Life is too precious to die because of binge eating or unhealthy eating. If you die someday, not because of any fatal disease or because of some accident but because you didn’t watch what you threw in your mouth or you didn’t pay any attention to your falling health and eat anyway whatever you saw, then you are no better than animals, no offense. I mean this is happening today. People are dying just because they aren’t being merciful on their stomach and body and eating whatever tastes better.

Without acknowledging the required amount of them. On the other hand, if you could see the other side of the coin, eating is the only thing that should be done under keen observation. one must have to know how much fat he is consuming, how much vitamin and minerals are there in his food and how much fiber is he taking. Fiber is the only thing which has less disadvantages and more benefits. Overall, eating dietary fiber actually doesn’t harm the body, but over consumption of fibers whether soluble or insoluble can cause temporary illnesses.

Types and names of fibers:

Basically, there are two main types of dietary fibers.

Soluble fiber;

That can dissolve in the water and can change into liquid form after mixing with the water.

Insoluble fiber;

That sort of fiber, firstly which is hard to dissolve in the water completely and secondly, which cause stools in bulk. Means that after eating insoluble fiber, the person will pass stool that will be soft and in quantity than usual.

The mentioned above are the types of fibers that we know of. To know which are soluble fibers and which are insoluble fibers, take a look below;

Names of the soluble fibers:

Those fibers that can mix with the water completely and can form a gel or a liquid like form are, Apple cider, oats, barley, lentils, oranges, beans, strawberries and berries. Other than these some of the other items too can dissolve in the water and hence are soluble fibers.

Names of the insoluble fibers:

Insoluble fibers are those edible things which cannot dissolve in the water. In other words, they are too hard to dissolve in the water. Therefore, they cannot turn into a gel or liquid like form. Insoluble fibers includes, wheat bran, nuts, potato, green beans, cauliflower, carrots and hard vegetables and fruits.

Let’s take a look at a few of the disadvantages of taking extra fibers in our diet:

As you are aware of the fact that excess of everything is bad. Whether it is binge eating or starving, heavy workouts or idle sitting for hours. Drinking extra water or not drinking water at all and invite dehydration in the body. All the conditions are mentioned above, are the extremes and excess of these conditions and obviously they are bad. Similarly, when you eat those edible food items, too much which are rich with fibers, it will eventually cause you some problems. No matter for whatever reason you are taking them. For weight loss, healthy eating, for cholesterol control or for any disease’s cure. If it is beyond the limits, its bad.

A few of the health problems that can develop due to extra and overly fiber intake are;

There can be other health conditions too or may be no bad health condition at all. It’s largely depends on a person’s body structure. Not all the people but a great number of people more or less but do get affected with the over consumption of fibers.

The right amount of fibers in grams that you should take regularly or after a couple of days according to your age and gender:

We all have those obsessed types of people around us who abruptly starts doing what others are doing. Regardless of the fact, that if it suits them or not. They are so obsessed with copying others that they don’t realise that it is killing them. One fine example you can take from those who opt for facial plastic surgeries just to look the same as their favourite person or a celebrity. And most of the time the results are terrific.

Same is the case with fiber intake. When we try to look as smart or as fit as the other person on the TV or standing before us, most of the time we invite a problem. Because the other person is doing it with a guidance and with an outline. On the contrary, we are just copying them without having any experience in retrospect. Fibers are something that should be taken under a moderate amount and if we had some physical issues lately, we should not take it regularly. The right amount of fiber intake according to our age and sex are;

  • 10 to 13 grams for kids.
  • Around 30 grams for a young female.
  • 35 to 40 grams for an old female.
  • 35 grams for a young male.
  • 40 to 50 grams for an old male.

An infant, initially is on cereals like porridge and oatmeal, etc. He or she takes its fiber portion from there.

Coming back to those diseases fibers protect us from:

Above is a brief description of some cons of over intake of dietary fibers. But if you see the picture on a large canvas, fiber intake certainly have tons of benefits. It not only maintain our overall health, but it also have tremendous other advantages too. Eating dietary fibers can actually save us from various fatal diseases. Such diseases are too big in their own radius that a person can be killed with those diseases. And with a mere fiber intake in our regular diet, in a decent amount, we can get rid of and save us from those fatal life taking disease. Such as;

Cholesterol levels on ground with the help of fibers:

The first and foremost advantage to having fiber in you meals that it massively help you decrease and lower down the levels of cholesterol in the body. And especially the soluble fibers i.e. lentils, Orange juice, and oats. If you take them in your meals, your stomach will seem full and it will reduce your fats effectively. For example a cup of lentils is suffice for lunch and will fill your stomach and reduce cholesterol levels. Fibers Have such properties in it that helps to shed extra fat and if you take it in the long run, it will stimulate the body to not raise cholesterol levels next time.


Obesity is the world’s second largest leading health condition, rapidly prevailing in the world. Men and women both are being abducted with obesity. And there is no better way to get rid of it for life. Means when you start eating without limitations again, you will start gaining weight and maybe with even more speed and power. Women, because have this type of body that gain weight faster, that is why women victimised by obesity more than men.

And dietary fibers are the only thing that helps a woman to shed weight and bring quality change in her physique. Because fibers have more power and no fats, that’s why they fill your stomach for 2 to 4 hours and produce or store not fats in the body. Hence the chances of shedding weight are mandatory. But one thing should take under consideration that don’t sit for hours and hours just because you only ate fibers. Rather do some work or a physical activity. It will shed your weight more and save you from obesity.

Diabetes and fibers:

The world’s most prevailing disease nowadays is diabetes. Millions of people in the world are affected with this health issue and the bad part is it is affecting the people without considering their age. Means that today a young and old, a child or an adult, and a man and a woman, all these brackets are affected by type one or two diabetes. Reason we all knows. It’s the poor diet and lifestyle we are leading. Diet isn’t pure at all. Further, we humans have developed the tendency of sitting for hours.

Fibers on the other hand, have proven to be the most beneficial food item in diabetes. For all ages. If a person with type one or type two diabetes, adds fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and lentils in his or her diet, not only diabetes will be under control, but also the overall health will be improved and the metabolism level will be high. Fibers because have very low amount of fats and sometimes no fats, that’s why it is highly beneficial in diabetes. Studies showed that it improves the quality and length of your life.

Cardiovascular diseases with fiber intake:

Diabetes and fibers

All of you now know that fiber intake is very helpful in maintaining your health. When the cholesterol level is moderate with fibers, it will sustain the health of your heart. Most of the time people died because of a heart attack and because their arteries were shrink and narrow or blocked with the presence of fats and cholesterol. Fiber intake will work like a vacuum in the body. It will wash and wipe out extra fat and calories and bestow your body a new level of fitness and health. Soluble fibers are quite helpful in the maintenance of your heart health.

Skin vibrance with dietary fibers:

Your skin, especially your facial skin requires vitamin C and D for its vibrance and glow. Oranges, lemon, lentils, sweet lime and other types of fruits which have citrus in them have such properties that provides ample supplies to the skin. That makes it shiny and glowing. Along with that the fibers in it makes your skin younger and tight. So, dietary fibers not only make you healthy from the inside, they are making you beautiful from the outside too.

You will touch a new level of fitness and strength with fiber intake:

It may sound familiar, because you have seen this thing in yourself too, that whenever you eat a burger or a pan pizza, you don’t feel any energy to climb a mountain, rather your mood insinuates you to sit or even take a nap. You feel like to sit and watch a movie, rather to do a physical task. And today people usually have a large cheeseburger with a regular carbohydrate drink.

This is slow poison by the way that we are inducing in ourselves. On the contrary, if you take a bowl of salad full of fruits and a bit of honey and with some other sausages, along with a glass k lemonade or a fresh juice of any fruit. You will feel another level of energy in you. You will want to go to your school and office all by yourself, without any vehicle or do extra physical tasks and go upstairs at least ten times. Fibers are this much healthy that provides a new strength and fertility to our bodies. The immune system gets more power and strength to fight back against the germs. And that’s all we want actually in the 21st century where there are too many fatal diseases roaming around us.

Try not to have too much fiber in your diet if you have…

Indeed fibers are the best source of bringing human health and stability but there are some specific conditions in which you should limit the fiber consumption and should not take it on a regular basis. Don’t take fibers on a regular basis or in an excessive amount, if;

disadvantages of taking extra fibers
  • 1. You are on heavy medications for any disease which isn’t really friendly with fibers, don’t take fibers then. Ask your doctor for a right meal plan.
  • 2. You have kidney disorder or kidney stones, don’t take fibers in the shape of lentils and beans. Also limit the portion of salt and iodine. Lentils and beans can form more stones in the kidneys.
  • 3. You are an old person with 50+ age, always consume fibers in a moderate amount. Don’t take fibers heavily. As the insoluble fibers cause soft and bulky stools, you may feel weakness and fragility.
  • 4. You are an adult or a kid.  Children should consume fats and proteins too. Too much fibers will cause them issues.
  • 5. You are pregnant and are having low proteins and low fat issues. Only fiber consumption in pregnancy without having fats and protein isn’t a good idea at all.
  • 6. You have low blood pressure and low sugar level issues all the time. Don’t take too much fiber.

The final words:

Fibers or dietary fibers are extremely good for a human body. Our bodies running on such supplies that nature has bestowed upon us. Which includes vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fibers etc. All the good items have a purpose and all these items should be taken under moderation. Fibers are vital for women. They lead a tough life. The processes of their lives are too tricky and complex such as menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, miscarriage and menopause. They need fibers throughout the life, but to a normal extent. Addition of fibers only and exemption of other necessary food items like meat, dairy products and proteins, in their lives can cause them illness and weakness.


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