Human beings are naturally attracted towards beauty. Everybody yearns for the beauty. There is an unstoppable race in the world for achieving beauty of the face. Beauty, actually doesn’t confine to the face only. One has to maintain his/her overall look including apparel, accessories and footwear etc. The other part is make up on the face. There are innumerable makeup products in the market that can help you to obtain a perfect look. And also root the stem of acne beneath our skin layer.

But this look has a price to pay. Although temporarily, these products give you flawless and perfect look that can deal with the day. But these products, no matter how much expensive give drastic results by their excessive use. These products cause acne, pimples and scars on the face regardless of the skin type. No matter what kind of skin tone you have, dark or light. No matter what sort of skin is it, oily or dry. It can occur on any type of skin in any condition.

And the most probable cause for the acne is make up and excessive use of the skin products. This requires more information and knowledge and for that you need to understand first that what the mechanism of the pimples or such type of skin condition is. 

How Does an Acne Forms on Your Skin?

Your face have hair. If you look keenly on the skin of your face you will see light, very thin hair on your face. It develops under these hair follicles, which involves oil glands under these hair follicles. It is basically an illness that cause skin issues, pimple and scars on face, neck, shoulders, arms and chest. The majority of the world is dealing the acne. It does occur anywhere in the body and it is though not dangerous to human, but it does leave scars on the skin.

The imbalance in the oil glands of the skin, usually cause the acne. The types of the acne include:

Acne Scars Treatment and Precautions (4)
  • Acne.
  • Pimple.
  • Whiteheads.
  • Blackheads.
  • Cysts.

All these are the types of the skin diseases and bad conditions. Not all the type develops on one skin. Means that you may have the acne according to the skin type you have. However, age doesn’t matter. It can be developed on your skin at any age.   

A Global Scenario over Acne;

A large number of people, male and female are affected by the various skin problems. It is said that approximately 80-85% people develops pimples in the European countries. The common age bracket of developing acne is roughly Between 12 to 24. Acne affects 3 in every 5 people. It is mostly seen among women as compared to men. And treatment depends on the severity of the skin problems and the type of the skin the patient has.

It is commonly claimed by several different products that they can cure the acne and the scar after that. However, the treatment for pimples and bumps is far more different from the treatment of the scar. Means that, for the scar there are different treatment and for the acne removal, there are different sort of treatment. In Asia, the tendency of developing acne is a bit higher than the rest. Reason behind this is the use of pepper and spices in bulk. China has very low rates of developing skin diseases and problems. Because they commonly don’t use spices and all kinds of pepper in their foods.   

Renowned Reasons for Acne

Innumerable causes of acne are reported in the different regions of the world. But these causes are very common and can be easily avoided. In other words, if you become a little bit cautious about the safety precautions, you can get relief from the acne for a long time.

But it is seen among people that they don’t pay attention on the safety procedures and hence, develop such issues. The most common and reported reasons for acne development are:

  • Genetically affected skin.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Hot climate.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Cheap quality makeup products.
  • Frequent touching with dirty hand on the pimple affected area.
  • Medicines that cause inflammation in the skin.
  • Oily cosmetics.
  • Emotional trauma.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Rapid or no periods.

The primary cause of developing acne is the imbalance and instability of the hormones in the body. This condition normally occurs in females. Hormonal imbalance mostly develops in the teenage. During this age bracket imbalance in the oily glands of the face, presence of the bacteria near the face or body and fatty acids within the oily glands of the face cause skin diseases.

Why Does the Women develop it more than the Men?

In the past, people couldn’t understand the reasons why a female develops skin problems more often than the male? But today, people have an answer for this enigma. A female body contains many portions in her body that, if develop instability, can receive such aftermath like acne and pimple development.

A woman works more with her hands and face involved than a man. And the menstrual cycle plays a large part in developing the acne on the female body than the man. other reasons for acne development in female more often include:

  1. Fluctuations in the period cycle, rapid or slow both cause acne.
  2. Tight clothing near to the face and neck. For example scarfs and hats.
  3. Bad weather conditions and air pollution.
  4. Pregnancy. (Rarely occur)
  5. Touch on one acne produce others.
  6. Smoking and alcohol consumption in women.
  7. Migraine headaches.
  8. Age within 30 or above.
  9. Blood clotting disorders.
  10. Unhygienic aptitude for the skin.

Apart from these reasons, there can be some other reasons too. That will be solely depends on the patient’s age, gender and lifestyle. The woman who develop acne more often should consult to the gynaecologist without much delay. One thing you should take under consideration that don’t try listen or heard remedies.

First, verify the information and then apply it to your skin. Acne won’t be removed with merely some quake’s artificial treatment. Your face acne will be vanished with proper care and attention.

Which Food Become the Reason;

Normally, people attribute the surroundings for the acne development. People assume that it’s the atmosphere and environmental changes that cause acne and pimples. But in fact, besides the atmosphere, there are some food items that become the reasons for the acne. If one keeps on having these food items the acne problem become a disease. And if you stops eating these items, gradually your body will reduce the tendency of developing pimples. These food items are:

  • Bread, and most of the food items related to flour.
  • Bagels.
  • Potato chips and oily food.
  • Chocolates.
  • Dairy products.
  • Excessive ice cream intake.
  • Soda beverages.
  • Pizza and cheesy burgers.
  • Extra sweet food items.

Along with these food items some people get pimples with the food items they are allergic to. This is rare, but it does happen in some cases. Foods that have more spices or the foods which are roasted can also cause it and then scars. Sometimes, acne develops due to the excessive use of sanitizers and soaps which has very dry substances in it. Avoid using such chemicals on the skin.

Medical Treatments for the Acne Removal;

Several companies have introduced various medical products for the removal of this type of toxic looking bump on the skin. These medications not only offers a quick removal of the acne, but also claims to vanish the scars. Not only that, these companies bluff with us by claims that their products will leave your skin bright, radiant and healthy looking.

By doing so, these companies earn millions of dollars every year because we trust these companies and their slogans blindly. They take advantage of the people’s state of mind because people, especially girls, are desperate to have beautiful skin no matter what. This scenario causes inflation and poverty in the society.

Acne Scars Treatment and Precautions (2) the girls spend a big portion of their income on the beauty products. In reality, that is all a lie. These creams and lotions are just have the temporary and artificial effects on the skin. As soon as you stop using these products, you skin gets back to the way it was or sometimes even worse. 

Basically, there are some chemicals that help to soothe and maintain the skin and make it acne free and radiant. These chemicals boost the skin and help the skin to prevent acne and scars. There are things that helps to boost the skin and prevent acne such as:

  • Vitamin A (in raw form or in products).
  • Ice cubes.
  • Hormone therapy.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Aloe Vera gel.
  • Juniper oil.
  • Lemon peel and juice.
  • Yogurt.

These are very famous and popular ingredients that generate new life in the skin and reduce the chances of getting acne for a long time. The oils that are discussed above should be applied on the skin for about 4 to 5 drops with the cotton ball. If you soak your acne area in these oils, your skin not only get the extra glow, but also your skin will be radiant and shining.

Some Very Important Self-Care Techniques for Acne;

You need to be extra cautious while having such issue and fighting against the acne skin. Personal self-care and help from the alliances like medications and treatments will gradually leave your skin healthy and acne free. There are some proven and authentic ways, with which you will maintain your skin to the core.

  1. Use ice cubes on the acne directly. Your acne will be removed in a night.
  2. Wash your skin area which has it, twice a day. Cleanliness is mandatory. But not more than twice. It will irritate the skin.
  3. Use mild soap or face wash for acne with lukewarm water.
  4. Water should be mild. Too hot or too cold water can make it worse.
  5. Don’t press or squeeze the acne. It will produce scar.
  6. Don’t apply too much make up on your skin. Intense chemicals can become a reason for its occurrence.
  7. Drink plenty of water. It will reduce inflammation of the skin.
  8. Use water based make up products for your skin.
  9. Wash your face thoroughly and remove all chemicals before going to bed.
  10. Use moisturizers for dry skin. It will reduce the chances.
  11. Take a shower after every day exercise. It will reduce the risk of sweat acne.
  12. Remove the facial hair will also help. Also wash your hair on the head. The chances of getting it will be reduced to a minimum level.


You are given the life you have only for once. If you use it correctly, you will enjoy it completely. But if you don’t, half of your life will be spent in finding solutions for the problems you have. It is not dangerous to you. But it does bother you because it has much to do with your appearance. Your skin is the delicate and soft object of your body.

If it develop acne, make sure that you would do anything possible to get rid of the acne. The presence of this kind of skin problem on your face will make you restless and uncomfortable. The worst part is that the battle doesn’t end on the acne occurrence only, after the acne the skin gets scars as the after effects or results. Regardless of the fact that which skin tone you have, dark or light. If you have it, you will get dark patches in the end. If the acne spreads on the skin, it will produce Cysts underneath the skin, which will leave permanent scars on the skin.

Sadly, this all starts from an acne in the first place. If you have acne spread on your skin, on face and neck, your skin specialist will prescribe you creams and medicine that will prevent the acne. Through these medicines, the acne won’t occur or spread till two to three months. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have it for life. You will certainly require proper and long term prevention and treatment for the acne-free radiant and healthy skin.


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