The human health issues are not only confined to internal organs and their irregularities, rather it has other folds too. As you are aware of the fact that the body has organs, skin, bones, veins, arteries, and muscles, all these parts of the body have their own behaviour when they have cramps or get hurt by anything.

As long as the muscles are concerned, when they get hurt, this pain is known as cramps. These are the condition of the muscles, in which the muscle gets hurt due to any weight lifting, or pulling or pressure. But it is the temporal condition of the muscle and can be relieved by a few efforts. But giving no attention to any sort of pain for a long time can cause other serious problem with overall health.

The Relationship between Cramps and muscle:

The relationship between the muscle and the cramps is very strong. You need to take a quick look that what cramps actually are? Cramps are the bad condition of the muscle in which the mobility of the muscle affects badly. Now that depends that on how Much time will the pain take to fade away and restore the mobility of the muscle. Basically cramps hits two types of muscles,

  1. Skeletal muscle.
  2. Smooth muscle.

The cramps in the skeletal muscle occur due to over weight lifting, pulling up things, pressing the muscle in the same position for a long time and fatigue or with the deficit of sodium, potassium and magnesium. Whereas smooth muscle cramps hit the body in menstrual cycle and gastric disorders.

What causes the cramps in the body?

Normally people have this believe that pulling something for a long time or stretching can cause cramps. And this is true too. But this does not happen all the time. Sometimes, there are other factors too that cause such pain. Whether skeletal or smooth muscle cramps. The prevention of cramps is largely depends on how we restrict the causes. Renowned causes include;

  • Cramps due to narrow blood supply. When the arteries and veins are narrow and blood can’t flow properly, this cause sudden, sharp, swinging like pain.
  • When any of your nerve, near to your spine pressed by anything, it causes pain or aching in the legs or arms. And get more worse with the passage of time.
  • Deficit of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium develop the problem.
  • Walking in a certain position that strain your feet of legs can causes strain eventually.
  • Use of certain medication for a long run, especially medicine for blood pressure, invites cramps.
  • Hard exercises and physical activities such as being an athlete. It causes dehydration, fatigue and muscle strains, especially in warm weather.
  • Age factors.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Diabetes.
  • Liver disease
  • Nervous system disorders.
  • Thyroid problems.

Menstrual or period cramps:

Menstrual cramps are the nightmare of girl or a woman. It’s the most terrible condition that a woman deals with in her periods. A woman can have period pain during period and prior to the menstrual cycle. She will feel those types of cramps in her lower belly area. The severity of these types of cramps will be determined by the female’s body type and nature. Periods pain can be prevented by having a proper diet.

Drinking cold water instead of water with normal temperature, can also develop cramps. Apart from this some food products also cause menstrual pain like ice cream and similar products. These cramps are very painful when a girl is having her period for the first time or second. But with the passage of time, the intensity of these sorts of aching eases down. And when a woman delivers her baby after pregnancy, this pain fades away forever.

What are the symptoms of menstrual cramps?

This pain is this much unique in its own way that you will feel it visibly. The majority in women feels as if they are having bowel movement or gas revolving in their belly. And don’t pay any attention on it. But as the time passes, because its the cramps, it gets worse with the time and then these women takes medicine abruptly. However, period pain doesn’t need medicine, rather rest and a warm water bottle on the tummy is suffice to do the job. Medicine only required when the condition of these cramps are severe. A few common symptoms include;

ease the period cramps
  1. Feeling pain and discomfort in the belly, which increases with the time.
  2. Feeling restless or indescribable pressure in the belly.
  3. Pain in the backbone or on the sides.
  4. Vomiting and nausea.
  5. Loose motions or stools.

Ways to ease the period cramps:

There are simple ways with which you can take relieve from almost all types of cramps. Some of the types of cramps need medical attention otherwise most types of the pain can be cured at home. Some significant tactics that helps enough to relax the body inside out are;

  • Relax your body and take rest as much as you can.
  • Don’t eat too much salt or caffeine.
  • Give up smoking and drinking. It is toxic.
  • Giving a massage to backbone and abdominal muscles will bring positive results in the discomfort.
  • Light exercise for a female body will prevent menstrual cramps.
  • Low potency medicines will relieve the pain that develops by any sort of pain.

These are the tips for menstrual cramps. And those types of pains which are related to the abdominal area. These tips are effective for them.

Major causes of muscle cramps:

Muscle cramps are the most experienced and most frustrating types of pain. It causes irritation and frustration in the body unless the patient doesn’t find the relieve. In muscle cramps, leg muscles are the most effective ones by it.

And you will feel cramp in the legs most probably in the night, while sleeping. In leg pain, you will feel as if your leg suddenly gets tight and aching. And as soon you pass the cramps, you will feel pain in the leg. Some common reasons for muscle cramps are;

  1. Improper blood circulation in the limbs.
  2. Taking too much work from your calf muscles, especially while workout.
  3. Restricting the body while sleeping or sitting,  not stretching adequately to let the body relax and tension free.
  4. Working hard in summer or in high temperature.
  5. Dehydration.
  6. Fatigue and weakness.
  7. Due to potassium and magnesium deficit.
  8. Blockage in the nerves and veins.

There can be other symptoms of muscle aching which will be determined by the patient’s age, gender and profession.

Will stretching helps in muscle cramps?

Medicine is prescribed only to those who don’t receive any better results with the sets of exercises which are recommended for such things. Otherwise, stretching and relaxing and body muscles help a lot in the process. If you lay down on the floor or ground and stretch your body or stand up on your toes, stay in this pose for 5 to 10 seconds and then release, it will also give your calf muscles, arms muscles and backbone, a strength and endurance.

Moreover, stretching the overall body, strengthen the body muscles. You can repeat these steps with the convenience of your body structure.

How cramps are different with man and woman?

Because the man’s body structure is different from the woman’s body structure that is why pain of the cramps or any kind of pain is different for these two genders. A man’s body contains 80% more muscles than a woman’s body, that is why when a man’s body cramped or he receives strains on any part of the body, the pain is a little bit more he endures as compared to a woman.

Moreover, teen and adults when deals with cramps, it largely depends on how they consider the pain. Some young people try to pass the pain with mind changing activities like cuddle up to older people or distract the mind. And some of them tries to face the pain with even more tougher demeanour.

How intense the male and female cell’s reaction in cramps?

Science is making an effort to understand how a male and female cell react to the pain. It is the common belief that woman deals with the pain better than man. A woman has the strength and endurance to cope with the pain. And pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause and breastfeeding are the proof of her ability to endure pain and pressure. Men on the other hand, cannot bear too much pain.

They can’t go without taking the medicine even on initial stages, whereas a woman can. Scientists actually experienced this thing by injecting pain enhancing substances in a male rat and a female mice. The female rat has shown more restlessness and irritation in pain while a female mice just show stress and tension in the pain. In a nutshell, men need medicine and a quick relief in pain and aching, and women can go without taking medicine for 3 to 6 times.

Cramps difference in young and middle age:

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, the degree of pain will be determined by your body structure and power. But it is true to a certain extent that young people face a bit more pain in cramps as compared to older people. Their muscles are tight and strengthened and that is why when the cramps hit the body, the pain that they receive, is even more acute.

What causes the cramps in the body

Older people have feeble muscles so the intensity of the pain is a little lower than the younger people. Today, in the twenty first century, there are tools have been developed that can measure the impact and intensity of the pain in a person. So cramps can easily be handled now.

Superb tips to prevent cramps in the first place:

A few of the tips are here that can actually help you to stop the cramps in the first place and prevent them from developing. Such as;

  1. Add healthy and nutritious food items into your diet to prevent menstrual aching.
  2. Keep a low potency painkiller with yourself.
  3. Green tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea can calm the cramping.
  4. Eating fish or using fish oil will help much in muscle pain.
  5. Vitamin B1 has proven to be cramps friendly.
  6. Acupuncture is effective in calm the nervous system.
  7. Do massage on the affected area.
  8. Cover up the area with heating pads.
  9. Boost your metabolism and bloodstream by exercise and erotic activities. It will fade the cramps.
  10. Try to relax the body. Stiffness can cause more pain.

The Final Words:

Not all the people have the privilege to get relief in the first attempt. But you can have this chance by using the information that has given above. It will help you to not only avoid cramps, but also you can improve the overall quality of your muscles. If you take care of your body in the first place, you don’t have to be worried about it later.

Cramps is an annoying condition of the body. It’s even more irritating when you are young. To prevent cramps you have to work on your diet, lifestyle, daily pursuits and activities. With all this, don’t forget to relax your body. Take a night sleep instead of day sleep. Massage your head, it will help you sleep at night. Made your life active. Cramps are harmless, but they can be frustrating though.


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