Unfortunately, it’s dengue. Which is haunting us down now after the invasion of coronavirus. Although coronavirus have been ditched and controlled in many countries so far and humans are seeking new ways and methods to defeat this deadly virus, still it isn’t defeated completely. There are still many countries in the world for instance, the USA, India, and other European countries that are dealing with this catastrophe and the number of patients are increasing day by day. In this situation, two kinds of fevers have raised their heads. Number one is pneumonia and number two is dengue fever.

What is dengue virus?

Dengue virus is a kind of infectious disease that transmits from a specific kind of mosquitoes. When they bite a human, even for once, the virus transmits in the body. And it doesn’t show any sign before a couple of weeks. Rather, the signs and symptoms visible after 15 days minimum. This virus hits the immune system to this extent that the person gets ill. And such kind of illness cannot be cured on its own. And the person ends up with sheer sickness. 

What does this virus do after entering into a human’s body?

The most frightful thing that dengue virus does after entering into a human’s body is decreasing the platelets. It fights with your red blood cells and kills them and increases the white blood cells. And when your platelets decrease from 30,000 the patient goes into a serious dangerous condition. And it may take the life of the patient. Dengue fever is lethal to those whose immune systems don’t have the capacity to fight back against germs and viruses. 

And when a bad health condition causes decreastion of the platelets in the body, it’s life threatening. That doesn’t mean that whoever is infected with dengue fever, dies. It means that we should make our immune system stronger prior to any virus invasion. And if it affects our body, we should handle it carefully and eat such things that makes our immune system strong.

Is dengue fever contagious or can it transmit from one person to another?

A large number of people think that dengue fever can be transmitted from one person to another with a touch. So they leave the patient alone until the patient restores his health back. However, it’s totally false. Dengue fever is not contagious at all. It cannot be transmitted through touch. Instead the transmission only possible through this formula which is;

Infected person=to=mosquito=bites to=another person.

It is the only way through which dengue fever can be converted to another person. When a mosquito bites an infected person with dengue fever and then bites another healthy, normal person, the virus of the infected person transmits into the healthy person. And that’s how the dengue fever spreads.

Who is victimized by dengue fever more deliberately than the rest? 

The mosquito can bite any of us. It could be any who will be bitten by the mosquito and then will have to face the aftermath. But those who have the strong immune system will deal with this fever somehow. But those who have weaker immune systems or who have less defensive working order, will face difficulty in dealing with the virus. 

Better your water intake in dengue fever

And you can assume now who could that be? It’s the children, teens and people who do bodybuilding exercises. Why? Because when they do so, they skip so much healthy food to build their muscles and rather take a specific few good items. Moreover, they take supplements which artificially vanish their appetite. However it makes their immune system quite weak and whenever any virus enters in their body, it makes them sick.

Other than this,

children, teens and kids get infected by this virus too soon because they have a less stronger immune system. They don’t have the capacity to deal with the strong and harmful viruses more effectively. Children cannot defend themselves completely. That’s why they get sick even because of cold weather. It is highly recommended for children to be protected keenly when there’s a roar of pneumonia, dengue fever, typhoid, cough, or flu. 

What are those basic symptoms that you may have to face if being infected with dengue fever?

The symptoms are very common and in fact there may be no symptoms when this virus enters. Usually, the symptoms of dengue fever appear after a couple of weeks or you may say after 14 to 15 days. Common symptoms that children, adults and older people experience in dengue fever are;

Normally, whenever a virus hits the body, no matter what type of virus it is whether it is coronavirus,  Ebola virus or dengue fever, how much older you are, whichever gender you have, it will eventually cause you fever, short of breath, vomiting (sometimes) and body pain. If your immune system and overall body is strong, you will defeat the virus in a week or more than a week. 

What type of mistakes do you commit and invite such fever?

People who clean their houses on a regular basis and even after that get infected with the virus complain that why does this happen to them? Because they don’t understand what triggered the virus to come into their homes.

The answer is very simple and those tiny mistakes that you commit deliberately and don’t even notice. Such as;

  1. A pool or a container filled with water produces dengue mosquitos. 
  2. Indoor gardens may have these sorts of mosquitoes that can bite you and infect you with dengue fever.
  3. Using too much alcohol and cigarettes weakens the immune system.
  4. when water remains in your courtyard or at your terres floor after rain, it produces dengue mosquitos. 
  5. Walking among the plants after sun down without covering your body may infect you with a virus and then you may have dengue fever.
  6. If you have a patient in your home of dengue fever. And their bed isn’t covered with  net curtains and that same mosquito bites you after biting them, you will then have the virus or fever eventually after passing a few days.
  7. People with weaker immune systems will be victimized by dengue fever more deliberately.
  8. Not wearing a full sleeve shirt and a long pair of trousers while going outside, brightens the chances of getting caught up in this fuss.
  9. Older people who don’t take their medicines regularly may be infected with the virus too soon. 
  10. Pregnant ladies who smoke and drink are the easiest victims of this virus.

Best Treatments for dengue fever so far:

Around 80,000 people in Canada were infected with dengue fever last year. Why? Because it’s not a complicated virus to be infected by. It’s rather a virus that can reach you very easily. And without much difficulty. To prevent difficulty, you must have the adequate knowledge how to handle it. Moreover, you should exhaust all the best possible treatments that are designed by the professionals. Because you don’t know what kind of treatment will work well on you.

Papaya for dengue fever

There are some options from which you will choose the best for your. The choice of treatment should be made under the expert’s supervision or assistance.

  1. Consult a doctor after diagnosis of dengue virus: The doctor will ask for your medical history, will run a few tests and then prescribe you medicine accordingly. Which you will have to take as proscribed and without skipping. The doctor will give you such medicines which can universally be given to any patient to lower down the high temperature and for halting the cough and vomiting.
  2. Better your fluid intake extraordinarily, in dengue fever: Remember one thing, the more you take water and fluids, the faster your temperature will decrease. It will urge you to urinate and will flush out the heat from your body. It will decrease the temperature and help the patient to breathe comfortably. Drinking water in dengue fever is way more better than drinking artificially flavoured juices. 
  3. Use papaya to make your immune system super strong: Papaya is that healthy fruit which is enriched with so many useful vitamins and minerals. Whether it is coronavirus, Ebola or dengue fever, eating papaya will make your immune system as strong as horse’s immune system is. Papaya was recommended by some experts for the coronavirus patients. It’s better for diabetic patients, people who have bone problems and for skin issues. In dengue fever it firms the immune system so that it will rescue the body from dengue fever. Papaya is good for older people as well.
  4. If the climate is hot around you, stay in a cool place: because if you resist the weather, it will cause even more trouble to you. For instance if you are living in the cold climate and you are suffering from dengue fever, keep yourself warm and cozy, otherwise your body will be aching for immeasurable time. Similarly, if you are living in a hot climate, and not maintaining the coolness around you, you will be dehydrated and you must have to be hydrated in dengue fever because the more you stay hydrated the more you will flush out the heat through urination. And it will lower down the body temperature. 

Some prevention to halt The virus in the first place:

Below are some super notable prevention that if you adopt, will definitely save yourself from dengue fever. 

  1. Wear a full sleeve shirt when going outside.
  2. Avoid wearing shorts while going outside.
  3. Apply mosquito repellent lotion before going anywhere even at your house roof.
  4. Avoid eating anything of the patient’s leftovers. Don’t share food or crockery with a dengue fever patient as a precautionary measure.
  5. If you are diabetic, heart patient, asthmatic or your age is above 50, take extra precautionary measures. Completely avoid the patients of dengue fever.
  6. Take proper medication and energy drips under the supervision of your doctor to get well soon. 
  7. Better your water intake, drink at least 2 to 4 glasses of water. 7 glasses will work well.
  8. Sleep well.
  9. Apply cotton strips, dipped in cold water on your forehead, if your fever or temperature raised up to 103 degree.
  10.  If your kid is suffering from dengue fever, take him or her to the hospital and follow the doctor’s instructions keenly. 

The final words:

Thousands of people are reported with dengue fever every year in the world. And people who don’t have a strong immune system, die every year due to that. Since the world is falling apart and different viruses are lurking around for humans and roaming in the streets openly like monsters, it’s our responsibility to take precaution. It may sound like a scene from a horror movie but it is true. coronavirus, Ebola virus and dengue virus has haunted the world so far. And human beings aren’t understanding what sort of best possible treatment they should suggest to humans to get rid of these viruses. We are working on it and hopefully in the coming years, mankind will be able to develop a medicine or vaccine to cure and prevent all viruses.


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