Of course, it is very difficult to remain optimistic all the time in today’s world. When uncertainties are there to threaten us at every step we take. When diseases and illnesses are just one step away. Then there is the time when a person gets depression and disillusionment vividly. And this thing happens without discrimination. Means that it isn’t confined to genders. It rather invades both man and woman. This is basically a thing about it. Depression and anxiety don’t count the age and gender of the patient. It simply invades the patient’s mind and usurps all his or her positivity.

In such scenarios, it is quite difficult for a person to remain optimistic and hopeful for the good days.

The majority of the world’s reactions upon various catastrophes and similar incidents like this:

The majority of the world's reaction on various catastrophes

History has witnessed the fact that whenever humans have faced any kind of catastrophe, plague, earthquake, or war like situation, they end up dying with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, drug and alcohol addiction, and psychological disorders. And this is especially seen in the west. There, people have very less stamina to tolerate the unexpected disasters. Because of the lack of interest in the religion, they don’t have hope and positivity in general that everything will be fine. Since the majority of the people are deprived of such feelings that is why they can’t be optimistic even if they want to.

It is seen after World War II that after its culmination, thousands of people got affected by its havoc and disastrous events. The sense of being optimistic was long gone. People were terrified by coming out in the daylight even. Hundreds of people had psychological issues, like nightmares, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, paranoia, PTSD, and many others. Several people commit suicide after world war and many other end up with drug addiction. Because they didn’t have any hope of being optimistic. 

What kind of Super healthy benefits will be drawn to you by being optimistic?

It’s a little bit sarcastic to human nature that we all know the possible benefits of being optimistic. We know about all types of health benefits we can have by optimism and positivity. But when it comes to applying it practically, we all have our excuses. We tend to have this thought process that the condition in which we are right now, it will be out of the question to get optimistic and hopeful. Or these are the words that only suit in the books. However, being optimistic is not a condition, it is a choice. You choose to have hope even in the miserable period of time, rather to sit and mourn. Among the innumerable benefits of being optimistic,

A few of them are;

  1. You will boost your cognitive approach to a much higher level.
  2. Your cognition will be more active and sharp. 
  3. Your immune system will be firm. Optimism hypers the positive cells in the body.
  4. You will feel more alive and active.
  5. Several new ideas will come to your mind to rectify the situation or solve the problem.
  6. Being optimistic will bring you close to your family and friends.
  7. Your skin and hair take more growth and shine if you think positive and be optimistic.
  8. Lesser diseases with optimistic nature and thinking.
  9. Your metabolism level dont get down if you think positive and have optimistic nature.
  10.  You become even more down to earth and humble with an optimistic nature.

Some significantly important Options with which you can be optimistic even when coronavirus has prevailed in the World:

Undoubtedly, there are certain effective ways and methods with which you will profoundly and vividly help yourself to develop an optimistic nature. Because optimism is a trait, a quality and it can be learned easily but with some concentration. Below are some options from which, if you will choose even four of them, you will hit the fence. These options are;

Being in a Relationship with a good person plays an extremely important role to develop an optimistic trait:

First and foremost, a human craves for another human or a good company. It’s human nature. We always yearn for a better partner and companion. And if we get the person we desired, our perspective towards life becomes more positive. We analyse the situations with keeping an optimistic approach in our minds. Having said that, an optimistic partner brings even more good change in our personality. Spending time with such a person not only polishes our overall personality, but also produces an urge within ourselves to become like him or her. by living with such a person who is optimistic and positive towards us or towards life, help us see the world differently. We manage our mood to let bad things go easily.

A sense of forgiveness and kindness develops in ourselves gradually and we don’t even realise it. A person who is optimistic and positive, if becomes our partner, he or she starts changing us in a good way and we can’t help it. Because ultimately we admire him or her because of these same traits which he/she start inducing in us now gradually. So, it’s a very good idea to spend time with the one who you love the most to develop the optimistic nature.

Find a goal to get the optimism in you:

No doubt romantic relationships work miraculously well in the transformation of a person to become optimistic from a pessimistic one, but seeking a goal on the other hand and working hard for attaining it also brings tremendous results. Currently, when everyone is indulged in the coronavirus stampede, if we set a goal for our life or let’s say for next year and start planning to achieve it and making efforts for this, a little success in the process can fill us with optimism. That is how a person becomes optimistic. When he sets a goal for himself and does hard work for it, and receives appreciation or success in it, this thing boosts his optimistic nature or trait. It also helps him spread positivity and hope. Such men’s words are miraculously powerful. They can turn negative people down with their justifications about optimism and hope.

“DO NOT” compare yourself to anyone if you want to be optimistic. I repeat SO NOT:

Unfortunately, this is one of the most painful and bad things people do with themselves. To put themselves into the pit of jealousy, inferiority complex, envy, self pity, stress, depression, disillusionment and so many other negative emotions, people start comparing themselves with the people they consider better than them. This is the most toxic thing you do with yourself. It reduces the chances to zero of developing optimism. 

Amid the coronavirus outbreak when people are terrified by the pandemic, some of them are comparing their lifestyle to those who have more luxuries. This thing causes unconditional hatred and malice among people for each other. This type of thinking also generates the urge of committing crimes and bad things. However, if you want to be optimistic and want to be happy within yourself, don’t compare yourself to anyone. Even if you have to. Consider the fact that all the good things will come and happen to you at a certain time. You don’t have to rush. The thing for which you are comparing yourself to someone, will not come to you by doing so. Rather disappointment will. Try to stay optimistic about your future. If you are making an effort, destiny will come up with better plans for you.

Try to see good in bad, positive in negative, love in hatred and success in failure if you want to be optimistic:

Even though it’s hard, still you can do it. The majority of the world get disillusioned at their first failure and first decline. But why? Why do we have the strength and courage in such a lesser amount? Why can’t we have a big heart in trying again and again? Remember one thing that masterpieces won’t be created if you won’t try again and again. Leaders and researchers can’t be born if we always see bad and negative in every situation or if we step back after every failure we have.

If we take the English literature for example, most of the renowned writers and thinkers received recognition and applause years after their death. William Blake’s most famous poetry and writings received applause and recognition after 25 years of his death. People saw good and exceptional aspects in his work after years. It is understandable that coronavirus is creating many problems in the World right now. Economic crisis will be the next catastrophe for the world after the coronavirus which will be way more bigger than this pandemic. 

If we keep on seeing negative and bad things that are happening and coming next, we will die out of depression. Try to see the good part in this condition that even the world is having this trouble, we still are safe. Moreover we are fighting with this virus and will be conquered. The other good to be optimistic is that even though no vaccination is invented yet we still are able to cure patients with the existing medicines. This is an achievement in itself. And an ample reason to be optimistic. 

Exercise to exhaust the negative thoughts and to encourage optimism in you:

Certainly, this is my favourite option. Exercise is one of the best therapies for the mind. People say that they exercise to keep their bodies fit. But in my personal opinion, exercises have two folds. Exercises  are the best source to keep your mind positive, optimistic and even help you to flush all the negative thoughts. The more you exercise, the greater you have the time to think more deeply about what is bothering you. When you do an aggressive physical activity, your metabolism gets high and helps you to exhaust your anger and negative feelings. When your body starts shutting down or exhausted with the physical workout, your negative thoughts about someone or a situation also do the same.

This thing helps you think in another way too. For instance you are anxious about coronavirus and thinking that this world is going to end soon and you are going to die. Simultaneously, you are doing your workout, as soon your body extracts the extra calories, likewise your brain will persuade you that everything is going to be fine. You are doing the right thing. Doing exercise will keep you safe. And it actually will. Also will help your mind yo be optimistic about the current scenario.

Keep an optimistic smile on your face most of the time in a day:

Keep an optimistic smile on your face

Surprisingly, extra seriousness in the face makes you rigid and rude. You start thinking that it’s only seriousness that suits me. Or that you shouldn’t be laughing all the time, it’s absurd. And you do that even without realising it. This thing sometimes leads some people to pessimism. They try to find a negative point even in the success. Don’t do such a thing to yourself. It’s ok to smile, it’s ok to be happy and optimistic without a reason. It’s your birthright. If you are in a bad situation, you aren’t bound to be serious over it. Rather you can handle it by putting a smile on your face. Now when everything is usurped by the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people are crying and yelling over it. It is making their immune system even weaker. Instead of mourning, people should be optimistic and have high hopes.

Embrace the reality and optimistically improve yourself accordingly:

Now, this is an important point. Keep this thing in mind that you need to be optimistic but don’t over emphasise on the positivity factor. Means that don’t fool yourself with false hopes. Accept the ground realities and embrace them. Then try to improve yourself accordingly. When you start liking yourself, become a self lover or a narcissist and consider your every move to be right and that you deserve everything, it is where your downfall starts.

You need to understand that not everyone will admire you. If 10 people will like you, 15 will have problems from you. Moreover you certainly will have some negative traits that actually will bother others. So instead of being grumpy, you should rectify your mistakes and wait for the results optimistically. Because improving yourself and then being optimistic will not only change you, but also make you an influencer. People will start taking inspiration from you.

Be optimistic but don’t do these things:

A few of the things you need to keep in your mind and never forget them throughout your life. Such as;

  • Be optimistic, but don’t fool yourself with false hope.
  • Don’t let people use you for their petty and wicked intentions. 
  • Stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything.
  • Stay optimistic but don’t tell this thing all the time to people. It will make you worthless.
  • A romantic relationship will work miraculously in developing the optimistic quality in you. But don’t give this feeling to your partner that you are relying on him or her for this.
  • Don’t force your brain to be optimistic all the time. See all kinds of aspects of a situation.
  • Don’t force yourself to ignore people’s misconduct constantly just because you want to be positive and optimistic. 
  • Your behaviour should be optimistic not stupid or sugar coated.
  • Your main aim should be to set an example with your behaviour, but don’t pull others down by mocking them or brag about your optimistic traits. 
  • Remember, that it is a trait, a quality that can be learned with the passage of time, not a life sentence, that has to be instilled within a specific period of time.

The final words:

Not all the people have the privilege to get guidance about lifestyle. So if you are having this, and reading this article about your mental health and well being, and acknowledging the fact that how good this is to be optimistic, you should avail the opportunity and get all the essential information about optimism.

An optimistic person is a blessing for his/her community. By the good and positive traits and stimulations, many people take inspiration from him/her. An optimistic person is just like a fragrance. Wherever such a person goes the fragrance of his/her good qualities prevails everywhere. Amid the current circumstances, where coronavirus has abducted the whole world and is ruling like a tyrant, we all should try to be optimistic as much as we can to prevail positivity in society.


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