There are speculations about the coronavirus, which is currently haunting the planet earth, that it will vanish from the earth in summer. Now, we need to understand and dig out whether it is actually true or just a rumour. For that matter, first we need to understand why such statements have been made and circulating around us? How is this virus actually similar to the flu and what are the facts about this virus’s life and its existence in the atmosphere or on the things?

195 countries have been affected by coronavirus so far:

Ironically, Korea shot the first person straight away, who was affected by coronavirus to prevent it. But the irony of the time is that thousands of people were affected by this plague after that. Even in the present date, 76 new cases have been reported to coronavirus. Italy has the second most worse condition besides China.

There are 204 countries in the World so far and 195 countries are already abducted by the coronavirus. Most of the public places are empty now. Almost all the countries have banned the public ceremonies, prades, gatherings and festivities until the plague ends. In Asia’s most countries, even ten people aren’t allowed to stand together in a group.

Will coronavirus vanish in summer? What are the hopes? What are the ground realities?

Since this mysterious infection has affected the world, the speculation is roaming around since then that this virus will remove and vanish from the world by itself, when the summer will arrive. Why is that? What are the actual facts about it? Why are people thinking this way?

We didn’t hear something like this before for any other virus we have dealt with. For instance SARS, canggu virus, swine flu, dengue virus, influenza virus and many others. But we are hearing such news about this particular virus. Why?To dig out the reason we need to understand a few facts about the coronavirus. This will help us understand the speculations and also give us a sound hope.

A few facts and authentic reasons because of which the coronavirus will vanish from the earth in summer:

So now, let’s get ready to sprout a new hope in you by reading these authentic and most convincing facts about the coronavirus. That will help you understand why this virus will disappear in summer all by itself.

Coronavirus dies in 26 to 27 centigrade temperature:

Yes. You read it correctly. You may have observed the fact that it started from China. This country has the cold climate most often. Due to that people consume such food items which are hot by nature. Moreover, in December, when it was first discovered, the most anticipated reason for its existence was that soup which was made with the addition of a bird bat. Now because it is a country where people have to deal with the cold climate, they tend to experience several things.

The sun’s heat has always proven to be the best medication to deal with the problems that are occured by the cold weather:

Will coronavirus vanish in summer

With the heat of the sun, coronavirus will burn down to the ground. Just like a normal viral infection or flu. You may have witnessed that people usually have the flu or cough in winter.

As soon as the spring arrives or summer arrives, these types of viruses get eliminated from the human body because of the increasing heat in the bodies and in the atmosphere. So after the month of March, coronavirus will vanish from the earth all by itself. Because most of the countries in the World have the privilege to experience somehow hot weather or summer.

Drinking hot water or in regular usage and sun heat is highly beneficial in coronavirus:

People who want to have fairer skin and a stomach with brilliant performance, usually drink hot water. It helps to flush the intestines thoroughly and maintain the overall health. Moreover it burns the extra fat from the body.

It also kills the bacteria and helps to eliminate the virus from the body more efficiently. If you use hot or lukewarm water while taking shower or washing hands and face, it will wash off the dirt and bacteria rapidly. And cleanse your body for long. Cold water also cleanses the body but with less efficiency.

An extremely interesting fact about coronavirus structure and summer’s effect on it:

Did you ever think why all the people around you, keep on saying that this virus is going to vanish from the earth in summer, but the scientists are not pretty sure about it? The answer is the body structure of the virus. There is a very interesting fact about coronavirus body structure.

Speaking of which, coronavirus has a thin layer of fat around it. When the temperature is hot outside, i.e. summer, this layer of fat melts by the temperature and kills the virus instantly. And this happens with almost every virus and viral infection that spread around with the air.

In a nutshell, it is certainly a good news that with the arrival of summer, there are the higher chances of this virus evaporation from the earth. And people who already have it, will recover more quickly.

If you have an active immune system, and coronavirus has hit your body, you will even get out of it without much effort:

Not all the people in the world have this privilege nowadays to have an active and strong immune system. But those who have it are quite lucky. Because people have induced much of the artificiality in their lives. Especially when it comes to eating. Junk food, package food, ready to cook food, means there are so many varieties. Which has made the man lazy and good for nothing. Also has caused various health issues such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease.

In such a scenario, if you didn’t go that far, and have a good type of food which include vegetables, fruits and dairy products, then your immune system will be quite strong and which will help you fight coronavirus effectively. With a strong immune system, even after you get caught up by this virus, you will get through this by taking rest for four to five days in isolation.

Coronavirus stays on your hands for 10 minutes and on your clothes for approx 9 hours:

But again, if you wash your hand right after doing anything outside or after meeting anyone it will be removed from your hands completely. As long as the clothes are concerned, keeping such clothes wide open in the sunlight directly for approximately two hours, will save you from this virus. Two hours in the sunlight are enough to kill the coronavirus from your clothes.

It is said that coronavirus doesn’t spread with the blowing wind. It actually spreads when you sneeze or cough without covering your face. Moreover, if it has reached your throat, it will stay there for four hours. If you drink plenty of water, it will be killed by itself when reaching the esophagus pipe because of the extreme heat.

Some of the misconceptions that have been spreaded because of corona’s stampede:

treatment for coronavirus

Sadly speaking, when any such situation happens in the World, the negative community gets active simultaneously. Same is the case happened in the recent catastrophe that has shakeled the whole world.

When coronavirus spread in the countries, people started spreading rumours about it and creating chaos and an atmosphere of terror, fear and anxiety. As a result, those who didn’t have the adequate information, panicked and frightened. The majority of such people include the older people and women who are deeply scared with the coronavirus invasion.

The rumours and lies that are roaming around these days about coronavirus are;

  1. Every person who is infected with coronavirus, will die eventually.
  2. Steroids and such medications’ prior intake will save you from getting caught up into coronavirus.
  3. A mask will prevent all the germs.
  4. A wet mask can be used even after 8 hours.
  5. Coronavirus outbreak is spreaded by humans or it’s a conspiracy against the humans, actually by the humans.
  6. Children are immune to this virus.
  7. If you have a minor flu or cough, you certainly have the coronavirus.
  8. Coronavirus is not one of a kind. It is similar to SARS, swine flu, canggu virus and dengue virus.
  9. You will certainly have 104 degree fever in coronavirus.
  10. Subsequently, You will be infected with this virus only if you came back from a land where this virus has infected so many people. Or you are living on that particular land.

On the contrary to these lies and rumours the fact is;

Actually quite different. That is why, approximately all the governments of the world are humbly pledging their appeal to the people to calm down and stop spreading such myths and rumours. It creates anxiety in the society. Moreover, people with a weaker immune system and heart are taking this fear on their nerves. Which is causing them even more trouble. Because fear weakens the immune system. And diseases invade a weaker immune system with extra force.

Having said that, the lies and rumours that are mentioned above, are the false accusations only and the reality is quite the contrary to this. In contrast to the mentioned above information, below are some reality checks which will help you understand the difference between the myth and the fact.

The key facts are;

  1. First and foremost, The death ratio in coronavirus is 3% only. 97% of people recover from this virus.
  2. Prior intake of any sort of medication will not immune you to coronavirus, rather your own active immune system.
  3. A mask only will not save you from germs. The best prevention is to get clean yourselves all the time along with the usage of masks.
  4. You must have to change your mask when it is wet or you have been wearing it for more than 8 hours. A wet mask must have to be disposed of or dried in the bright sunlight.
  5. Coronavirus is the virus which is converted from an animal i.e. pig, snake, bat, to humans. It isn’t conspiracy for the humans, by the humans.
  6. Children aren’t immune to this virus.
  7. Every flu, cough, and fever isn’t a coronavirus.
  8. It is different from SARS, canggu virus, dengue virus and others.
  9. You may have 100 degree fever with coronavirus, sometimes it doesn’t increase from 100 degree.
  10. It is not necessary that you are infected with this virus only if you have returned from a place where the virus is already present. You may be infected with coronavirus even though you didn’t travel to such places where it is already present.

The final words:

Primarily, Mankind needs to understand that no matter how progressive we are and how much prosperity and innovation we have obtained so far, we will always remain a step behind nature and the universe. Ever since the world originated and came into existence, man has kept looking and kept digging about its wonders since then.

Indeed, Diseases, plagues, viruses and infections are a part of a human’s life. And coronavirus or COVID-19 is a new virus for humans. Although such kinds of several other viruses have been present in animals for centuries, it is now being converted into humans for the first time. That’s why we weren’t fully prepared and hence lost too many lives in the World so far.

The key prevention

Basically is to get clean as much as you can and avoid physical contact. There are high hopes that this virus will leave the world in summer and we will get back to our previous lifestyles and the way we were. Get your hands clean. Don’t touch the masks while wearing them. When you come back from the outside, wash your hands for 20 seconds almost.

And above all, don’t be frightened. It’s just a virus. It will vanish from the earth eventually. Science has made a prominent progress in the field of medicine. The vaccination for coronavirus is in the process. Hence, Soon the world will be able to fight this sort of virus in one go.


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