In older times, when the air was clean, full of oxygen and fresh, the diseases and illnesses weren’t viral this much as rapidly these diseases are spreading today. The food at that time was also pure and hygienic. The source of food growing was also fulfilled all the requirements which were essentially important. That is why people at that time were less indulged in fatal diseases and even if they do, they had such a stronger immune system that helps them to fight back against the germs of these illnesses such as allergy and other skin problems.

A strong immune system is a protector;

The strong immune system was also saved them from minor problems such as cold, cough, fever and skin problems. Skin problems are usually considered to be a minor problem, but in fact if this problem doesn’t treat well, can cause big problems. Skin diseases include scratch, eczema, rashes, pimples, acne, and allergy. Apart from other problems, allergy is something that creates long term irritation for the person.

Means that other skin issues like acne, rash, and scratches can be healed with a cream or lotion that you would use for a while and then got relieved. But if you develop a kind of allergy for some specific thing like dust, cold, winter, summer, post pregnancy conditions, side effects of some medications, then whenever you get yourself into same conditions, you will have to deal with it as a result. That’s why having been allergic to anything is irritating and frustrating at the same time. However, luckily science has invented innumerable cures.

Which Regions and Atmosphere Develop Allergy Sufferers more?

Allergy is a skin condition. It is though spread in the world widely, but there are some specific region of the world in which allergy sufferers are more than usual. The reason behind this cause are many. Certain situations happen when you trigger those causes ruthlessly. For instance, if someone is allergic to dust and soil and the nature of his profession force him to work outside, in the dusty area, then there is no way he can save himself from the dust allergy.

The ignorant behaviour towards your temperament and nature, invites the unwanted, full of surprises after effects. And if one’s skin is irritated with anything, then allergy can occur in no time if he/she get him/herself involves into it.

The Remote corners of the world;

Although it can be occurred regardless of the region in people. However, those regions who have cold climates have more sufferers of different types of this skin problem than the rest. The countries which have a tropical and plain area more than the mountains have mild climates even summary weather, that’s why people live in these regions have healthy skin. The people who live in cold weather conditions consume such drinks and food items which are hot by nature.

Due to the hot nature, these food items raise up the pressure of the blood and eventually the person develops an allergy. People who live in a dusty atmosphere also develop such things. Because dust and pollution irritate the skin abruptly.     

The Most Common Causes of Developing Allergy;

It’s a common notion among people that allergy develop due to heat in the blood, that’s it. It is not true at all. If you develop allergy on your skin, there could be hundreds of reasons apart from the heat in the blood. People may have similarities in the faces and colour complexion, but they do live under different life patterns. Even people who live in a family together have varied hobbies, priorities and lifestyles.

And because the lifestyle is different from one another that’s why the cause will be differ from one another automatically. Moreover, gender plays an important role in developing allergy. Your gender determines the causes of the allergy more profoundly. The treatments even are designed accordingly, for the allergy after denoting the gender. That’s how, there can be innumerable causes of the allergy. But most common causes of the allergy are:

The most common cause of allergy
  • Heat in the blood.
  • Dust in the environment.
  • Heavy use of medications in a daily basis.
  • Reaction of some medicine.
  • Viral allergy.
  • Allergic to any kind of food.
  • Pregnancy (rare cases).
  • High blood pressure.
  • Dehydration.
  • Eczema (medicine that is prescribed for eczema can cause it).
  • Intense cold climates.
  • Heavy or daily use of coffee, spinach, tuna fish, and other sort of food which are hot in nature.
  • Medicines for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems can cause allergy, if these medicines don’t suit the body.

Super Effective Home Remedies for Allergy;

The good thing about this millennium is, if diseases are fatal then the cures for these diseases are also discovered by now. These cures time limit are determined by the patient’s age and gender. However, these remedies are effective to this extent that most of the time the patient doesn’t need any further medicine to get cured from the allergy he is having. These super effective home remedies are:

Better Your Liquid Intake;

Physical changes and improvements are highly dependent on the liquid intake. Your body is emblem of water. Your body is surviving the living on about 85% of water. Water and liquids are mandatory for the body. These liquids releases the toxic particles from your body and keep it hydrated. If a person is having allergy, he must drink plenty of water and other mild liquids.

This will keep him hydrated, help to release the heat from the blood. It also reduces the allergic reactions to the body. The time period for the treatment of allergy is reduced to a couple of days rather than a week if the water intake of the patient is better.

Raw Honey in Allergy;

treatment of allergy

Absolutely you read right! Honey helps a lot in allergy. As you are aware of the fact that honey is an antibiotic. Honey has such particles in it that nourishes the skin. The Dermatologists even recommend to apply honey directly on the skin. It leaves skin healthy, radiant and glowing skin. In allergy, honey not only calm the skin irritation, but also lower down the allergic reactions. It works like antibiotic, anti ageing on the skin. Applying honey on the allergy also benefits your skin in many ways. It helps the skin to close open pours, heals the skin and tighten the flabby facial skin. Applying honey on the allergy will sort out many of your skin problems along with the reactions that occurs after the allergy.

Bring Vitamin C into Your Life to Get Rid Of Allergy for Good;

Not only medicines and herbal ingredients help you get through this, your eating schedule and habits will influence the intensity of the skin problem quite significantly. Vitamin c is such a source that will help you adequately to calm and relax the allergy. Now the question is which fruits and vegetables has vitamin c? The answer is simple. All you need is just to take a look around, without much difficulty you will realize which good items you need to add in your daily meals to get the appropriate amount of vitamin c.

Oranges are the great source of vitamin c. Similarly lemon juice has vitamin c in bulk. Sun rays have vitamin c but these aren’t allowing some patients with allergy. There are so many vegetables richer with vitamin c. Adding these food sources in your daily diet will not only reduce the chances of it, but also made you healthy and vibrant looking.

Sprays for Allergy;

The market is filled with these nasal sprays that help the patient of asthma and allergy sufferers to much extent. Now all we have to do is to find out which kind of spray suits us. These sprays not only relief the patient in irritation, but also proof to be helpful in asthma. Such nasal sprays induce antibiotic particles in the aspiratory system and demolishes the virus of allergy gradually. 

These nasal sprays usually have no side effects, but advantageous. They only made of mint and some other clinically proven chemicals that provides oxygen to the lungs. These sprays are very helpful in asthma do much so in allergy. But remember one thing that always uses these nasal sprays of this issue only with the recommendations by the doctor. Don’t try these sprays on your own.

Make Proper Arrangements for Ventilation and Air While having Allergy;

remedies for allergy

Whenever you affected from fever, cold and cough, try to stay more in the open and clean environment. The same rule applies when you have an allergy. Room atmosphere most of time increases the virus and the condition of the patient gets worse. Room temperature creates heat in the blood circulation and reddishness in the skin develop more acutely. Roaming outside the house, preferably close to the trees and plants in allergy, brings very positive effect on the patient.

The toxic virus of the skin problem like this gets faded in the presence of oxygen. Here is a point to note that the atmosphere must be clean and comfortable when you opt for going outside. The dirty and dusty atmosphere in it can cause even more problems for the patient. Moreover, the patient should go outside, preferably in the morning instead of evening.

In the evening, carbon Dioxide emits from the plants and trees, while in the morning oxygen emits from the trees which is highly beneficial for the aspiratory system of the living beings. Therefore, proper ventilation and the airy atmosphere are mandatory for the patients of this problem.

Stay Hygienic and Don’t apply Intense chemical creams;

If you have allergy, try to stay hygienic as much as you can. Wash your hands and face twice in a day with mild cold water. Don’t apply too much soap or face wash liquids. Similarly, sharp chemical creams aren’t allowed in the skin diseases. These creams intensify the bitterness of the allergy. Be more natural as much as you can.

Whitening creams in the allergy produce reddish spots on the allergic area. And even after having the treatment, the allergy gets even worse. Similarly, makeup products like foundation, lotions, concealer blushers and other makeup products harms the skin in all ways.

The Bottom Line;

Allergy is not something dangerous. Everyone can develop allergy because of anything. If you choose to have balance and healthy lifestyle, there is no way you can have a comfortable and active lifestyle. Include exercise in your daily routine. Eat healthy and organic food. Your water and liquid intake should be up to the mark. Allergy demands a proper ventilated atmosphere and relaxed mind. Don’t consider allergy as an untouchable disease.

Although allergy is a kind of health problem that should not be touched or rub. But that doesn’t mean that you should separate the patient’s food or glass. You can sit with the patient and eat with them. If allergy gets better in a couple of days or in three days, that’s good. But if allergy doesn’t fade even after three days after medication, seek an immediate medical attention. Apple cider is reported to be very helpful in allergy. If you have facial allergy or arms or hands allergy, drink apple cider twice a day.

Apple has iron in it that is known to be quite friendly with the skin. So have apple cider and orange juice to relief from inflammation and irritation in the skin that cause because of allergy in the skin.


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