Life is all about the troubles and relieve. You fall, you raise. You learn and you grow. This process is keeps on moving and so is the cycle of life. Every living being is trying these days to step along with the pace of time. This costs some times. In the shape of the little hurdles you face in the process. Your skin suffers a lot in this whole time. No matter how you live, or eat or what you do.  Climate change effects some times more forcefully than your lifestyle. This ultimately causes skin rash. And if you live in such a climate, like cold and wet, full of chill breeze, bingo! You are the victims. Skin rash conditions are permissible.

how does a Skin Rash look like?

skin rash problem

Skin dryness will be of course on any part of your body. Or you may have Rashes all over your body. Due to skin itching your skin can change its colour, or become dry or itchy, cracked, blistered or swollen and warm. Treatments for skin itching are however large in number. But one treatment cannot apply in all the people. Treatment will be decided by examining the patient’s skin and nature of the body. Patient’s lifestyle, his/her family history and his occupation will determine which type of treatment will be given to him.

Skin Rash’s life on Human Body;

Skin dry patches can last from 5 to 10 days. The symptoms and conditions will further clear the actual life of the scratches. The place where you are having skin irritation will also decide its life. For instance, the soft area of your body will heal skin redness and dryness faster than the hard area. Hard skin heals in days as its cells takes time in accumulating. That’s why sometimes it gets worse with the passage of time and patient experience fever, chills, heavy head and pain.

Skin Rash Fill with Unwanted Entities;

When a person gets skin problem, this rash will have bacteria and other living particles in it that will not let it heal unless remove. Apart from these bacteria, certain medicine, allergies and sometimes heat exposure can be a reason for skin problems. Once you have a skin itching, an effective area may be filled with bacteria that tries to stop the skin to get healed. Proper treatment and medicine for it has to prescribe before it get worse.

Sign and Symptoms of Skin Rash;

The sign and symptoms of skin rash will be vary according to the person’s lifestyle, climate, age and gender. These signs include:

  • Redness
  • Various spots on skin
  • Scaling on skin
  • Itching on different areas of the body
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Bumps
  • Pimples
  • Scratches

Not all the signs implement on every person. People, because of differing from one another that’s why symptoms will be different also.

Initial Treatments if you have Skin Rash;

Initial treatment for the skin problems are very important and easy to adopt. And also compulsory to take. Otherwise the situation will be worse. For instance, oatmeal, a sort of grain, if mix in the bathtub and do scrubbing while taking a bath will help to moisturize the skin. This will soothe the dry skin and lower down the heat due to skin rash. Moisturizer is very much important for dry skin and scaly skin. It is the moisturizers that helps to relax and wet the skin and prevent further skin itching.

You Cannot Avoid Skin Rash if?

Skin rash not only occurs because of temporary causes. You may have skin Rashes if:

  1. You have a family history of skin problems.
  2. Harmonic disorders.
  3. Long term medication intake.
  4. High blood pressure.
  5. Age.
  6. Eczema.
  7. Constant weather like winter (due to that constant wearing of thick clothes)

With these conditions, you cannot ignore skin rash. But you can help yourself by doing prior efforts for it.

Medical Advises for Skin Rash;

Of course medical treatment is very much important for skin problems. You cannot heal everything at home. There are certain preventions that are prescribed for a skin rash. At first you need to examine that it is actually skin itching or not. Press the area where you feel itching or heat or swelling. If you press the rash and it don’t fade, then its not skin rash its bruise. And the treatment for bruises is different from the treatment of skin issues.

If you have skin rash and you are feeling light headed with fever, then you need immediate assistance and doctor’s attention because due to these skin bad conditions and bacterial invasion in your body, you have an infection. That will only cure and heal with medical guidance. So try not to be a hero at home and don’t ignore the conditions and contact with the doctor near you.

Best Remedies at Home for Skin Rash; 

Home is home. A best place for every solution and remedy. And problem like skin rash, if on initial stages, can be cured at home easily. With some simple steps you can not only heal problematic or torn skin, but also make your skin vibrant and healthy looking.

1.Don’t Wear Silk or Contact any Harsh Fabric on Skin Rash;

Silk is a death bed for scaly or itchy skin. If you ate treating such conditions, do not wear silk. Silk irritate rashes, allergies and heat spots. Cotton or any thing related to cotton will be suffice and comfortable when have skin rash. Rubbing with Cotton ball lower down the itching and cooler the heat.

2. Shower will give You Power in Skin Rash;

A shower with cold water or in winter with lukewarm water will help calm a fiery skin rash. Itching is really irritating in torn skin. So water will play a role of healer. And cool down the heat. Take a shower and avoid much soap or liquid body wash. And after the shower, dry your itchy skin area with a towel by tapping and then immediately use moisturizer to calm skin rash.

3. Oatmeal is the long lost friend of Skin Rash;  

treatment for skin rash

Oatmeal always tends to help the skin problem. Oatmeal is a form of grain. It is equally beneficial in both forms. Whether you take it as a food intake or use its powder in water or rub it on the affected area means skin itching. In both ways, oatmeal helps you to relieve itching feeling and swelling of skin rash. There is a point vital to note that oatmeal doesn’t helpful to all the patients. It moisturizes the dry skin and soothe the itchy feeling of scaly skin. But some people may have a problem with oatmeal intake.

4. Anti- itchy or Anti Inflammatory Cream for Skin Rash;

Any sort of cream that is anti itching will help in skin problems. Even creams that are used to cool down heat spots and summer flames on the skin can help you a lot.Check out the expiry date of these cream and if these creams are use able, go for it. It will help you calm the skin inflammation and itching. Also lower the swelling and soothe you for a while. These creams have moisture in them, that’s why help much in skin disease.

5.Always Wear Loose Clothes in Skin Rash;

Skin rash in winter

Live in a swag! Especially when it comes to all types of skin diseases. Meaning that always go for baggy clothes if you have skin problems. Don’t wear tight dresses or sleeveless. This will produce burning in the itchy skin. Your rashes release a sort of heat all the time unless they don’t heal to the core. Such heat cannot be felt by touch.

But you will feel it if you wear tight clothes. This will invite heat, swelling, itching and other troubles too for torn skin. The more you wear loose and slightly wet clothes including undergarments, the great you will have the least chances of itching and burning in such kind of condition.

6. Avoid Sun Exposure and Dust in Skin Rash;

Dust is like venom for affected skin. Dust produces bacteria and itching in skin problem. Try not to expose your skin where there is a little chance of possible dust. Sun light also damages the skin in many ways. It tans you colour tone and burn your skin. By exposing in the sun or dust you will bother your already affected skin to the core. Such exposure will cause trouble in many ways.


Minor skin problems like itching, dryness and redness doesn’t sound a big problem, but it can be if not treated profoundly. Even if your skin rash get calm by home remedies still, you should go for a proper medical check up and seek medical attention. Your skin has to be healthy and should free from all the possible diseases.This will only possible if you took care of your skin in the first place. Skin rash is very common in the type of life you lead. Its cure is even more common.All you have to do is to not take your skin rash lightly. And do everything possible in your hand to calm your skin itching as soon as possible.


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