amino acids. Also some time when it isn’t washed thoroughly, sand like particles gather in the kidneys and thus form stones. Also the overconsumption of salt also cause kidney stones and other problems and since lentils have natural salt in it, then adding up additional salt in it bothers the kidneys to filter more aggressively. And if the kidney is weak or having some kind of problem already, it fails to do the job and hence the stones form. So, if you have stones in the kidneys or had in the past, try not to have beans. Whether cooked or baked.

Lentils have so much proteins in them:

As you are aware of the fact that Lentils are full of protein, let’s be specific. A moderate cup of lentils have 18 grams protein in it. And a human body needs 8 grams of protein per kg, according to the body weight. Now, certainly it is increased ratio of protein for a human body. And those who love such things, consumes more than a cup. Which directly hurts the kidneys and sometimes bladder too. So the heavy amount of protein intake can be harmful sometimes.

Thumbs down for them in pregnancy and breastfeeding:

You know that right. Of course lentils are very low in calories, lentils are super digestible and light type of diet. Whereas, you need to take extra calories while you are pregnant. To ensure that you are your baby is having a proper diet. This helps the baby to grow and nourish healthily. That’s why such beans aren’t recommended by gynecologist during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Rather a mother is advised to have lots of fruits, vegetables, juices, meat and dairy products both in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Some kinds of lentil causes gas in the tummy:

It’s rather a physical issue then to a misconduct. Some specific kinds of lentil cause gas in bulk, within the tummy. And the patient usually finds it difficult to pass it as bloating and bowel movement  occurrence simultaneously. So those who have this issue in retrospect, shouldn’t try these kinds of food products for the next time. Because their body has created that way or their family history has delivered this physical trait in them.

The final words:

In a world full of impurities and unhealthy food items, be like lentils! Full of advantages, variant, delicious, colourful, light and digestive. No other food item can give you this much benefits as the beans are giving. However, whenever you will exceed the limits, the aftermath will be unfavourable. Such good items are universally best for each group of classes, kids, adults, grown ups, and even older people can have beans easily. It will stretch their life and make it active.


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