It is being seen across the world that during shopping or doing grocery, a lot of bad has happened among people. In the coronavirus stampede, when everybody is threatened, grocery is a big thing and in some countries people are taking it as a life and death matter. People are doing everything in their capacities to get more and more items in their trolley and are buying grocery items beyond their need. At first this scenario was limited to European countries only, but now this behaviour has prevailed across the world along with coronavirus. People are doing this after getting locked up in the house by the government for an indefinite period of time. Because, the governments of all the countries also don’t know when this is going to end and when they will grant people access to their normal lives.  

A bunch of hypotheses that we have heard so far since the coronavirus invision:

Coronavirus is new to the world. It is for the first time we are dealing with this kind of pandemic. That’s why when it was present in a few countries of the world, the rest of the countries were busy forming hypotheses about the prevention of this virus. And except 5 or 6, all the hypotheses have proven to be wrong. We will get our answer after a couple of years, regarding the prevention and precautions. Until then, we will have seen millions of case and experimental results. With which we controlled the virus. But before that, we can only have rumours and presumptions. Coronavirus is an unprecedented condition. Which have a high chance of spreading in social gatherings i.e. doing grocery and shopping. 

A few of the hypotheses that have went wrong are;

  1. By restricting our breathing for 10 to 20 seconds we can check on our own if we have coronavirus or not.
  2. Coronavirus will end in the summer. 
  3. If you gargle with lukewarm water and salt, you will not have it.
  4. By taking steam you will prevent coronavirus.
  5. Those countries that have a malarial belt, they won’t have coronavirus with exaggeration.
  6. Coronavirus remains in the throat for 3 days and doesn’t harm the body.
  7. If you are having this virus, and you drink water instantly, it will go to the esophagus pipe and burn.
  8. If you are doing grocery or going to the office it will not spread until you are taking precautions.
  9. It is a created virus, and created by a specific country to spread panic in the World and kill a huge number of people.
  10.  Coronavirus is similar to flu. 

Super secure ways to do grocery without taking any germs with you:

Of course there are super secure ways with which you can do grocery without taking any germs with you at home. Because the intensity of this virus is still unknown. Since it has attacked the human race for the first time ever, people are unaware of the causes and transmitting this virus through contact. For example doing grocery shopping they transmit this virus through touch. So there are some suggestions and methods, by adopting those you will be able to do safe shopping or grocery.

1- DO NOT touch the entrance door while entering the shop or a mall to do grocery:

Now, this is where you initially meet with the virus while doing grocery. Imagine you and thousands of people going to a shopping mall. Like you, many others will touch the door to open it. Some of you would have used the plastic gloves, but most of you would open a door with bare hands. That’s where coronavirus transmitted from one person to another. Having said that, those who use gloves while doing grocery and opening and closing the door or while touching the grocery items, have zero percent chance to get any germs with them including coronavirus. Always use your elbow to push the door. If it is not automatic. If there are any germs alive on the door, it will cling to your shirt and will die soon after.

2- Wear a full sleeve shirt and long trousers while going to do grocery:

Wear a full sleeve shirt while doing grocery

It is clearly seen in people, especially in the USA and in Canada that when people go to the shopping mall to do grocery, they often wear sleeveless tee shirts with boxer shorts or with knickers. These people are presenting themselves to the things and people who are probably having any sort of dangerous diseases and viruses. And since the coronavirus is transmitting aggressively where masses present, hence people should be very very careful in this respect. Experts are saying that coronavirus may prolong to a year and a half. So till then we all should adopt the safety measure. With or without coronavirus, always opt for a full sleeve shirt and long trousers while shopping or doing grocery. It will prevent the trouble from spreading. Remember that coronavirus transmits its germs to a healthy person before dying in the patient. 

3- If you aren’t coronavirus positive, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wear a mask while grocery shopping:

In the initial stages of coronavirus different mixed opinions were roaming about coronavirus precautions. Such as if you aren’t coronavirus positive you don’t have to wear a mask. And A face mask is vital only for those who are having this virus. As the time passed, people realized that those countries who after the invasion of the pandemic wear masks strictly and maintain the social distancing, they have saved the lives of millions of people without much effort.

You have to wear a face mask whether it is a surgical mask or homemade. And gloves are mandatory when it comes to grocery shopping. This helps to prevent the transmission of the virus and any other kind of viral infection for example influenza and seasonal cough. It’s strongly recommended for you people to not take your kids with you for grocery shopping. Even if your country has overcome the pandemic. But if it is inevitable and undeclinable, wear your kids a face mask and gloves too. And be cautious about the precautions while shopping. 

4- Maintain the social distancing strictly while grocery shopping:

It is saddening to tell you about the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain and America where coronavirus is spreading with a horrible speed, these countries didn’t bother about the social distancing in the initial stages of this virus. People were busy gathering and meeting each other. They were shaking hands, exchanging things without wearing gloves. In short they were completely careless. And this carelessness has haunted them down in today’s date. You need to keep this thing in mind that while doing grocery, you have to maintain social distancing. Don’t come near to anybody. Whether a shopkeeper or a person like you who came to shop. Draw a one meter distance between you and every person around you. It is seen that during grocery shopping people don’t really care about the distance and stand besides each other clinging. Sometimes people hug while paying bills after doing grocery shopping.

5- Use debt or credit card instead of cash for the bills of grocery shopping:

At first, it wasn’t clear, but now it is proved that corona is transmitting through currency notes we exchange while buying things. Because It’s a paper ultimately. And it is very easy for a corona germ to cling to it. If you are wearing a glove and then exchanging a currency note while grocery shopping and the other person isn’t wearing it, then your germs will be easily transmitted to him or her. And indirectly you will become a cause for somebody else’s illness or death. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, use hand gloves during exchanging the currency. If you don’t even have hand gloves at least use a tissue to exchange it. And if you don’t have a tissue even then exchange the money, don’t touch your face and wash your hands right after doing so. It’s the least prevention. 

6- Don’t eat and drink anything during grocery shopping:

If you are wearing a face mask and gloves on your hands it means that you are following the precautions regarding coronavirus. That no germ or virus can touch you. You are wearing the safety gears actually. But if you start eating or drinking at any public place for example you are in a shopping mall to do grocery shopping. And you are wearing a mask and gloves and suddenly you open a pack of french fries and start eating it there, then what’s the point of wearing all those safety gears in the first place?

If you are eating with those hands with which you have touched innumerable grocery items. And in that atmosphere where any kind of fatal germs and viruses could have possibly been present. Think about it. It’s not very hard to understand. These are the mistakes many people have made so far and eventually get caught in the shackles of this virus. Do not eat anything, at any public place. Go home, wash your hands, make sure it’s clean and then have it.

7- A very important step after coming back home from grocery shopping: 

It’s the high chance that you have brought coronavirus with you when you get back to your house. And it’s the time you need to be actually cautious. A few things that you will do respectively;

Wash and clean your grocery items
  • Put the shoes outside the house and come in the house bare feet.
  • Put all the grocery shopping bags at one place.
  • Take the grocery items out of the shopping bags.
  • Dispose the hand gloves and all those shopping bags in the bin. 
  • Take a sanitizer spray, and give a shower spray to all the grocery items. 
  • If there are fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly instead of sanitizer spray.
  • You can wash the eggs and plastic items too that you have brought with you in grocery shopping. 
  • Do gargles right after coming back from grocery shopping. And wash your hands too.
  • Sanitize your mobile, car keys and wallet.

The final words:

Everybody in the World is threatened and bewildered at the sudden invasion of coronavirus. It has prevailed whole around the world. And no country is safe from this virus now. Since we are humans and eating and better living is our basic necessity. Hence it is very important for us to know the methods of safe grocery shopping. Countries like the U.S and Canada where coronavirus patients are increasing rapidly, grocery has become one of the major issues there. Therefore, it’s high time to get ample knowledge and ideas for safe grocery shopping without getting coronavirus with you at home.


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