It may be sounds weird, but it is true to a certain extent that the world is not soaked in the ocean of anxiety and depression disorders. Anxiety belongs to the same category of depression and stress. Due to depression and stress, the majority of the world commits suicide or attempt to commit suicide. It’s the psychological condition that demands a specific field of science to be cured.

Anxiety because of the daily pursuits will be relieved by the end of the day, if you sleep well or do some light exercise or listen music. But the psychological condition of anxiety which significantly fall into the category of mental illness, require special attention and medical professionals to treat it.

Anxiety is a psychological, behavioural change:

First, get to know about the condition of anxiety that, what happens to you when you are going through the anxiety disorder. It’s the state of mind that cause fear, terror, restlessness, and feeling of worry, nervousness and pressure. Anxiety can significantly affect your behaviour and mental stability. If this is because of the daily pursuits, then such anxiety will be fade away by the end of the day with the work done or sleep or with favourite food or by spending quality time with loved ones. But if it is a serious health problem, then it will demand proper medical advice.

How many patients with anxiety are reported in a year approximately?

It is sad to know, but people with anxiety in the world, are increasing rapidly. In almost every region, every, continent and every country, whether developed or underdeveloped, have anxiety patients. For treating anxiety patients, there is a complete department of science. Sadly speaking, almost 45 million people in the U.S. and 35 million people in Canada are having anxiety disorders.

The majority of them seek treatment and prevention of it and the remaining don’t understand their condition or don’t seek treatment for it. However, it is important to understand your conditions and if it is not mild anxiety then one must have to consult with a psychiatrist. Just because the ratio of the anxiety disorder patients is growing rapidly that is why people should show the concerns about it.

What are the significant types of anxiety disorder?

Of course, this specific kind of mental illness have particular types. These types influence the people according to their age, gender, and lifestyle. The treatments for these types of anxiety will be determined by the conditions of the patient and his/her capacity to endure the complexities of it. The renowned types of anxiety disorder are;

  • The Stress disorder.
  • Phobia, of different things.
  • The Panic disorder.
  • The Social anxiety disorder.
  • Separation anxiety disorder.
  • Being phobic from water, height and fire.

The Basic reasons for having anxiety:

A very frustrating thing about anxiety is that its cause is still unknown. We cannot guarantee that the loss of loved ones cause anxiety or pressure on the job does this. People, because having different methods of leading their lives, that is why the causes are also different. However, science has suggested a few reasons that can causes anxiety such as;

  1. Physical illness and injury.
  2. Mental or psychological problems.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Use of medications for a long time.
  5. Heart diseases.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. Load of work.
  8. Dieting.
  9. During the period of studies.
  10. Emotional breakdown.

These are very few causes that are described above. The causes and reasons could be many, but it will be according to the person’s age, professional preferences, lifestyle and gender.

Renowned Symptoms of anxiety:

Luckily, the symptoms of anxiety are very visible and easy to recognize. Means that, if a person is having anxiety, you will feel vibrant symptoms in him or her. However, not all the people will develop the same symptoms. It will be different from one another. Now, it depends on you that, how fast you will react to these symptoms after witnessing them. Common symptoms include;

types of anxiety disorder
  • Disinterest in activities.
  • Nervousness.
  • Paranoia.
  • Panting.
  • Lose the desire for sexual expertises.
  • Insomnia.
  • Feeling of being sad and try to cry over tiny things.
  • Sweating.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Headache.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • Constipation and related issues.
  • Try to being alone and do nothing.
  • Obsession.

Signified types of anxiety according to science   

Indeed, anxiety have its specified types and classifications. Which discriminates one type to the other. Of course, a few of your life’s bad incidents and scenarios hit your brain this much hard that cause depression and anxiety. Of which type of anxiety you currently have, will determine by these sets of classifications. These classified types of anxiety are;


Or you may say generalized anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety hits the person in worry, tension, pressure and stress. Means that whenever you have a little bit of tension this anxiety disorder will make this condition even more heightened and exaggerated.


This type of anxiety call obsessive compulsive disorder. This behaviour cause obsession and compulsion about different things. The person doesn’t feel satisfied until his brain do whatever it urges the person to do. Such obsessions include hand washing, maintaining the dress, combing hair, cleaning shelves and things, counting again and again, confirming the act repeatedly. Such obsessions can give up by letting the things go as they are.


One of the most common disorder in humans call post traumatic stress disorder. A person develop such disorder after a catastrophic and terrifying event. Any incident, whether individual or with a group that trigger the psychological mind-set of a person to this extent that his/her mind shattered by the event and such stress haunt him/her down. PTSD usually hit the person who is victimised by sexual assault, beaten up by someone, an accident and violence.

Panic attacks and strokes;

You can say that a panic attacks are the worst form of fear. A person who fears of certain types of things, when have to deal with them, he feels a heavy amount of fear called a panic attack. This is the only kind of anxiety that even instigate physical imbalance such as shortness of breath, head swings, dizziness, panting, pain in the chest or in the left arm, red face, dry mouth, high blood pressure and crying.

Social anxiety disorder;

This type of anxiety usually hits the women in the world. In this case the patient feels an immense amount of fear of talking formally to any stranger or address the mob. The patient also feels heavy anxiety and stress while sitting in the strangers and eating or drinking. The patient feels uncomfortable with familiar and unfamiliar people. And the bad part is that whenever the patient goes out, he/she feels the symptoms of such anxiety or social phobia.

How can you get rid of anxiety without consulting with any doctor or psychiatrist?

Not every disease and mental illness require a specific medical treatment. No doubt severe conditions demands immediate medical attention, but there are certain psychological problems that can be cured by some healthy activities only. But these activities have to be adopted smartly. But a long term use of such methods will bring positive and productive results that will not need any further medical help. These methods and techniques for anxiety are;

Stop smoking:

How can you get rid of anxiety

The majority of the world thinks that smoking can fade away the tension and stress. A chain smoker is of the view that he can prevent his mind from stress and anxiety if he smokes the cigarette more often. However, smoking causes anxiety on a large extent. It is very important to give up smoking if you want to get relief from anxiety. Along with this, you also have to quit caffeine drinking and energy drinks. Such drinks contain nicotine and tobacco extracts which affects the human health more or less the same way.

Confront your fear to ditch it;

It seems hard, but the more you do it the great you come out of the state of anxiety. Yes, it is difficult to confront the reasons of the described issue, but once you do it, you will find it more easier to get rid of it. Focus on the causes of the issue and admit that you have it and its ok to having the state of anxiety, the make your moves against it and seek the solutions with which you can get rid of it. Acquire family support too if needed. This will help you much to get moving on with things.

Do regular exercises and meditation;

Well meditation works significantly to reduce mental stress. Doing exercise regularly like running, jogging, jumping, squats, some steps of yoga and meditation will bring this much positive results that you will find visible change in your behaviour. Being fit and reducing weight makes the person’s thinking positive and even happier. The person sees the world with another perspective and such demeanour made him or her optimistic. Which is really good if you want to get relief from the problem.

Reduce the amount of alcohol in your life;

Same like smoking, there is no benefit of drinking alcohol except one that it keeps the blood pressure low. But it does innumerable other bad things with the human body which are indescribable. Therefore, one has to reduce the amount of alcohol for the sake of relief. Alcohol consumption cause liver, lungs cancer and kidney failure. It also causes skin problems. Signs of ageing appear far before the actual time and frustrate the person. Also the person who drinks a lot, cut of from the society and family. It increases the state of anxiety instead of decreasing it.

Don’t be insomniac;

people who don’t sleep adequately, have more psychological issues than of those who sleeps on time. Insomnia causes depression and anxiety. It also insists the person to do bad things. People who don’t sleep at night, often complain about heavy head and aching neck. Stomach disorder and problems with the digestive system are another matter with them too. Such physical imbalances also invite anxiety and depression.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle;

This point asserts itself without any debate. Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle brings tremendous changes in one’s life. It not only benefit you mentally, but it also boosts you physically and the body gets fit and energetic. People with obesity can find unbelievable positive results with a healthy diet. Because with exercises and workouts, healthy diet is really important. And so much so for fading away the anxiety disorder.

A few points to remember as long as anxiety is concerned:

Anxiety can create problems for those who don’t pay close attention to their daily pursuits. If you want to have a normal life, watch your steps. See, what kind of things you are doing for a long time and examine if such practices cause you issues. Whether it is a person or a favourite thing, leave it for the betterment of your life. Stop smoking and drinking. Drinking alcohol whether slows down the blood pressure, but it affects the body dangerously. Add exercise and fitness plan into your life. Problem like this have a close connection with idle sitting and doing nothing. Engage yourself in healthy activities to prevent the possibilities.

The final words:

This is a very frustrating mental condition. It disturbs the person’s overall personality. Such person who has an anxiety disorder, cut himself from society, family and friends. Due to this sometimes such person commits bad deeds and crime. The crime ratio is high in the U.S. and Canada where the patients of anxiety are many because of varying reasons.

In those regions of the world the consumption of cigarette, alcohol, drugs and other intoxications are quite high. Such consumption cause depression and stress. And due to this people who don’t have patience, commit suicide, crimes and bad deeds. Therefore, it is highly recommended to those people, who have such problems, should take immediate steps to ensure its reduction whether it takes a couple of months or six months.


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