Children! The word has beauty hidden in it. Whenever we hear the word child or children, a sense of beauty, innocence and carefree soul spread all around us. Children or kids are the most beautiful gift of nature. When a child born, his/her parents’ world fills with joy. The child vanishes all the deprivations and sadness of the parents with his/her innocent gestures. Thus, the child is a blessing. Now the point is, that this child should remain healthy and strong no matter what. And no bad condition such as JRA haunt him or her down.

The parents need to take care of the matter seriously that their child if has any weakness or illness, must have to be cured. Negligence is unacceptable in this manner. Parents’ negligence can bring their child unimaginable loss that they can’t cover up with anything. Today, in the 21st century, children’s are suffering from innumerable disease which is not only terrific, but also painful and tormenting. Along with uncountable other diseases, JRA is the one that today’s child is dealing with.

Although JRA hasn’t gotten cured completely, yet exceptional steps have been taken in order to deform JRA. 

JRA! The Definition and Complete Demonstration;

Best Ways to Save Your Child from JRA

You need to understand first that what actually JRA is? JRA stands for “Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis”. Juvenile means child, kid, or baby.Means, that rheumatoid arthritis in kids or in a child.Sometimes the doctors categorized this as juvenile idiopathic arthritis as in JIA. JRA can affect a child who is merely bigger than the child of six months or much bigger than this.

The age can be under any bracket. The basic problem with JRA is the inflammation in the patient’s any joints that further lead to stiffness, redness, swelling, and soreness. There is a wild estimate that nearly 60,000 children are affected by JRA in the United States of America. Sometimes a child with JRA don’t complain about the pain or soreness. It initially halts the mobility of the joint only. That’s why, people sometimes recognized a little later about the JRA.

What happen when the JRA develops?

JRA is basically related to your immune system. Changing in your immune system and its efficiency produces the chances of JRA. Sometimes your body doesn’t recognize your own body’s cells and tissues. Now the main task of the immune system is to fight against the viruses and bacteria that comes from the outside. When the body declared its own tissues outsiders, the immune system, unfortunately starts to attack its own tissue and cells. This process cause inflammation in the joints with redness, stiffness and soreness.

Although it is very painful and frustrating when the body starts harming itself. But in reality, it actually does happen and because the child’s tissue and cells are delicate as compared to an adult, that’s why it gets affected with more bitterness.

The Two Steps-Process of JRA;

It’s somewhat complicated to understand, but its true. The experts don’t know even now the actual reason for developing JRA. However, they attributes two reasons for the immune system going against its own body. Which are:

  1. Genetic disorder.
  2. Viruses that come from the outside, the environmental impact.

When a child has some sort of deficiency by birth in the joints and bones, he/she automatically develop JRA. It’s called the genetic disorder. Sometimes a child gain this deficiency from the parent. Means, sometimes JRA is inherited. The other factor is the environmental factor. An outside virus and bacterial invasion on the joints and the bones that triggers JRA.

The Main Types of JRA;

There is no general type of JRA, but the three main specific types. Which determines the conditions of the patient. Because JRA is classified in three main types, that’s why its treatment is also getting easy and accurate. These three main types are:

  • Pauciarticular.
  • Polyarticular.
  • Systemic.


This is the most experienced type of JRA. Almost half number of the children who are the patients of JRA have a pauciarticular type of JRA. In this type of JRA almost four or less than four joints are affected by JRA. Specifically the joints of knee, elbows, ankles and other large joints of the body. This type of JRA has its own complications. 


This type of JRA is found in almost 30% of children in the world. This is the complex and painful type of JRA, which absorb almost five or more joints in it and affect the patient. The worse thing is that this type of JRA affect small joints of the body. These small joints include the patient’s hand, feet of both sides and other small joints of the body. 


This is the most serious type of this problem. But not many children develop systemic type of JRA. Approximately 10 to 12% children develop this type of disease. In this disease one or more joint affects with which an internal organ develop inflammation such as liver, heart, spleen, and other important organs of the body. The doctors give extra instructions to the patient in this type of this health problem. Because it only develops in very few people due to its severity.  

What is the Difference between JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and RA (rheumatoid arthritis)?

If children are adults, both develop rheumatoid arthritis, it doesn’t mean that both have the same symptoms, same conditions and the same designed treatments. There is a marked difference between JRA and RA. Major difference is that the symptoms of this condition disappear with the passage of time and as the child grows the disease vanishes. Most of the children when age, the JRA symptoms get removed from the body. Whereas, RA in adults, have long term symptoms and effects on the patient. Rheumatoid arthritis has more drastic effects on the human body. But it’s effects on human organs too apart from the bones and tissues.

Another aspect of the difference between JRA and RA is people who have rheumatoid arthritis have the symptoms in their blood, certainly develop rheumatoid arthritis. Means that, approximately 80% people who has rheumatoid arthritis in their blood certainly develop the disease in any span of life. On the other hand, this disease if has its symptoms in the children, the half of them will actually develop the disease. Most of the time, JRA symptoms removes from the blood as the child grows. However, there is a exception that if the child have its symptoms persistently in his/her body, it will certainly develops.

Renowned and Common Symptoms;

Just because this is a chronic and complex disease, it has visible symptoms that can’t be ignored at any rate. It’s a continuous disease that can’t recover on their own. JRA has normally same type of symptoms in all the patients, yet some of the symptoms are specifically change in patients due to their body structures or life histories. These symptoms contain:

symptoms of JRA in children
  • Stiffness, swelling and pain in the knee, hands and feet’s joints.
  • Rashes and high temperature in this disease.
  • Swelling in the lymph nodes if have systemic JRA.
  • Irritation in the eyes.
  • Redness in the joints.
  • Loose grip of the joint. (You can’t hold things tightly with the affected joint).
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  • Very gradual growth of the body.

Apart from these symptoms, the patient may develop some other symptoms for JRA that will solely depend on the person’s age, gender, family background and environment.

Best Treatments;

The treatment of such bone problem is classified according to the types of JRA. The type that your child develop of this, will decide the treatment of it. The most important thing is the prevention of the disease spreading in the body. The doctors always try to prescribe such medicines in this disease that halts the further damage of the bones and tissue, which is persistently damaging. In the complex type and conditions of the JRA, the doctor usually recommends NSAIDS, and similar medicines to it.

Treatment of JRA

These medications slower down the symptoms and flare-ups. In the medium type of JRA, DMARDS are prescribed mostly by the health physicians. It will release the tension among the tissues and the swelling in more than five joints. However, prevention with the medications are vital to adopt. When a child feels this type of problematic symptoms in only one joint, he/she will be recommended to have steroids before consuming any other medicines of systemic JRA. It will effectively stop the pain and inflammation.

One thing is important to consider, that almost all the medicines that are designed to cure JRA, have a kind of side effects. That further develops in the shape of infection, stomach disorder and constipation, etc. So it is important to note that these medications shouldn’t consume after a certain amount. You need to stay in touch with your doctor about the cycle of medicines related to this particular health issue. Because it’s the matter of your child’s life. Don’t create another health problem for your child in the process of curing this problem. Always remember that your child has other body organs and parts too. Which need to be in balance.

The final words;  

Your child is the most precious gift of the nature you are bestowed with. There is no doubt, that it is very complex and difficult disease. But you can cure your child just with the right treatment. You need to understand first which sort of JRA your child is dealing with. And then opt for the right way. JRA, if not treated well for a long time, its symptoms will remain persistent in your body and produces the chances of getting into rheumatoid arthritis after it.

Keep your child healthy with the diet that contains those ingredients that are beneficial for the bones and tissues. While dealing with this, make sure that your child don’t run or walk unnecessarily. Beverages and the other drinks similar to this are toxic in this and rheumatoid arthritis. Try to let your child walk on the ground with bare foot. Walking on the grass with bare foot will soothe the legs, activate the leg muscles and massage the feet joints. This will also activate the knees. With such precautions and tips you will eventually take out your child from the complex cycle of the JRA and it’s after effects.


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