The human body is bestowed with such an amazing organs that any praise will be insufficient for them. Some organs are placed outside the body, whereas some are fixed inside. Those organs which are fixed inside, may not be so beautiful and attractive looking, but the functions of these organs are remarkable. Similarly, organs which are decorating the human body such as eye, nose or lips, from the outside have a different kind of class.

These organs are not only beautiful in looking, but also perform ample duties for the body. These organs include hands, feet, lips, legs, arms, nose, ears and eye.

Eye and other organs;

Apart from the other organs, eyes are the marvellous. Your sight and vision are the only source through which you can see the whole world, because of which your life is complete. You can do your work with your legs and feet to some extent, if you don’t have your arms and hands. Means that your arms and hands have some sort of replacements. But your eyes haven’t any replacement in the body.

There isn’t any part inside or outside the body that can be the alternative to the eyes. Your eyes are the only and exceptional type of organ in your body that has its own place, that no other organ could ever have

The Eye! A blessing for the Entire Living Beings;

As you are aware of the fact that the importance of the eyes cannot be ignored. Even if its composition and assembling is very complex and difficult. The eyes have many folds in it as far as its structure is concerned. As you know that eyes can see in the darkness too, that’s why eyes have so many particles in it. The most known particles of the eyes are:

  • Lenses.
  • Light sensitive tissues.
  • Filters for the eyes.
  • Support structures of the eyes.
  • Nerves.

Remember that, these are not the parts of the eyes, these are the things that have been used to assemble the eyes. For instance when you make a cake, you require flour, sugar, eggs, butter, coconut cream, chocolate and so on. These are the ingredients, but the floors of the cake like first, second and third, the decoration of the cake are considered to be the parts of the cake.

Similarly, these things that have been discussed above are the objects that are used to assemble an eye. The parts of the eyes have different names and interpretation.     

Significant Parts of the Eye;

As you are aware of the fact that the eye is an important part of the body. You need to learn about the main parts with which this specific organ is made. These parts have their own significance. An eye cannot work properly even without the one organ missing or not working efficiently. These parts are:

  • The Cornea: The most clearer part of the eye that you will see from  the front. The role of this part is to maintain the focus system.
  • The Iris: The colourful round part is called is the iris. The main task of this portion of the organ is to manage and regulate the light that enters in the eye whenever you open it.
  • The Lens: You know how it works. A lens is fixed right behind the iris and plays an important part in focusing an image on the retina.
  • The Macula: Placed in the middle of the retina the macula, which is small in the size, helps to provide the central vision. The macula is a very sensitive part of an eye.
  • The Optic Nerve: The responsible nerve that carries the sight messages to the brain is called the optic nerve. This nerve is large in size and its main task is to made connection between the retina and the brain.
  • The Pupil: The pupil is that central part of the eye, which is completely controlled by the iris. The iris, through the pupil, maintain the light that entering in the organ.
  • The Retina: Included in the back parts of an eye, the retina converts the light into electrical rays and sent it to the optic nerve which further sent these impulses to the brain.
  • The Vitreous Gel: The transparent fluid that is filled in your eyeball and maintain the distance between the lens and the retina is called the vitreous gel.

These are the main parts of an eye, with which all the important functions of the organ are performed. For the perfect functioning, all these parts have to be in the perfect order.

What are The Conditions That Disturbs the Proper Functioning of The Eye?

We are living in the 21st century. Where the air is not clean, water is not pure and medications are too intense for the sensitive body parts. Therefore, due to any of aspect that is mentioned above, the eye can get hurt. These conditions have their own intensity and power some conditions hurts the eye badly, while some conditions disturbs the functioning a little bit. But with some proper treatment, the eye went on to its previous performance and functionality anew. These conditions includes:

  1. Weakness due to age and blurred vision.
  2. Amblyopia, in which one eye is sharper than the other one.
  3. Lack in focusing in the light the to curve in the cornea. Which calls the Astigmatism. And the patient eventually opts for glasses.
  4. Swelling due to some injury or bruising around the organ.
  5. Itchy feeling around the eyelids, near the eyelashes.
  6. The cataract or in other words, blurred vision.
  7. Blockage of the gland that produces oil, and eventually swells like a bump on the lid.
  8. The pink one. Due to various Allergies, bacterial infections and viruses.
  9. Scratches on the front part of the eye. That cause pain and light sensitivity.
  10. High blood sugar, strongly affects the efficiency of the organ.
  11. The dry one, in which the tear gland doesn’t produce enough tears and water for the eye.
  12. Double vision or start seeing double things.

Treatments for the Eye;

As far as the treatments are concerned, science has discovered so many effective and efficient treatments for this particular organ. Through which not only the functionality of the eye gets better, but also the vision of the described organ restores. However, these treatments will be recommended to the patient after examining the eye thoroughly and then opt for the treatment for the eye. These treatments for the better sight are:

  • Contact lenses and glasses.
  • Laser treatments for the eye.
  • Radial treatments for the eye.
  • Photorefractive treatments.
  • LASEK.
  • Tear production artificially by pouring drops.
  • Cataract surgeries for the repairs in the eye.
  • Laser photocoagulation treatment for the eye.

Some other treatments;

These are the most famous and popular treatments for the eye protection. Science is continuing to discover more treatment and remedies for the eye. But because it’s a sensitive organ of the body, that’s why it’s important to keep in mind while discovering the treatment of the eye, that it won’t hurt the other parts of the eye or the related organs in the process.

However, the treatments which are designed for the eye are made in such a manner that other organs don’t get hurt by their performance. Only some medicines which are prescribed after the surgery or laser treatment, sometimes cause constipation, heavy head or nausea. Other then that nothing bothers the patient with eye treatment.

Important Precautions for The Eye to Keep in Mind;

The eyes are one of those very sensitive organs of the body that demands and requires special attention and care. An eye, with which you see everything so it has to protect well by the person. Cleanliness is very essential for the body and for the eye, its mandatory. If the nature of your professional let you go out most of the time, then having eye wash liquid with you is mandatory.

Water has always been a best friend with an eye. Washing an eye with the water will protect your eye from outside impurities. If your eye gets the bacteria of allergy and other viruses often then do take eye wash substance with you most of the time. For the calmness of your eyes, sleep is the best remedy and cure. Take a good sleep regularly. This also demands sleep on time.

The lifestyle has to be perfect that requires sleeps at night and wake up in the morning. People who stay up at night and sleep in the day have eye problems most of the time. Hence, if you want your eye to be perfect in working, you need to take good sleep. Apart from that don’t watch TV or mobile in the dark. It will cause your eye irritation and excessive water.


Watching films before bed is also not a good idea as long as the stability of the sight is concerned. On the other hands, women shouldn’t use low quality, cheap makeup products on their eyes. Cheap makeup products will cause infection in the organ and cause allergy around the lids, on the skin. Similarly, avoid rubbing your lids frequently.

Rubbing can cause the damage of the tissues of the eyelids. It will also pluck your eyelashes. Direct exposure to the sun will also hurt the organ. Moreover, Avoid going outside without glasses or covering. Direct exposure to the sun and dust will cause an eye infection, allergy and irritation. Try to cover your lids as much as you can.

Moreover, do not wear contact lenses all the time. Wearing contact lenses throughout the day in the eye produces rashes on the surface of the eyeball. It is seen in people who take off their lenses harshly or with less care, hurt their eyes so badly that their eyesight affected by the sheer ignorance. That’s why, you need to be very careful whenever dealing with your organs like this.

A few words;

An eye is the most beautiful and precious gift we got from the universe. Every organ in your body is in pairs. Your legs, arms, hands, lips, lungs, kidneys, ears and the eyes. But the task that your sight perform, no other organ can do that. No other part of the body can replace the sheer need and want of this organ. Therefore the care and protection of an eye is mandatory for all of us. You should be very careful while going outside and try to save your eye from dust and intense sharp light.

The final words;

Even the despair and sadness all the time can hurt your organ internally. With constant weeping and sobbing can cause weak eyesight and disturb the efficiency of this body part. You should eat carrot to sharpen your eyesight. Almonds are also very beneficial for the eye. If the nature of your profession demands your eye’s concentration most of the time, take a break after every half an hour and close your lids for five to ten minutes.

It will relaxes the muscles of the organ. Place cucumber slices on your lids when you got home. It will not only provide endless solace to your eyes, but also remove the dark circles under the eye. Your this organ is the most priceless thing you have, take care of it.


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