It’s not so hard to get caught up in tooth decay and all sorts of tooth problems. A human mouth has to deal with so many problems owing to the fact, that the diet, which we are taking to survive the day, is not pure today. Other than this, our daily pursuits don’t allow us to gargle every time we eat something. However, according to a dentist, it is very necessary to gargle and clean our mouth when we eat the sweet kind of food items.

These are the basic tips that are usually given to us by our dentist. A dentist, no matter belongs to whatever country or region, he or she will guide you the same way. It is really important for all of us to listen to our dentist keenly about the health and safety of our teeth. Otherwise, even adults can lose their teeth in very young age.

Dentistry! A blessed field of science:

The field dentistry solely belongs to oral health. For all kinds or oral problems, one has to go to the dentist. No other field can heal and cure the dental issues except the field of dentistry. It is the field of science that specifically deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral disorders. Usually people have this believe that a dentist is capable to cure the issues related to teeth only. However, a dentist can sort out all kinds of dental and jaw structure issues.

The history of dentist in the ancient times:

Interestingly, the history of dentistry is quite unique and significant. It is said that dentists were initially discovered in China and France. There, a sect who performed the responsibilities of dentist were barbers. They were discriminated between two categories of dentists. Which were;

  • Lay barbers.
  • Guild of barbers.

The guild barbers were known as more respected and educated type of dentists, who were even able to perform surgeries to maintain the oral health. They even able to do complex surgeries.

In simple words,

the guild barbers are the profound and proficient dentists.

The lay barbers were, on the other hands, those types of barbers who perform regular basis hygiene process such as, shaving the face and extract the tooth. After that, the Frenchs took the rope in their hands and introduced basic and authentic education for teeth. France was the first country, from where functional education about dentistry have been introduced.

What is the structure of teeth according to a dentist?

Apart from the bones, the teeth are one of the hardest parts of the body. A person can articulate better with the help of teeth. Teeth provides better support for your mouth. Other than chewing and protecting the gums, teeth play the significant role in a human’s body. That is why, your dentist will always give you a bunch of precautions to protect your teeth. It may look like a white stone in the mouth, but it has parts. Such as;

Effective treatments for teeth
  1. Enamel= The white, hardest part of the teeth that made of calcium.
  2. Dentine= Its a layer beneath the enamel. It has tubes in it. Whenever the enamel removes or get weak, then cold or hot substances affect directly and cause sensitivity and sensation in the tooth.
  3. Periodontal ligament= It’s another kind of tissues. They help to grip the teeth tightly to the gums.
  4. Cementum= a set of tissues that are connected with one another and strongly tie the roots of the teeth to the jawbone and gums.
  5. The pulp= The soft part of the teeth. Minor nerves and blood vessels run through the pulp.

You see,

most part of the teeth consist on tissues. The hardest substance is the outer layer of the teeth only. That is why a dentist warns us to protect our teeth keenly. And the dentist mostly deals the patients with eliminated enamel in a tooth and sensitivity problem.

What are the most common symptoms for tooth abscess that a dentist points out?

The symptoms are very common and actually visible for a tooth problem that a dentist suggests. If you notice these symptoms in you, immediately seek medical attention, otherwise the problem will get worse. Common symptoms include;

  • Extreme sensitivity that hurts not only the tooth, but also the jawbone, ear, and gum.
  • A sudden sharp toothache.
  • Feeling pain when chewing or biting.
  • Ache in the half head.
  • Mild fever.
  • Swelling in that particular cheek.
  • Swollen lymph nodes beneath your jaw.
  • Persistent pain in the tooth.
  • Mucus beneath the tooth that is visible from the side of the gum.

Other symptoms may include according to the patient’s age, gender and eating habits.

The classification of teeth, according to the dentist:

Mainly, the teeth are classified into four categories, with which the dentist will further suggest which kind of treatment you need, if have any problem . This classification is associated with all genders. There is no discrimination in genders as far as teeth’s categories are concerned. These four categories according to the dentist are;

  1. Incisors; these are those eight teeth that are fixed in the front of the mouth. Both lower and upper. Four from the top and four from the bottom.
  2. Canines; Those sharp pointed teeth that are somewhat longer then the incisors. Also called the fangs, fixed right after the incisors.
  3. Premolars; the teeth that help to crush or tear the food.
  4. Molars; the largest teeth.

By classifying the teeth into categories, it has become easier for the dentist to understand the anatomy of the jawbone, teeth and gums. This has made easier for a dentist to suggest the right treatment also.

What are our most popular oral problem with which the dentist usually deals with?

As long as the oral health is concerned, there are hundreds of problems with it. And a dentist normally has a cure for almost all of them. The most common oral problem that the dentists describes in the world, are;

The bad odour in the breath;

The literary meaning of bad breath is halitosis. It is very embarrassing and frustrating. Even a loss of tooth isn’t that much embarrassing. And the dentist claims that around 80% people complain about bad breath and halitosis.

The cavity problem;

Cavity is the most common problem of mankind. This type of tooth problem is the major one that the dentist deals with. It is a kind of oral issue which is prevailing day by day. It happens when any sweet type of or sticky food clings to your teeth and form plaque.

The sores in the mouth;

There are almost ten types of sores which are discovered by the dentist so far. The causes of occurring sore in the mouth are minor and if they occur rarely, your dentist will take it normal then.


Another most common issue is tooth sensitivity. If the enamel gets weaker of your teeth, you will feel sudden, sharp pain, sensation and frenzy whenever you take something cold and hot into your mouth. Cold air can also affect in this case.

Crooked teeth;

The crooked teeth are the most common problems for which men and women are going to the dentist these days. The majority of the world is going to dentist nowadays to get their teeth in shape and in symmetry.

Gum issues;

As compared to other teeth problems, the gum problems are a little less found in people than teeth problems. But basically it is that particular problem that mainly causes teeth issues.

Mouth cancer;

Millions of people are affected by mouth cancer in the world. The most significant cause of mouth cancer is the consumption of alcohol and smoking. Thousands of people died every year due to mouth cancer. Other than this, if you kiss the person who has mouth cancer, mouth to mouth. It will also indulge you in mouth cancer too. It will further need a dentist and a surgeon for cure.

Effective treatments for teeth that your dentist will suggest for the overall health of your teeth:

Indeed, treatments have been designed by the dentists and doctors, for almost all kinds of teeth problems. These teeth problems include;

  • Cavity.
  • Gum swelling and bruising.
  • Sores
  • Toothache.
  • Oral cancer.

A dentist is given the training to educate his/her patient to maintain the overall health of his mouth. And come back to him or her for check up, with or without and dental problem at least twice a year. Various new inventions and discoveries The treatment will be suggested by the dentist after the thorough examination of your oral health disorders.

Common treatments include;

  • Tooth extraction.
  • Covering shield over an empty tooth to prevent sensitivity.
  • Surgery, in the matter of oral cancer.
  • Sore healing gels and creams.
  • Gargles with warm salty water.
  • Medications.
  • Root canal.
  • Fillings.
  • Radiograph.
  • Gum therapy.
  • Dentures.

A dentist’s favourite prevention that he will always tell you for your oral health;

There are a number of prevention about which your dentist will guide you and will give emphasis on. By adopting those measures you can not only save yourself from tooth problems, but also it will maintain your overall and stomach health as well. A few of them are;

treatments for teeth
  1. Always prefer to drink mineral water.
  2. The right times to brush your teeth are after having the breakfast and before going to bed.
  3. Your toothbrush should be changed right after 3 to 4 months.
  4. Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking.
  5. Keep in use the dental floss.
  6. A herbal toothpaste always provides better results.
  7. Limit the sugary and creamy food items.
  8. Do gargle after every meal.
  9. Take good care of your diet and nutrition.
  10. Milk is a healthy diet. Drink every night warm milk.
  11. Have healthy and organic food that contains green vegetables.
  12. Visit your doctor twice a year even without any oral issues.

The final words;

In a nutshell, a dentist is a saviour of your life. It is a dentist who not only give you ample information about your oral health, but also suggest cures for a severe oral problem. The bad thing is that people usually don’t consider important to visit a dentist even with an oral problem. And when it gets serious and the pain is unbearable only when they go to the doctor to fetch some medicines.

A chain smoker, drug addict or the one who drinks alcohol too much should consult with a dentist after every three months.
Because there is no way he or she can save him/herself from any oral health problems after having such things with him/her. Negligence over oral problems can cause even more fatal health disorders. Even your stomach can be affected by oral issues. So, consult with a profound dentist to make your life happier and healthier . And save yourself from almost all kind of oral and teeth problems.    


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