The human body is the only statue in the universe, where each and every organ is mandatory for survival. No organ is useless or fixed in vain. Each and every part of the body has its specific and important task to perform for the body. It is amazing, but they have also proper working mechanism inside the body as well. And the problem that cause pain inside and outside the body is the ear infection.

A human’s most important body parts;

Such organs include eye, nose, lips, tongue, and ear. An ear is one of the most important parts of our body. No other organ can replace the significance of the ear. Therefore, its safety and care is even more important. One has to take care of its ears as they perform a very vital role in our lives. Most of our important deeds are incomplete without ears. You need to keep in mind that an ear can easily hurt or got infected.

That’s why, one has to be prepared for ear infection, if the nature of his job letting him to go out most of the time, in the dusty areas. An ear infection is very common in people these days. And sadly, it is most common in kids. Elders, who don’t pay attention on the cleanliness and hygiene, also get the ear infection. And when an ear infection occurs in the elders, it is even more painful than it is in the kids.

An Ear Infection and Its Placement in the Ear;

The shape that you all knows as your ear is just a covering for that hole, which has a proper way towards the inner part of the ear. That inner part of the ear is integrated to the brain. The demarcation of the outer ear to the inner ear is made with a thin layer. This layer which is placed on the eardrum prevents all the dirt and dust going inside the ear, which is connected with the brain.

On this eardrum, the dust and dirt gathers time to time and takes the shape of a wax like substance called ear wax.

structure of human ear

That material is actually has the shape and look of wax and when this waxy fluid doesn’t get cleaned up from the eardrum, it initiates the ear infection. Which has its own specific symptoms. This fluid if not, get clean from the eardrum in the ear infection, it will further enhance the infection and start destroying the other parts of the brain too.

That is why, when a person gets an ear infection, he has to take immediate action in order to get relief from the ear infection.  Or else he would have to be ready for the worst case scenario. The ear infection is not something you put behind your attention, whenever you got yourself a problem with your ear, you immediately take action in this manner.

Why are the Children Reported often with the Complains about Ear Infection?

Children or kids are the most delicate and sensitive creatures of the world. Everything that is a little harsh by its surface or anyone who is a bit rude by nature will not be in the favourite list of the kids or infant. The kids have in their internal system, everything new and sensitive. What they taste, what they eat, what they drink, everything throw a strong influence in their body organs.

Actually, your ears are integrated with two pipelines called Eustachian tubes. These two tubes are connected with the upper throat and nasal area. The two Eustachian tubes regulates the pressure outside and inside the ear. Now, whenever a kid eats something of cold nature or stays in the cold wind without covering the mouth and nose, it will automatically create heavy pressure on the Eustachian tubes.

And because of the sensitive immune system the ear cannot bear the intensity of the cold and ear pain or ear infection develop in the child. This is how kids get the ear infection, so easily.

What is Swimmer’s Ear or Outer Ear Infection?

The heading will indicate an answer of the question. But you need further demonstration to understand the term completely. The swimmer’s ear infection occur in the ear drum and run near to the head. People who swim more, often gets this type of ear infection. Due to swimming, the water stays near the ear drum and this long term wetness moist gives ample space to fungus and bacteria to grow in the ear and penetrate.

Ear Swelling

This bacteria and fungus makes the ear way red and swollen. Which causes pain and itchy feeling. One thing you need to know that it’s not compulsory for those who just swim all the time, gets the swimmer’s ear or outer ear infection. The swimmer’s ear occurs in those people who have the tendency to be in the moist area or whose time spent more often in the wet area.

People who work more in the watery atmosphere usually get the swimmer’s ear more likely. This, sometimes involves those people who wear caps or hoodies most of the time. Or who work in mines. Water and moisture stay in their ear for a long time and eventually cause outer ear infection. So, don’t get nervous with the name that people who swim only, will get the outer ear infection.

In fact, people who work in the watery atmosphere or whose ear absorbs water most of the time or water stays in their ear most of the time in a day, gets the problem on the outer side of the ear.

Can Cleaning the Ear Thoroughly Cause Swelling or Pain?

Normally, people have this notion that you should not clean your ear thoroughly. It will cause severe pain or swelling. And this actually happens with some people. While cleaning the ear, they feel sudden, sharp pain or sometimes swelling. But the reality is somehow different. It is not because of cleaning the ear. It is because you are doing it in a wrong way.

Cleaning the ear is mandatory for everyone. But cleaning with the right tool is very important. People who use their fingers to induce in the ear and clean it, are doing it in a completely wrong way. The passage in the ear that lead to the eardrum is very narrow. Pushing the finger in the ear even though will cause swelling and pain in the ear. Similarly, when we enter a slender pin or stick in the ear to clean it or for itching, it will harm the ear or hurt the drum curtain in a very bad way.

For cleanliness, we should always use cotton buds or sanitised cotton roll pins to clean the ear.

The bud has to have a decent distance from the eardrum and its curtain. Also the moving of the cotton bud in the ear should be with slow pace and less force. The movement should be clockwise and anti clockwise. These are the basic ways to avoid ear infection. Doing so, you will not thoroughly clean your ear, but also you will skip the maximum chances of getting caught up in ear infection in the future.

Does Smoking play any Role in Ear infection?

It does sound weird when experts says that don’t smoke, it will cause ear infection. But it is actually true. How? Here are the proofs. As you know that your ears are integrated with your nasal line and throat inside your head with the Eustachian tubes. In some people these tubes are narrower than the normal size. Whenever, a person smoke a cigarette, the smoke also passes into the Eustachian tubes along with the nose and lungs.

Because the smoke of the cigarette is toxic in itself. so those people who have a weak immune system, easily and more rapidly get caught up in the ear infection than the others. In this manner, people involved in second hand smoking, are more often develop ear infection.

smoking causes ear pain

The ratio of the bacteria goes a little bit higher in second hand smoking than the single hand smoking. Of course, both types are injurious to health. Both have worse and almost same bad results and both types cause ear infection, but what second hand smoking does is something far worse than the other type of smoking. So for the safety of your ear and riddance from the ear infection, you should give up not only smoking, but second hand smoking on a serious basis.

How does Bottle Feeding Effects on the Child Instead of Breastfeeding?

One thing keep in your mind that if you don’t breast feed your child, you will not maintain the health and fitness of your baby. A baby’s health is largely depends on the breastfeeding. A baby takes all the important supplies for his body and brain through the breastfeeding.

It is not only beneficial for the baby, but it will also bring good results for the mother’s health. Bottle feed milk is made with chemicals and added flavour. It can artificially swell the baby that most of the mothers think that their baby is growing rapidly and maintaining good health. But in fact the baby’s immune system gets weakened and weakened gradually. Drinking artificial flavoured milk play no role in stabilizing the health condition of the baby.

It only fills the stomach of the baby. The rough particles of this dry milk create an ear infection in your baby. The baby feels swollen and pain in the ear. Restlessness, pain and discharge of the fluid from the ear is reported in the children who develop an ear infection. And the big cause behind this, is not giving your breastfeed to the child rather the bottle feeds.

What Health Conditions Indicate the Development of the Ear Infection?

The signs and symptoms of the ear infection are this much clear that one can easily figure out that the person is having an ear infection. In both children and adults, the sign are vivid and specific. But an ear infection is such a painful condition that patient can’t hold it for days or tolerate the pain for a long time the symptoms denote the problem and demand the immediate action for the relief. These signs and symptoms include:

ear pain causes
  • Fever.
  • Sharp pain in the ear and around.
  • Swelling in and around the ear.
  • Discharge of fluid from the ear hole.
  • Redness of the ear.
  • Vomiting, because of the pain.
  • Loss of hearing.
  • Constant pain on the neck side where you have an ear infection.
  • Headache.
  • Flu, blockage in the nose.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite.
  • Itching in the ear.

There may have other signs and symptoms, according to the age, gender and lifestyle of the patient.

How will you get a Relief from the Ear Infection?

The first and foremost solution for the ear infection is fetching the doctor for the problem and seek immediate medical attention. The doctor will examine your ear and then will prescribe you creams to apply in the ear and tablets to eat for the pain. Ear drops have also been discovered for the quick relief from the ear infection. These drops are usually prescribed to pour into the afected ear for two to three times in a day.

They reduce the redness and swelling of the ear infection and bring back the old look of the ear. These trips also help to remove the fluid and waxy dirt of the ear. Most of the time, in an ear infection doctor prescribes ear drops. The ear drops are safe, mild and not harmful for the ear in an ear infection. However, excessive use of ear drops can disturb your throat conditions. So always use it according to your doctor’s advice.

Don’t pour the ear drops excessively when you are having an ear infection. Also, don’t eat excessive medicines in an ear infection. Stay calm and let the things do their work.  

Summarization to the Discussion;

Life is really short to have minor problems. Try to sort them out in the first place when you get them. An ear infection is very common today. Children and adults both face this medical condition. Because our environment is not clean and comfortable. That is why sore throat, an ear infection, nose infection, skin diseases are very common today.

The main thing we should do to avoid an ear infection is to stay clean and hygienic. Dirt and dust are the first reason of an ear infection. You should use proper tools to cleanse your ear and not to forget, with less force. It’s your body part. One of the most sensitive parts of your body. People also develop trouble after cleaning their ear with full force and with the wrong tool. Softness is essential in an ear infection.

And immediate medical attention also. Because if you not seek for medical advice after having an ear infection, it will start spreading in the other parts of the head too. And you know what does that mean. So, for the safety of your life, do take care of yourself and never take an ear infection lightly.


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