HIV AIDS is the most lethal and dangerous disease in the world so far. We are living in the 21st century, where today we have effective cures for cancer of almost all types, ulcerations, all types of fevers, all types of headaches and even cures have been designed for damaged organs and their failure. Its HIV AIDS, for which research and experiments are being practised whole over the world and still scientists are working on it.

Primarily, If we take a look at the past, you will see that there was no existence of HIV AIDS, because the living was very simple and easy. People’s lifestyle and methods were pure and natural. And if they face any issues related to their health, most of the health problems were cured by the natural resources and ingredients. However, as the time passed, impurities and imperfection kicked in and innumerable and incurable disease swallowed up millions of people. HIV AIDS is one of them.


Basically, The words AIDS is the acronym for the term “Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”. Similarly, the word HIV is the abbreviation of “Human immunodeficiency syndrome”. It is the most chronic condition of the human’s health. You can now estimate what this disease is all about? Simple, when your immune system cannot fight back entirely, against the viruses that hits the body, this syndrome, this condition called HIV AIDS. Because HIV is a virus, of this virus attack on your body and you don’t do any effort to get rid of it, still it will take years to weaken your body to that extreme point, where your body will develop AIDS.

HIV is a Virus and AIDS is a disease:

Most of the time, people confuse the concept of HIV with AIDS. The majority of the world thinks that HIV AIDS is one disease. On the contrary, these are two different things. HIV is a virus basically. It attacks your immune system, the cells that fight back against such viruses. It is the virus that can develop AIDS. The chances are very bright. But if the HIV virus is on the initial stage, and diagnosed, there are certain chances to prevent AIDS in the body with proper medications and treatment of HIV virus. and if HIV isn’t diagnosed, and the patient remains untreated without modifications and treatment, their is no way to save him/her from developing AIDS. AIDS is actually a syndrome. It’s a chronic disease that is developed by HIV virus most probably. Because HIV is a sexually transmitted infection, that’s why the patient, most of the time realize it quite later that he/she has been developed AIDS due to HIV virus.

What are the procedures for HIV AIDS transmission from one person to another:

One of the biggest reasons for HIV AIDS transmission is sex. Sexual intercourse is the main reason for this virus to transfer from one person to another. When people perform sex without precautions, and one of them is HIV AIDS positive, then this disease will be easily transmitted from one person to another through the fluids that they both discharge.

People who do anal, oral sex and vaginal sex, they also develop this virus. Other than this, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, this virus can be transmitted easily.


Apart from sexual intercourse, during the blood transmission the converting of HIV virus is possible. However, it is less possible in developed countries, as there are so many sound tests and verifications which are lined up prior to injection. The chances of developing HIV AIDS by reusing syringes after one use and sharing razors and blades which are contaminated with HIV blood, are quite high.

What are the basic causes of developing HIV AIDS?

Particularly, The causes of developing HIV AIDS are not so many, but significant. Generally speaking, if you don’t pay attention on your health overall, you can catch up in any kind of dangerous disease. It’s not about the HIV virus only. It’s about almost all kinds of health problems like cardiovascular disease, liver disease, kidney stones, neurological disorder, diabetes, cancer and other health issues. So, you need to be really careful, when it comes to your health. HIV AIDS will only hit your body if you;

Were going through the STI.

It opens up the sore of your genital area. And will eventually give a hurdle free way to HIV virus then AIDS.

Are having drugs and sharing the tools for HIV AIDS.

Most of the time people who take drugs, share syringes and needles and through these utensils, the virus converts from one person to another.

Are on kidney treatment and care.

Normally, People who have kidney failure or disorder, they go through a special treatment in which doctor induces a fluid in their kidney to make way and let the organs pass the urine. In this process, the chances of getting the virus are visible. Precautions and safety measures are mandatory for the process to prevent the problem in the first place.

Are facing Neurological problems.

Although the chances of getting HIV AIDS due to neurological disorder are almost none, but there is a mental condition that cause the virus hit but the chances are 1/10. This mental condition is called AIDS  dementia. In which, the patient feels confusion, weakness, fear, depression and anxiety, memory loss and behavioural changes.

Renowned and most visible symptoms of HIV AIDS:

Like many other fatal diseases, this lethal disease too has its specific symptoms and signs. Which can’t be ignored. The majority of the world doesn’t receive much of the symptoms of HIV virus even after it hits the body for years. So many people haven’t seen any sign after contracting with the virus for weeks or months. But as soon the symptoms reveal, these symptoms assert their existence forcefully. Common

symptoms of HIV AIDS include;

  • High temperature and fever.
  • Chills and shrugs.
  • Constant pain in the joints and muscles.
  • Soaking in sweat, preferably in the night.
  • Sore throat and aching.
  • Rashes on the skin and dark red spots on the skin.
  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Weight loss, even after having no change in the diet plan.
  • Bad mood.
  • Lose interest in sexual expertise.

Most importantly, Consider the fact that such symptoms are common for any type of infection and virus. These symptoms, as you know that, not confined to HIV virus only. But if you experience most of these symptoms which are mentioned above, you should run a test without delay.

What are the signs and symptoms of HIV AIDS when it is on the last stage?

What are the basic causes of developing HIV AIDS

Technically, If you don’t pay attention on the early sign and symptoms of it on one hand, your body will start losing its strength to fight back against the virus and soon you will develop the disease which cannot be cured eventually. This condition, called HIV AIDS stage III. The symptoms of HIV AIDS stage III are;

  • Chronic diarrhoea.
  • Blurred vision and weak eyesight.
  • Severe coughing.
  • Constant fever.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Tiredness and weakness.
  • Skinny body.
  • White spots on the tongue and around lips.

Indeed, There are high chances of developing some other diseases along with the HIV AIDS. Because the immune system is shattered and the body gets vulnerable by this virus. So chances of getting caught up in some other diseases are quite high eventually. However, these diseases can be cured with related medications.

You will not develop HIV AIDS if?

Basically, Some misconceptions are roaming around about HIV AIDS, whole over the world that the person who is infected with this virus is untouchable. Or you cannot live with him/her. But in fact, most of these statements are based on lies and rumours. In reality, the things for which you should take preventive actions for the disease, are quite different from those rumours. You will not develop HIV AIDS if;

  1. You shake hands with the patient.
  2. You hug or cuddle with the patient.
  3. You are kissing on the patient’s face or hands.
  4. The patient sneezes.
  5. Touching and rubbing the patient or he/she is doing with you.
  6. The skin of the patient is broken.
  7. You and the patient using the same bathroom.
  8. Using towels of each other.
  9. Eating in the same cutlery DON’T INFECT YOU WITH THE VIRUS.
  10. Lip lock or other types of contacts.

Suggested treatments for HIV AIDS:

Sadly speaking, there is no effective cure for this fatal disease right now. Science is still working on it. But unfortunately, there is no sound success in this manner. Means that, no medicine and treatment is able to cure HIV AIDS completely, yet.

Because this virus attacks on the immune system of the patient that is why medicines for HIV AIDS, have been designed in such a way which can provide satisfactory support to the immune system. And helps to prevent the virus more. Your doctor will work with you to improve your health condition as much as he/she can with these medications. But the things, on which your health will largely depend on are;

  1. Your consent for the long term treatment for HIV AIDS.
  2. At what stage your disease currently is.
  3. Other health issues.

Ways to prevent HIV AIDS in the first place:

You can prevent the chances of HIV AIDS in the first place by doing a few things that are easy to adopt, but can save you from immeasurable pain and fatal diseases such as;

symptoms of HIV AIDS
  • Always use a new condom when opt for sexual intercourse, man or woman.
  • Talk to your doctor prior to start the treatment of the illness, if you have hepatitis B.
  • Examine your kidney before taking medicines for this virus.
  • Acknowledge your partner before performing sex that you are HIV positive.
  • Always prefer new syringe and needles before any blood test.
  • If you are a pregnant lady, monitor your health condition every moment.
  • You can save your child from your HIV AIDS, if you take proper medicines during pregnancy.
  • Don’t use someone’s razor or blade without soaking in the sanitizer.
  • If you need to take the blood from the hospital, examine it from a reliable laboratory.
  • Take medication for the viral infections.
  • Don’t take your cough lightly, if it persists for weeks.

The bottom line:

In a nutshell, HIV AIDS is the most painful health condition. People die every year because of this disease. The most miserable thing is about those children who inherent HIV AIDS, because of their mothers. Because those women didn’t opt for treatment. Always say no to unprotected sex. It is the major cause of developing this disease in the first place.

Subsequently, Don’t use the same condom twice or thrice. It will infect you with the virus. Always examine the utensils when you opt for any sort of treatment in the hospital or in the private clinic.

Always apply ointment or the healing creams on your wounds or scratches if you have any. Don’t take your health for granted. HIV AIDS is increasing in the world, unfortunately. If you don’t pay attention on your health, there is no way you will save yourself from any kind of fatal disease consequently.


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