Since the new COVID-19 has abducted the whole world and prevailed in almost all the countries of the world so far, mankind is devastated. The vaccination hasn’t been made yet. Because we didn’t fully understand the main cause, symptoms and it’s conditions yet. Hence, we are just trying different things to win the battle against this plague.

The first thing that the doctors and health experts are recommending, is the cleanliness. That starts from self cleaning. It includes handwashing, face cleanliness, dirt and dust free clothes, and so on. But the first and foremost part of the body that needs to be clean and germs free is your hand. Because it is that main part of the body, with which you deal with the daily pursuits of life.

Human hands are the main part that deal with everything we face:

A human hand is the specific body part which deals with each and every situation we face. That is why the first part of the body that receives germs and dirt is your finger and palm.

Amid the stampede of covid-19, it is highly recommended to wash your hands after every hour or after every task done that involves your body parts. That is why the instructions have been given to the people by the governments around the globe to clean your outer body parts and sanitize them.

Which are the areas of the hand that get the germs rapidly:

Normally, people have the view that when we pour liquid soap on the hand and start making foam by rubbing the palm and fingers, we subsequently wash off all the germs and clean our hands. However, this is not true. Handwashing has a proper method. Moreover, it has certain places that need to be clean and germs free. Such as;

The fingertips:

Usually people touch most of the things with their fingertips. Because tips are at the start of your hand that is why whether it’s a liquid or a concrete thing your fingertips will touch the surface primarily and hence get the germs and viruses.

The round of the thumb;

Other than the tips, the round of the thumb, which has a bit soft and flashy skin, gets the germs and viruses, while shaking hands, holding and gripping the things and during making a fist.

Now that’s the place, from the outside, which gets the germs most. Imagine you have some clay at your Palm and by making a fist you are squeezing it in your hand. From where it will get out?

The joints of fingers integrated with the Palm;

From the joints where fingers meet the palm and from the sides of your thumb. Germs and viruses find a suitable place within this part of your hand. It seems like a pocket of the hand. Where a germ can stay as much as it can. Unless the person won’t wash his hands or sanitize them.

Point to remember:

We don’t get the germs and viruses on our hands only with the air and with dry hands. Sometimes our hands contain germs by touching some wet surface or soaking up the water that is already having some toxic acids.

The palm;

But of course, it’s the most wide and open place of the hand. The germs and viruses usually stay intact with Palm. People who use to make a fist while talking or when they are nervous, help to stay the germs in their hand for hours. A human palm has wet glands. It helps it remain wet and moist with the sweat. It also causes long life of the virus or a germ on the palm, if any.

And since the coronavirus has prevailed in the world largely due to hand shaking, it is because the virus remains on the palm and on the round of the thumb for hours. This is why the doctors around the globe are advising strictly not to shake hands with each other, wash them frequently and adopt social distancing.

Last but not the least, the nails of your hand;

You can understand this completely. Your nails have the ample room for coronavirus or any other germ to stay easily on the hand. Nails work like a pocket of the virus. See, we people, we used to cut our nails after a couple of weeks. In female cases, this happens after months. Because they tend to grow them. So germs and fatal viruses can easily stay on your hands for days with the help of your nail. Also it will cause other health issues too.

The main motive behind telling these places of the hand to make you understand more effectively is which part of your hand you should wash with more care and attention. Which part of your hand could have more germs or coronavirus and hence needs your attention.

Proper methodology to wash and clean your hands amid the coronavirus stampede:

The one and the most important thing that the doctors keep saying is don’t shake your hands and wash them after every half hour. Why is that? Why are the doctors enforcing us to do so? Because the pandemic that has prevailed in the World is due to hand shaking and touching things and people. And due to the wet glands that our palm has, this virus stays on our hand for our.

It is said that a person usually touches his or her face almost 16 times in a day. This means that there are high chances of getting caught up in the mess of coronavirus if it is on our hand. Coming back to the methodology of cleansing your hand, here are the few things you need to take care of;

First soak your hands in water.

how you will keep your hand clean in COVID-19

If you put your hands for almost 10 seconds under the tap, it will help to wipe off most of the germs and bacteria by the pressure of the water only. The rest of the work will be done by soap or liquid soap. Put your both hands under the tap or water faucet in the shape as if you are pouring something with your fingers.

Then turn around your hands and face the palms and fingers wide open under the tap. Doing so will also prevent the germs from getting cling to the soap as well. Turn off the tap or the water faucet. Because you have to save the water too.

Put liquid soap on your hand or take soap in your hand.

Now rub it and start making foam. The positions of making the foam by your hand are quite noticeable and important. It is where you will remove all the germs and viruses from your hand.

Moreover, remember that you are not bound to keep washing and playing with the soap all day long. The duration of handwashing will be concluded in 20 seconds maximum. The main thing is the movements. With which you will cleanse the hand.

Remember that

The foam of the soap must have to be in appropriate form. If the foam dies and you are rubbing your hands with water only, it can cause problems with those who have skin issues or eczema.

The first step after applying soap on your hand is to

place the fingertips of your first hand to the joints (which connects the fingers to the palm) of your second hand and start rubbing up and down. Do this for 5 seconds and repeat the method on your first hand too. Thoroughly clean these pockets of your fingers of both hands.

The second step

is to take your thumb of your one hand into the other and move your hand which is holding the thumb, clockwise and anti clockwise. It is the way to clean your thumb. The step should be repeated with both thumbs. You can do that 3 times for each thumb.

Third step is

after doing all the mentioned above, attach all four fingers and a thumb, make it one and place it on the centre of the palm of your second hand. Now move them round and round. Repeat the method on the other hand too.

The final step is to turn on the tap again

and place your hands under the water. Before rubbing again, let the water remove the foam all by itself. When it’s done, rub your hands with each other gently. If you are a woman and have long nails, pour water into them and wash them off thoroughly.

Since it’s a coronavirus pandemic and people have to wash their hands most often but those who have skin problems, be careful while choosing a hand sanitizer or a liquid soap. Try to pick up those which have aloe vera gel in them. It will keep you skin hydrated.

The important note for your hands:

Most of the people make this mistake. They used to do this even without the coronavirus or any other virus’s outbreak. When you are done with handwashing, DON’T touch the tap or water faucet with your hand directly, unless you didn’t wash it with soap and water while washing your own hands. If you did rub the top of the tap or the handle of the water faucet while you were cleaning your hand and then wash it with water like you wash your own hands, then it’s fine to turn it off after you are done.

But if you haven’t done that nor you have the habit to do such things, then never touch the tap with your hand. Always use a tissue or a piece of cloth to turn it off. REMEMBER that you came to wash your hand because there were germs of coronavirus that were possibly present on your hand. Touching the tap prior washing it, can transfer the germs or the virus anew on your hand. So be careful.

A few precautionary measures for your hands’ cleanliness amid the coronavirus outbreak:

Which are the areas of the hand that get the germs rapidly

Of course, there are precautions and prevention through which you can not only protect yourselves amid this catastrophic situation, but also from almost all kinds of germs and diseases. It is said that cleanliness is essential for a human being to survive without having any dangerous disease through the course of his or her life. Hence, a few of the precautions regarding the cleanliness of your hand and overall body are significant to know.

Such as;

  1. Use the soap or liquid that doesn’t cause dryness on the skin.
  2. The sanitizer that you are using these days to avoid coronavirus, should contain aloe Vera extract or coconut oil.
  3. Try to avoid touching your face and body part that are exposed outside especially when you are outside.
  4. Maintain the distance while meeting someone. Try to have one meter gap between the two.
  5. DO NOT shake hands even when it is necessary unless your health professionals permit it to do so.
  6. When you go to any shop or bank or hospital, don’t open the door with your hand. Use your elbow instead, to push the door.
  7. While coughing or sneezing, hide your face in your elbow. Don’t cover your face with your hands. The germs will remain on your hands for upto 8 hours.
  8. Always keep a tissue with yourself. Use cotton tissue or wet wipes.
  9. After doing daily pursuits, sanitize your hands.
  10. Don’t eat ice cream or food which are cold by nature until the coronavirus pandemic is going on. Cold food items are harmful in coronavirus.

The final words:

In a nutshell, all you need to understand that cleanliness is essential amid the coronavirus outbreak. Handwashing and it’s cleansing is the first and foremost thing to do these days. Just remember one thing that if you have eczema or skin allergy to certain soaps or dry things, never use them. Even for once. Have a soap or sanitizer which has coconut or almond oil in them. Let your hand and face dry all by itself. Avoid using towels.

Since, coronavirus is prevailing through hand shaking and with physical touch, you should be very careful. Follow all the instructions that are given by your government’s health officials. The world is now fully occupied with this virus and countries are trying so hard to get out of this health crisis. We don’t know about the other losses yet.

That we will have to face after this pandemic. Which includes economic crisis, social downfall, psychological disorders, anxiety, PTSD, infertility, feeling of uncertainty and many more.

All we can do right now is to have hope. Let’s hope that everything is going to be fine soon. With all these precautionary measures whether related to hand or foot, we will get through this. And will defeat the coronavirus outbreak anytime soon.


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