Today, when everybody is scared and frightened because of the havoc of coronavirus that has prevailed in the World, a little hope or a bit of positivity can bring a smile and a sense of relief in the human beings. Because no vaccine has been made yet to cure this kind of virus, so mankind is in a state of shock and panic. And this is because the coronavirus invaded human beings for the first time ever.

That is why people are trying, experimenting and exhausting all the options and resources. With which we can slow down the procedure and decrease the rising number of patients. Which are increasing rapidly these days. Such options include prevention, cure, and healthy food, that can restrict the chances of getting caught up in the havoc of coronavirus. Also which can make your immune system stronger.

Why do we deliberately need healthy food only to get rid of coronavirus?

This is a million dollar question these days. That basically why on earth we need only healthy food to restrict the destruction that coronavirus is making nowadays? The answer is, not having the tendency of eating healthy food in the past. Yes. That’s right. Most of the countries in the World don’t have the tendency to eat healthy food, though their nutritionists have always emphasized to do so. This includes European countries. People who live there usually don’t add healthy food items into their diet. Rather, survive on burger, buns and readymade food only.

In China, from where this catastrophe has started, they focus on the diet plan of the patient and add all those things in it, which will be described here later. And now, China is coronavirus free. And recently the city Wuhan, from where this plague started, is reopened now for people interaction.

Therefore, apart from the medications and prevention, healthy food is playing an extremely important role in curing coronavirus patients.

How is junk food dangerous amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the link to healthy food?

is junk food dangerous amid the COVID-19 outbreak

As you are aware of the fact that junk food which is also called readymade food usually has so many germs in it already. Because it is cooked or preserved many days before it’s delivered. And it is understood that fresh cooked food has no germs whereas preserved food has. Moreover, To maintain the taste of junk food for long, intense spices or five spices normally used to do the job. Such spices cause inflammation, weaker immune systems, influenza etc.

When your immune system gets weaker and weaker due to over consumption of junk food. Viruses for instance coronavirus hit the body with more strength and pressure.People are saying these days that it is good to take food from drive-thru or online ordering food will also be good. However, ordering online food can easily transmit the virus by touching the shopping bags.

This danger will also present by taking food from the drive-thru. So not only junk food has the danger of coronavirus in itself, but carrying it to the shop will also invite the problem. Hence, healthy food and organic food is the only solution.

A few medical processes, medicines and other clinical treatments that are being practiced by the health professionals so far in curing coronavirus patients:

Certainly, you will have the information that no vaccination has been invented yet to cure coronavirus. Moreover it will take a year almost to be invented. If we ask about the drug of coronavirus, then health professionals and scientists explain that it will require a decade almost to create a drug specifically for coronavirus.

So as of now, all the health professionals in the World are relying on the existing medicines and existing procedures to cure the coronavirus patients. Since it causes pneumonia when it gets severe, therefore experts all over the World are using these methods currently. Such as;


pneumonia relieving medications are currently used for the treatment of coronavirus patients. But after examining the condition of the patient. Not all the patients are being given such medications. Those who have mild symptoms and problems are even given the paracetamol and kept in quarantine for 14 days. On the contrary, those who have stage three coronavirus, pneumonia medicines are for them along with the healthy food intake.

Important point to note:

Geographical atmosphere i.e. weather and climate is playing an extremely important role in these patients’ condition. Also the fact that if they have taken healthy food in the past or taking it now or not.

Vitamin c and immunity boosting drips:

Along with the medicines, these patients are given the immunity boosting and vitamin c drips. It’s the one thing that is seen noticeably that vitamin c has worked well for the coronavirus patients so far. No matter which part of the world they belong to. Hence, these drips are being given to such patients with or without the severe condition to boost the immunity.


A ventilator is given to a patient when he or she is unable to breathe. It’s a machine that provides artificial breathing. In pneumonia, when the patient’s lungs aren’t working well, the doctor puts them on a ventilator to keep them alive, until they aren’t able to breathe naturally. Same is the case here when a corona patient is feeling unable to breathe, the doctors are putting him on a ventilator. But it’s an extremely worse stage of this virus. The life chances decrease to 15% only when a person is shifted to a ventilator to survive for his life.

Significant herbs and bushes for the coronavirus cure apart from healthy food:

China, that was first infected with this virus, and that came out first also from this virus is actually experimenting a few things apart from the medical treatments. These are some herbs which have been used by China in the treatment. They have used them in curing patients and have succeeded apparently. But other countries will use them after the clinical trials of these herbs in their own country.

Those specific food ingredients that are considered to be the MIRACLE “healthy food” in COVID-19 especially:

Back to the topic for which this is all about. So, let’s get started. Here are the few items that are considered by the people as healthy food these days. If you take them on your own at home without having coronavirus, it will boost your immunity so much so that even if you are exposed to this virus, your immune system will fight back against this virus. Remember that these food items are known as healthy food.

Having them does not mean that you will not be affected by coronavirus. The chances are there, but if you follow the prevention and with that take the healthy food, the chances will decrease and you will be significantly geared up to fight back against any germs. These healthy food items are;

Garlic and ginger:

For centuries, garlic and ginger are being used to cure many diseases. The combination of garlic and ginger is proven to be one of the best antibiotics in the World. In eastern region of the world, this combination normally adds up in the daily meals to reduce the chances of getting caught up into serious illness. It is one of the best healthy foods.

The antibodies of garlic even protect from stomach cancer. Since ginger is a root. People use it in tea and have a severe cough. In Asia, specifically in Pakistan and India, garlic and ginger are the essential ingredients that have to be added in the daily meal. After coronavirus, the Chinese have understood the value of this healthy food and give it to their patients in the daily meal as it’s antibiotics helped to kill the virus.

Orange is considered to be the second most important item in the list of healthy food:

It is seen all over the world that people who are having vitamin C in ample amounts are fighting coronavirus with more power. Therefore the doctors are giving vitamin C drips to the patients. But when you take it from natural resources, it will give extra positive results. Speaking of which, oranges are the best source of Vitamin C. In Asian countries, they are producing in bulk.

That’s why people usually have them and hence their immune system is quite strong. So, if you take oranges, considering them as a healthy food item, you are doing it right. Other than this, you may have lemon and citric fruits also to consume the vitamin C in bulk. But those who have a stomach problem should avoid citric acid i.e. lemon. Oranges, on the other hand, are the best source of vitamin C. Do take them as a healthy food item if you want to fight back against coronavirus.

Papaya in the list of healthy food items:

Healthy food items prevent coronavirus and boost your immunity

Not many of us are aware of the fact that papaya is one of those special fruits which have millions of benefits for mankind. But unfortunately, not many countries in the World  have the tendency to use papaya. It is hundred times better for your skin than any other fruit. It has many vitamins in it.

The most important aspect about papaya, for which it is considered a healthy food, is that it boosts your immunity level to a significant high rate. And when the world is dealing with a pandemic, we must have to have those fruits and vegetables which can boost our immunity and energy level. The doctors around the globe are suggesting to have papaya in a moderate quantity regularly or after a couple of days to raise the immunity.

Omega-3 is an extremely important ingredient in the list of healthy food items:

Undoubtedly, it is an essentially important ingredient that humans should take at least 3 days in a week. Omega-3 is the best food source for boosting the immunity level. Although it is present in many healthy food items that we usually take in our diet. But one food source, in which omega-3 is in the bulk is fish. Fish is that kind of white meat which is enriched with omega-3.

Unlike other kinds of meat, for instance red meat and chicken, white meat has this speciality that it doesn’t harm your body, by raising cholesterol level, uric acid and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Rather it gives you strength, energy and immunity without harming your body in any way. That is why omega- is considered to be a healthy food. Moreover, it has no extra oil and fat in it. So, under the present circumstance, in coronavirus stampede, one should consume vegetables and fruits in bulk. And to cover the need for meat and omega-3 fish is the best option to pick up.

The vitamin C Consumption in coronavirus:

Several debates have been made for vitamin C. And because no concrete statement has been made yet by any health professional in the World why vitamin C is proving positive for coronavirus cure, so it is kind of vague still. But the fact is that it is helping in curing the coronavirus patients.

Apart from the natural healthy food like oranges, lemon and other fruits and vegetables, doctors are giving vitamin C drips specifically to the patients of coronavirus. It miraculously boosts the immune system of the patient and gives him or her the extra strength to fight against the germ. And till now this kind of treatment or this drip has provided only benefit to the coronavirus patients instead of any harm. If anything is boosting your immunity it can not provide you any harm. Therefore, in the list of healthy food items, vitamin C has a significantly important place.

Vegetables are the most healthy food items:

Undoubtedly, vegetables have all the essential vitamins and minerals. All the nutritionists and physicians recommend having fruits and vegetables to keep the body active. These are the main source of healthy food. A significant population of the world is vegetarians. They don’t eat meat at all, rather cover their need for protein with dairy products and cheese etc.

In the European countries people eat meat which is half cooked or not fully cooked. It helps the germs to stay alive within the meat thus cause health issues. Vegetables on the other hand are considered as a healthy food because vegetables are so easy to cook, they have so many vitamins. They have oxygen and antioxidants. With mixing 2 to 3 specific vegetables together, you can even cover up the need of the meat. Therefore, when it comes to healthy food items, vegetables are certainly on one of the top numbers.

Can we count water in the list of healthy food items?

Above all, the thing that keeps us healthy apart from all the safety measures, is water. A better water intake not only keeps our body hydrated, but also saves us from many fatal diseases. Moreover, toxins like viruses and germs, with a better water intake flush out through urination.

The more you drink water and urinate, the better your health will be. Also, you will get rid of obesity. Because the extra fat will be removed from your intestines which eventually make your body active and of moderate size. It will prevent dehydration also. Hence, if someone is talking about healthy food items, water will be added to the conversation.

In the current position the doctors and health professionals are recommending people to drink plenty of water. The actual reason behind it to flush out the germs from the body. And luckily, it is working, apparently. Therefore, while taking healthy food in the coronavirus stampede, don’t forget to add water in it.

The final words:

Subsequently, A human life is too short to handle plague and viruses these days. The common age bracket for death is confined to 65 to 70 in the World nowadays. People are dying because the diet is not pure, the atmosphere isn’t clean, and people are submerged in various debts and loans to survive in the World. The inflation rate in most of the countries of the world is so high that a common person can not afford the basic necessities of life for example healthy food, better living and life insurance. But healthy food is the basic need of every person and even the right of every person.

And in this situation, when only one condition can save you from the havoc of coronavirus which is healthy food, then you must draw your attention to this aspect and make efforts regarding this thing. Because above all, healthy food is mandatory for every living being, with or without any pandemic.


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