Nature has created everything with a cover or a cap on it. By this its beauty remain untouched by the world. And when it comes to humans, we are bestowed with skin as a cover of the body and organs, that makes us look beautiful and attractive and hair, as the cover of the head which makes us even more beautiful. Our hairstyle determines our look, personality and our personal thinking about how we keep ourselves?

Which type of taste do we have? If we go for long hair, we are sort of traditional and consistent type of person. And if we are content to short haircut, then we are modernized type of person that can change his/herself according to the need and demand. These are the common perceptions of the society. Every living creature is bestowed with this part of the body. Humans and animals are lucky in this manner while birds are mostly immune to this service. Only some of them have it of minimum length, for instance, of one inch. But humans are fortunate enough to have them abundantly, preferably on head, body and on eyelashes.

Hair! Inner Structure and Mechanism;

How to get rid from Hair Loss.

The structure of this part is very simple yet unique. This structure is consist of a tough protein cell called keratin. It’s a type of anchor that keeps each of them to your scalp. Basically, there is a bulb like a stem in our scalp that hold it in our scalp.

It’s actually known as hair bulb. This bulb further gives space to your hair to grow long. You may consider here the example of the plant. As its root stays in the mud and let the plant grow long, same as the hair bulb remain in the scalp and form the base of them. Your blood vessels and its proper circulation in your scalp nourishes them and its cells. Blood delivers other important ingredients to your hair cell to help it grow longer.

How much Long You can Have Your Hair each Month? Popular Sayings;

Generally, that your hair can grow one-half inch each month. People with different blood circulation have slightly different hair growth measures. Those who have good blood circulation, their hair grow a little bit faster. And those who have low blood pressure their growth is a little slow. Your hair colour is created by the pigment cell in the hair. This cell determines your colour according to the area and atmosphere you are living in.

If you are living in the western countries you may have golden, blonde or brown colour. If you live in the eastern region of the world, your hair colour will be black most probably. With ageing your pigment cell in your hair, dies. It is due to its death that your hair turns grey. It is also said that those brain’s parts in the head that become weak, their hair start growing grey. Experts are searching for this yet. But if you have proper, and vitamins oriented diet in your schedule, then not only your hair stays black or of their original colour,but also your grey hair turns back to their previous colour.  

Baldness in Men and Women: Common Shapes and looks;

Like you have witnessed, that men lose them more than women. The men’s baldness pattern looks like a receding hairline. For instance, from ear to ear. Sometimes men lost their hair from both temples. This expands to their forehead.

The men, mostly in the world lose their hair from the crown. Means, from forehead till the round of the head, back of head, from where the they starts growing. Women, on the other hand, are somehow lucky in this manner. They loss too them, but not this much. Women’s baldness has reported a little less than men’s. Women’s hair fall from the crown or temples is evident, but this condition rarely proceeds to baldness in women.

Why Does You Lose them? Causes of Hair Fall;

Now, that’s not so hard to guess. Hair are one of the most delicate parts of the body. They demands attention and care. Most importantly they demands safety and security from the harmful objects, even of nature. There are many reasons that cause hair fall. Some of them are chronic, but some of them are those that you face in daily life, but you don’t notice these reasons and those reasons are damaging your hair badly. Such as:

  • Dandruff.
  • Head lice.
  • Using the wrong type of shampoo that is not according to your scalp type.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Dust and dirt.
  • Use of different medications for a long time.
  • Climate change.
  • Impure water (for drink and for shower).
  • Stress, extreme depression.
  • Over thinking.
  • Weak eye sight.
  • Sudden shock.
  • Child birth.
  • Poor diet.
  • Sleeping disorders (insomnia).

How to make them look Beautiful?  Ways and Methods;

There are millions of ways to make your hair beautiful, even if they look worse than ever before. First and foremost thing is your will and commitment. If you are mentally ready for this or committed to bring the change, only then it will be happening in the right way.

Your commitment is really important to get back your hair the way they were. For that, you don’t need much to do, but yes, you will change certain things, adopt certain habits, give up certain favourite things then eventually you will get back your previous condition. Some important changes that you will make in to your life will be:

Maintain Your Diet;

Beauty comes out from inside. Unless you don’t work from inside, you don’t get the best results for it. Poor diet and irregular eating timing bring drastic effects on your health.

you will have to take the proper amount of protein and minerals for the nourishment. Spanish, peas, meat, milk, meat, iron and zinc are essential for better hair growth. Drink plenty of water. Oxygen is very important for hair. Don’t starve. Eat healthy and adequately. Add sugar and salt items both in your diet plan. Because every ingredient will work in its own way to bring positive change in your health.

Apply Oil and Moisturizers in Your Scalp;

How to get rid from Hair Loss,

As food helps us grow up same as oil nourishes and helps to grow. Oil is very beneficial for the scalp. Any kind of oil according to your skin type, will leave your hair thick, and full of life. Applying moisture to your body skin and the scalp always give brilliant results.

For the scalp, mustard, coconut, almond, olive, caster and other herbal oil will bring desired results. Always apply any sort of oil in your scalp. And try to comb every day. If you go out daily without covering the head, you will invite hair fall. Hair will be secure from dandruff and dust if you bind your hair in a braid or a ponytail or in a bun. Never forget to moisturize your hair with any sort of oil.

Live in a Healthy Environment;

Your atmosphere plays a vital role in your face colour, health and overall health. If environment around you is not clean and comfortable your hair will automatically be dull and rough. Dust and dirt fade the original colour. Moreover, dust creates split ends in the tips. Dust and dirt also cause dandruff and lices.

So, Living in the healthy environment is mandatory if you want to have long, thick, and beautiful hair. Always keep your head away from dust and dirt. Wash them at least after every two days. Choose a shampoo according to your scalp and skin nature. If you have oily skin, choose shampoo for dry oily hair. If you have dry skin, go for the shampoo which has extra conditioner and moisture. Moreover, Try to cover your head whenever go outside.

Medicines for Treatment;

How to get rid from Hair Loss..

That is the least recommended for the treatment of this part of your body. It can get their nourishment from your diet and environment and products that you use for hair improvement. However, if you are aged and even proper diet isn’t helping then taking medicine prescribed by the professional isn’t that bad.

But remember one thing. Do not ever try any medicine or cream for them without doctor’s advice. Always consult with a professional before applying anything on your hair. Your slightest mistake can cause you serious trouble. You may be bald or get allergies or anything. A professional will examine your scalp and then prescribe you medicine accordingly. Medicine does help people to nourishing the scalp. These medications give relief from dandruff, reduce hair fall and bring shine on your head.

Transplant and Surgeries;

Indeed, This is the disguised treatment. It is the instant source of hiding your baldness. It doesn’t grow new ones, but you can have them of your choice with some money and time. This process artificially transplant hair on the person’s scalp. You cannot cut them you cannot pull those hair. But yes, this treatment can save you from embarrassment of being bald. This sort of treatment is very much in fashion nowadays whole over the world. Especially in the European


Certainly, Your personality’s beauty enhances when you have beautiful hair. We are living in the space age. Where everything is faster and extraordinary. If there are benefits, there are drawbacks too. When we have everything just on one click away, then we also have problems one click away. If we rush with the speed of life, we will surely damage them in the process.

So, Taking good care of your hair is not so expensive neither very time consuming. But yes, it requires your attention and with a little more effort can save you from the future big time problem that will surely demand more time more money and more effort. All the important things that are required to nourish them are very cheap by price and easy to apply. All you have to do is to take some time and give attention to your hair. With your efforts you can have long, healthy, thick and beautiful hair of any colour. However, Hair fall is common, but care is frequent. Keep yourself enlisted in those who keep their hair with love and care.


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