You are living in the space age. Where you have millions of opportunities and challenges to face. If there are thousands of facilities and services than there are problems equal to it. This is actually a sort of price, we pay in order to take those facilities. In all this fuss, rushing with the speed of life, sometimes you just get tired. We are becoming machines with the actual machines. That’s why we have to deal with different types of illness and diseases. Headache is one of them.

It is this much common now that people are having it just after a sneeze and consider this type of headache as a aftermath of that sneeze. The majority of the world is having pain in the head on a daily basis and take medicine even for a mild head trouble. People usually didn’t pay any attention to headache in the past. But these days it has become a part of our lives.

Common types of Headache in Humans,.

Different Types of Headache;

Normally people think that they all have the same type of head troubles. And with the same treatment or tablets they will get relief from the head aching. The truth is, on the contrary to it. In fact, there are almost 300 types of headache in the world that mankind have experienced. But merely 10% of headaches have the known cause. These pains, those are known by names are:

  • Migraine.
  • High blood pressure issue.
  • Tension aching.
  • Stress headache.
  • Medication trouble.
  • Anxiety pain.
  • Cluster pain.
  • Headache cause by digestive problems.
  • Exercise pain.
  • Sex causing head pain.
  • Ice cream head aching.

These are the different most known types of headache. These sorts of pains have their own symptoms and treatments respectively. These types of head pains aren’t something that can’t be cured.


This is the most experienced and most severe type of headache among people. This type of pain usually don’t occur often but when it does, it has severe impact on the patient. The majority of the world has experienced migraine in the past few years. Experts believe that migraine occurs when your brain takes changes.Other cause for migraine includes:

types of Headache
  • Genetics.
  • Weather changes.
  • Lack of sleep or oversleep.
  • Fatigue.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Blood flow and nerve cell activity.

Because it is a severe type of problem, that’s why people in this are reported to have flashing lights, sparkles, blur images, and temporary loss of vision. The pain is so sharp and intense in this type of head pain, that people usually screams in the pain. They complain for loud noises and flicking lights.

2.High Blood Pressure Headache;

Now this is the mixed situation. Not all the people in high blood pressure have a headache.But a few do have. Blood pressure has a complex thing, that you cannot differentiate that which condition you are having right now, high or low. Because both conditions have the same symptoms and signs. you may have headache in both cases, in high blood pressure and in the lower blood pressure. High blood pressure isn’t a good thing. You may have heart stroke, heart fail and kidney fails due to this. So always keep in check your blood pressure due to this.

3.Tension Headache;  

This type of mind trouble intact your neck and forehead. Means, the pain starts from the back of your neck and runs towards your forehead. Your head feels heavy weighted. Loud sound and noise cause irritation. Soon the tension release, the headache gets faded.

4.Stress Headache;

Stress headache commonly occurs because of the over usage of eye sight. When you work on computer, mobile and iPad for hours. You will feel the pain that starts from your neck to your head. Stress headache also occurs when you lean your neck in the same posture of an hour or more. When you give relaxation to the particular part of the head or neck, you will get relief.

5.Medications Headache;

The trouble due to medicine is considers as a side effect. There are certain drugs, due to that you may have head pain for a while. But when you stop taking the medicine, the headache will be gone. If persistent, talk to your doctor.The medicines that are used to relieve pain also can cause headache.

6.Anxiety Headache;  

Anxiety aching is common pain. The location of this type of head pain crosses from one temple to the other. It’s a mild type of headache.

7.Cluster Headache;

This type of head pain specifically connected with the eyes. The location of this pain and discomfort is found of your eyes and the eyeballs. It usually occurs because of the constant work on mobile and computer. Sometimes constant work on paper and writing can also cause cluster headache.

8.Headache Cause by Digestive Problems;

People who use to eat junk food in bulk, alcohol and do smoking have a constant headache. way of living will, also create problems for heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and gall bladder. And it is seen that people who eat much, don’t exercise have heavy head all the time and this creates multiple health problems for them including head pain.

9.Sex Causing Headache;

No doubt, sex is most relaxing and soothing activity, but some people feel headache right after the intercourse. This sort of head pain calls orgasmic headache. It is mostly common in men. Some men feel mild head spinning, while some men feels sharp pain in the head after sex. People who have sudden severe attacks of headache after intercourse, should consult a doctor about it.

10.Ice Cream Headache;

Ice cream headache is normally developed in kids. Kids have soft and delicate tissues in the mouth. Also, kids’ teeth are sensitive that’s why ice cream trigger the kids mostly. And headache occurs right after eating ice cream. It is recommended that kids should eat ice cream slowly to avoid head trouble.

Common Conditions in Headache;

Although there are different types of headache, but people face almost the same conditions and symptoms of this regardless of age, gender and weight. The difference is older people feel that pain a little more than younger. Because older people have a weak immune system. These common conditions and symptoms are:

Common types of Headache in Humans..
  1. After the age of 50 head spinning occur.
  2. A sudden sharp pain in the head.
  3. Headache that increases when you cough or move.
  4. A slow pain in the head that gets worse with time.
  5. Cognitive changes.
  6. Headache that, accompanied by fever,chills, cough, flu, blurred vision, weakness and stiffness of the muscle or neck.
  7. Head aching after eye allergies.
  8. Headache after pain in temples.
  9. Head pain that you get after a hectic day.
  10. After waking up, heavy headed feeling and Head aching.
  11. Constant pain in the head in the cancer patients.

 Essential Precautions for Headache;

The precautions for problems like this are very easy to adopt there isn’t nothing difficult about it. First and foremost, give up irregular habits. Sleep deprivation is the first thing that cause head problems. It also affects your health and eyes. Your eating habits should also be in proportion. Avoid junk food as much as you can. Take fibre in the diet. Most importantly, do exercise. Exercise keeps the person fit and fine. If you have head pain due to some medicine, don’t take it light talk to your doctor. If you have head aching after any erotic activity like sex take some mild medicine for it.

Don’t get used to any medicine, try to apply other remedies on your. Maintain it with good diet, proper sleep and exercise. Night’s sleep not only fade away the headache, but it also refreshes your mind and body. You feel light and energetic after the complete night’s sleep. Your head spinning if temporary, will fade away after even one night’s sleep. It is said that rosemary oil is very beneficial for your head. If you apply rosemary oil in your head and massage gently, you will feel quite a relief from head problems.

The Takeaway;

If you want to get rid of the irritation of constant headache, you need to give up all those irregular activities that cause it. The treatment and precautions aren’t so hard to adopt. Irregular lifestyle harm you in many ways.Not only you have to deal with the different kind of problems related to your head, but your stomach, heart, brain and lungs also suffer. Today, the headache is very common in the people. And fortunately its treatments are also very popular. What isn’t popular is awareness.

You need to be updated all the time about these sorts of new upcoming remedies about the head problems. Watch your steps, stop right there where you do injustice with your body. If you take care of your body and mind nothing will harm you and you will immune to it.


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