You may have heard people saying “healthy munching is everything.” And sometimes those people actually do it on the contrary. Healthy eating means when you take all the essential ingredients in your diet that your body require. Even you cannot include those essential ingredients in large quantity in your diet plan. Everything demands a balance and proportion. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the consequences. And the consequences will be according to the whole game you have played. For instance,eating such diet, which has fibers exceeded to the limit will leads you to loose motions or diarrhoea. Whereas having a diet plan that has no fiber will end you up dealing with constipation.

Diarrhoea and constipation are two opposite directions. People assume that diarrhoea is difficult to handle, like it’s difficult to stop motions and vomiting. In fact, constipation is much more intricate to handle. In loose motion your stomach gets clean from the toxic waste materials and with proper medicine you come back on track. But in this, you suffer an unspeakable acute pain that doesn’t end till you do something serious about it.

Women have been Reported for it more than Men;

Did you ever think about it? Why do women have more complications regarding health than men? A woman has more functions in her body than a man. She has more jobs to perform than a man. She has menstrual cycle, pregnancy process, menopause, and many other things. Among such programs in her sometimes due to medicines or sometimes weaker digestive system cause her this type of problem.

Not all the women of the world have to deal with it just because they have menstrual cycles pregnancy and menopause. Women who have a strong immune system and active lifestyle don’t have it. Even if they are on medications due to any reason.Constipation only hits when you don’t take care of yourself properly. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female.

Reasons and Causes behind Constipation;

The reasons could be many. And the reasons will be this much important that can’t be ignored. It will only target you, when you deal with your body ruthlessly. Your body so many times compromises with your tough and imbalance schedule and work for you even of it can’t. It will only retaliate when everything slips out of its hands. Similarly constipation will only appear when your body cannot find any way rather to give you alarm in the shape of constipation. Common reasons and causes behind it includes:

Causes of Constipation

Symptoms of Constipation;

Symptoms of constipation in human vary from one another. Of course we have feet plans, according to our own needs and demands. Choices also are differ from one another. Then, constipation have in,some people temporary and in some people have long term effects. And symptoms are according to the nature of constipation. If you have temporary constipation symptoms will be slightly different from the long term constipation symptoms. Common ground for its symptoms feels like:

  1. Sudden bowel movement.
  2. Not feeling hungry.
  3. Scaly stools.
  4. Feel to go to bathroom for urgent need. (But actually don’t pass anything)
  5. Heavy head.
  6. Anxiety.
  7. Feeling a sort of blockage in your rectum.
  8. Loss energy.
  9. Loss of appetite.
  10. Back pain.
  11. Blood with stools.
  12. Sharp pain in the rectum while discharges stool.

Those who have temporarily constipation,such symptoms are very mild on them but people who are having chronic constipation, needs medical assistance.

If it is Persistent, can Leads You to Haemorrhoid;

It is right to some extent. If your rectum continues to push your stool with unimaginable force and pain for a long time.Then a time will come when your stool hole’s wall tissues become cracked and weak. And eventually will start bleeding. This could be the foundation of pilesor haemorrhoid. And it is seen among people that those who have haemorrhoid,had the complain of constipation before that for a long time. Haemorrhoid is in itself a big problem for any gender, in any age. So if you don’t pay attention on constipation and keep it that way, the situation will be worse in future.

Some Super Effective Treatments for Constipation;

There isn’t anything in the world today that hasn’t any solution. Of course, constipation too has uncountable treatments and remedies to get rid of. But because human bodies and their natures differ from one another that’s why not one treatment will work on all the patients. Different treatments are designed for different types of body structures. Some basic and common treatments for it that really work son almost all types of people are:

1.Water intake and Constipation; 

Treatments For Constipation

Nature has bestowed upon us the great source of life and that is water. Water can heal and relief you from many health problems. Better water intake in constipation is one of the best remedy itself. Taking water before every meal, soften your stools and give space to your stomach to exercise and release previous food wastage faster than usual. Your intestines release the wastage meantime into your rectum and you feel nature’s call.

Drinking plenty of water also cleanse your kidneys and discharge all the dirt and dust from your kidneys. But for constipation it’s the best remedy. Take two tall glasses of water before every meal, even before breakfast,then have a simple home cooked food. It will be gone in a couple of days.

2.Food, Rich with Fibres in Constipation;

Having food without fibre is the most anticipated cause of constipation. Junk food has taken the place of the Mediterranean diet that has all the essential ingredients that are vital for human body. Food such with fibre prevents constipation in the first place. Fibres are available in vegetables and fruits. There is a high amount of fibre in lentils and in vegetables. Fibres helps you digest your food efficiently and then release its imultaneously. Fibres also work on skin. Your skin will glow more if your fibre intake is good.

3.Vitamin C and Magnesium in Constipation;

Sometimes a major cause of constipation is the deficiency of vitamin c and magnesium. Lemon and orange is the big source of vitamin c. Magnesium can be found in fish, banana and some dairy products.If you have constipation, taking vitamin c will be beneficial. Lemon juice has citrus acid that helps to release the stools more efficiently.  Same as magnesium works for constipation.These sorts of natural resources prevents it to the maximum length of time.

4.Coffee Especially Caffeinated Coffee;

Coffee Treatments For Constipation

Coffee works like a purifier. Especially caffeinated coffee. Because it is hot by nature that’s why by drinking coffee in constipation, it stimulates the bowel movement abruptly. And then without much difficulty you will pass the stools. Women in western countries, drink coffee during periods will release the blood more actively and cleanse your facial skin too. So drinking coffee, especially caffeinated coffee will work well in constipation.


Without any doubt this word can delineate its influence. Doing exercise in constipation will work like magic. The working class who use to sit round the clock for work can have chronic constipation due to persistent sitting. Walking and running activate your internal organs to work more profoundly than usual. It’s stable your blood circulation and makes you fit. During constipation if you work out, even just run for half an hour or one hour, you are sorted. 

Doing exercises oftens your intestines and stimulate bowel movement instantly. Even if you walk fast in constipation, then during the walk you will feel bowel movement and urgent need to go to the bathroom, it is effective this much.


Constipation is certainly very intriguing and irritating situation, in which the patient feel much agitated and restless until relieved. But as it is demonstrated, if you pay a little bit more attention on its preventions you won’t have constipation in the first place. All you have to do is to consider all the important precautions that will help you avoid constipation.

Have an active and healthy lifestyle to avoid it. Don’t make excuses about your old age for not having active lifestyle. You may have least healthy activities in your life to ditch constipation. So work well, stay happy and healthy and get rid of constipation


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