The most threatening and frustrating aspects about today’s time is the abundance of fatal diseases that have been prevailed in the world with every coming day. And the sad part is that your acknowledgement for these fatal diseases comes after quite some time. Means that when such diseases cross the stage two or three only when you get to know about it. Among these fatal diseases, hepatitis C is the most common name these days.

Normally people refer this term to mere jaundice only, but there is a marked difference between these two health conditions. But as of now, its important for you to know that hepatitis C is not a common health problem like fever and cough that can be cured on its own. It’s a serious health condition that requires a proficient assistance to eliminate it from the body.

The scientific terminology of Hepatitis C:

Indeed, it has its clear meaning ad understanding in science. On the contrary, it hasn’t such acknowledgement in the past. Several people died due to this disease because of not having enough knowledge about this disease and lack of proper and specific treatment for it. Hepatitis C is basically connected to the liver in the body.

If your liver is infected with some kind of infection or has developed inflammation due to any reason, then after some time the chances of getting caught up in hepatitis C will be vibrant.

The liver:

Liver, on the contrary, to the other organs of the body has this one issue that, when it develops some kind of infection or weakness, it can only be cured with one condition, if the infection or disease gets caught up in the early stages. Otherwise, if the patient discovers, that his/her liver is infected with some kind of virus and the disease is on its stage three of four, there is no way to save the life. The chances would be minimized or harshly speaking, there are no chances of redemption.   

Global ratio of death due to hepatitis C:

Sadly speaking, as compared to the past, hepatitis C has now invaded on human quite frivolously in these few decades. Surprisingly, in the later years of the twentieth century, for instance, in 1970 and so on, the number of hepatitis C patients was quite high. In today’s time, thousands of people are reported in the hospital with the virus and death ratio has formed accordingly.

Above to 50% people

are unable to eliminate the hepatitis C virus from their body, even after having medications and thus acutely infected with the virus. European countries and Canada have millions of people infected with virus and dies every year due to that. The average age bracket for the disease that is indicated by the health experts is between 40 to 55, in which this virus is developed and diagnosed. The below stats will help you understand the death ratio due to the mentioned above problem.

  • Global count of hepatitis C patients = 150 million people approximately.
  • Demise count in the U.S. by it = 12,000 every year approximately.
  • The Death count in Asia and Africa by liver cancer = 170,000.
  • Death count in Asia and Africa by the disease = 300,000.000

What are those attempts because of which hepatitis C develops?

There are certain things, that can make you a patient. The main reason for the development of hepatitis C is the blood to blood contact. Means that, if a person who has the problem and his blood gets mingled with the normal person’s blood, then the other person will also develop hepatitis C because it will be the direct contact with the virus. Things that humans do related to this or apart from this have the same results. Such as when;

  • People using the same syringes for drugs induce.
  • Using the same tooth picks and toothpaste, it will also convert the virus.
  • Blood transfers from one body to another without the prior examination.
  • The wounds and cuts’ direct contact with the wounds of hepatitis C patient.
  • Sexual intercourse performed with the patient without precautions.
  • From unsterilised hospital tools and utensils.

Renowned symptoms of hepatitis C:

This is one of the largest affecting disease in the U.S. Many areas of the U.S. has been affected by hepatitis C. And the type 1 is the most common type that is victimising people frivolously. Although problem like this doesn’t have any visible symptoms, but a few have quite the signals that can show you that something is wrong with your body.

Symptoms of hepatitis C
  1. Fatigue and weakness.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Jaundice.
  4. Insomnia.
  5. Abdominal pain.
  6. Nausea and vomiting.
  7. Yellow eyes and yellow skin.
  8. Fever.

There can be some more symptoms that will be according to a person’s age, gender, and lifestyle he/she leads.

What are the suggested tests for hepatitis C:

You need to understand that hepatitis C is not an ordinary disease. It is a complicated health issues which can even result a human demise. That is why, it is really important for a person to take a keen look at his or her changes in the body. The most common and suggested tests for the diagnosis of hepatitis C are a few. These common tests are;

treatment for Hepatitis C
  • Biopsy of the liver: the liver test, you may in other words. A biopsy usually determines to examine the present condition of the liver. If the liver is damaged or affected by some infection, the biopsy will locate the affected area. Other than biopsy, there are some other tests too, that can diagnose the problems related to the liver.
  • Screening of the liver: Screening is the secondary option for the liver examination. However, biopsy is recommended for those who have acute liver disorder and their liver is damaged. People with the complaints about the hepatitis C symptoms often suggested to run the test of screening.

Possible Complications of Hepatitis C:

People who have developed infection in the liver for a long time, it takes the shape of this particular disease eventually. 80 out 100 people, who develop severe liver infection, eventually develop hepatitis C.

And if the infection or the stage of hepatitis C is on initial levels, then the doctor will suggest liver transplant surgery. With which the patient can live a longer, healthier life anew. The most common health complications, that occurs due to the development of hepatitis C are;

Older people develop some other complications too, which are not listed here because of their age and feeble body.

Are there any ways with which you can save yourself from developing hepatitis C?

Sadly speaking, if a person develops such health condition there is no way to get rid of it completely. Unless a miracle happens. But, if you spend your life with precautions and prevention then, it will help you a lot to save you from developing hepatitis C. These ways and methods are;

  1. Always perform safe sex. Use new and reliable condoms.
  2. Don’t share your razor, blades and cutting stuff.
  3. If you have any injury, make sure that syringes, needles and other paramedical things are new and hygienic.
  4. Carving tattoos aren’t safe for one’s health. But if you badly need to carve a tattoo, be careful about the equipment, if they have someone’s blood or germs or not.
  5. When you need to take blood from anyone, examine the blood if it has this virus of not.
  6. Remember that, condoms cannot control the virus of it. If you have this disease and doing sex with condoms, be informed that it will not prevent hepatitis C for a long time.
  7. The virus of hepatitis C is always present in the patient’s menstrual blood.

Is there any treatment for hepatitis C?

Science has discovered cures and vaccinations for hepatitis A and B. But for hepatitis C hasn’t been fully cured yet. Science hasn’t discovered the cure for this. However, experts are continuously making efforts to get the cure for the series of this illness. It is very complex and difficult disease. When its treatment starts, medications are prescribed for a long time along with the precautions.

These medications help to decrease the multiplication of the virus germs. Such medications will not react rapidly, rather will take a few week to grant positive results. That is why, it is important to start the treatment in the initial stages of it. Normally, the medications for hepatitis C include an injection in a week and a regular capsule intake.

It is somehow a good news

for the mankind, that with the new invented medicines, over 90% people are getting the cure for hepatitis C. But you need to understand the fact that you will not be cured by hepatitis C for life. Once your disease gets cured, make sure that it will not develop anew. You can do it by constantly keeping in check on your health conditions and symptoms of such kind of fatal disease.

The final words:

If you think you can escape from the reality, then you are betraying your own self. The 21st century is full of diseases and disorders. Because it is the mankind who has created such environment and things that are ruining its life. But the salvation hides inside of it. And the salvation is the prevention that we take while leading a life. Other then precautions and prevention, there is no other way to get the security from these toxic diseases.

It is considered in one of those lethal and dangerous diseases in which humans hardly achieve the cure and success. Science is persistently working on its cure, but you see, hepatitis C cannot be cured completely.


Luckily, if you find out about it in the early stages, with medications and other treatments, you will cure it, but you will have to keep in check your health conditions every now and then to see if the virus sprouts in the body again or not.

And you should do that with or without being a hepatitis C patient. Because it is important for your overall health. Keeping in check your health conditions can prevent diabetes,  cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney failure and this disease.


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