Mood is something we don’t have control over. If mood is happy and jovial we feel ourselves in the air, if it is bad and sad, we can’t even make ourselves smile. I always have this conflict in my mind: what kind of authority do we think we have on ourselves? We tend to claim that we have complete control of ourselves, we know ourselves better than anyone else knows us. You may have seen people walking and asserting that the way they are managing themselves and controlling their urges and evil mindfulness, nobody could ever be able to do that. And these are the same people, who you will find bursting into tears or tearing things apart with anger somewhere in the crowd. 

Now the claim that they stated earlier about themselves, was quite a bragging statement one could ever pass about himself. And it is nullified with their actions later. You cannot predict your mood. This is something that is not in your hands completely. Yes, you can alter it by force and request yourself but you cannot completely control it. At some point of time your original inner feel about the matter will come out eventually and will expose you no matter how much better you show it.

Good or bad mood is the state of a mind: a psychological demeanour;

Mood is a psychological condition

Whether good or bad, a mood is a psychological demeanour. Which is redirected by the circumstances that are being followed by one after the other. The fluctuation between the good and bad circumstances causes variation in the mood. But if the circumstances are normal and life is moving smoothly, still you are having a bad mood or a feeling as if you want to cry or get angry or want to live alone then it’s not a normal behaviour. 

You are rather dealing with the episodes of depression. 

It’s a common mental condition. There is a marked difference between temporary depression and the disease of depression. The temporary depression will fade away and get cured when anything good or favourable happens. The mood of such a person gets jovial with the goodness of the situation and if he is crying while having depression, he will soon forget the pain.

In the disease of depression, the person’s mood always remains serious. He manages to remain serious and emotionless while sitting at a marriage venue or at a funeral. Such a person’s mood is unpredictable. He may start weeping without having any cause. Or may be fighting with a stranger out of a blue. The disease must have to be cured before anything bad happens. Because normal depression isn’t harmful but if it takes the shape of a disease, it can be fatalic. 

What are the signs of a conflicting mood? Symptoms and clues;

There are some visible and inevitable signs of bad mood. Especially when it comes to depression, bad mood is something that is persistent in this state. Even when the person is smiling or even laughing, sadness and irritation within that person. Some visible symptoms of suspiciously bad mood in depression includes;

  • Crying in silence or infront of people for petty things or for no reason.
  • The patient gets suspiciously silent. 
  • Insomnia.
  • Frustration.
  • Become Introverted. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Disinterested in chores.
  • losing friends or narrowing the circle.
  • Confining into a room or at home.
  • The patient gets too sensitive.
  • Negative thoughts and ideas come into the patient’s mind to end his/her life, to break up with society, to end the job or to flee from home to escape human interaction.

Not all the patients wait this much long to experience all the symptoms. Some patients just bear two or more and can’t handle the mood. They just end up committing suicide. However, suicide is not a solution it’s even more painful and disrespecting. Such people are ridiculed and mocked by the Society after taking such steps. Your mood can be diverted, changed and managed towards a better thing at the same time of thinking about the conflicting idea. If you are going to commit suicide just because your mood doesn’t remain happy for long. You have the toxic behaviour by far.

Main causes of a bad mood or a conflicting mood:

Sometimes people don’t understand the reason for their bad mood. Eventually they end up accusing other people for it or considering fault in their own personality. However, not your personality solely responsible for your conflicting mood nor others are entirely responsible for this condition. But both of the matters play their parts simultaneously that contribute to your bad mood. Other then this things that create irritation are;

  1. History of any fatal or even minor disease hoveres the feeling of depression and bad mood.
  2. Relationship’s complications.
  3. Stress.
  4. Anxiety. 
  5. Hectic lifestyle causes conflicted mood.
  6. First three months of pregnancy.
  7. Insomnia. 
  8. People who work double shifts in their jobs, often end up with an angry or bad mood.
  9. Age factors. 
  10.  Psychological disorders cause conflicted or bad moods.

There can be other reasons and factors too that can be attributed to your bad mood but these reasons have much to do with your lifestyle and profession as well.

Superbly effective strategies to reduce the chances of conflicted mood or rather change it into a better one:

Of course, there are some sound and attractive methods to work on your bad mood and reduce the chances of anger and rage to maximum. The trucks will be discussed with you here line by line to elaborate the matter. Methods includes;

First things first! Make up your mind:

Primarily, you have to make up your mind and get yourself ready for the change. Once you make yourself agree to the thing that you want to change your habitual bad mood, your inner self will help you profoundly to get out of the trouble. If you are not willing from the inside and just doing it at the cost of other’s happiness, then there is no way you can bring the change in you. Change inevitably comes when someone is ready from the inside.  Remember that if you are angry with you, first work on that matter. 

Take a healthy diet, skip junk food:

This may sound weird but having junk food in bulk most of the time in a day will cause trouble in your behaviour and in your overall health. Such people get lazy and inactive. They tend to become rude and annoying. The more healthy food you take, the more active and jovial you will be. For a better mood, eat fruits and drink their juices. Having grilled meat also brings good change but not regularly. 

Sweet food items like desserts release the happy hormones from your brain and better your mood. But this does not mean that you should eat desserts all the time. It will cause obesity, diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol levels. All in all, having a healthy and organic diet helps enough to better your mood.

You aren’t perfect! Neither do the other people. Accept the fact:

Relationships are not complicated, it’s we who make it complex. When we people get into any relationship, we expect the other person to be perfect, no matter if we are perfect for them or not. And that’s where the problem starts. This further causes trouble in paradise and a constant conflict in both parties’ moods. We need to accept the fact that all of us are humans and full of errors. We should not consider the other person as an angel and allow him or her to commit mistakes and then recover from those mistakes. If we expect to be forgiven instantly, we should do this to others first. It will not only be peaceful for other people’s minds, it will be soothing for our own mood as well.

Do any sort of exercises to grant solace to your mood:

Exercises are your biggest companion. Exercises bring you solitude and peace. You get some alone time to talk to yourself, energise yourself, work on your conflicted mood and placate yourself for anything that is disturbing you. Exercises bring positive change into one’s personality. When people get into  shape, they tend to get more polite and loving. Such people’s mood will always be happy and full of contentment.

Make yourself busy in any sort of noble activity to better your mood:

Humanity for better mood

Nobility, humanity and people’s care, these are those things that bring change and peace to one’s mind. Those people who do social work or help the poor, they always remain the happy people. Such people may struggle to get things right, but once they are done, their mind and mood takes them to the right place. So to bring positive change into your personality, do good with people, be good with people. To attain inner happiness and happy mood do something noble and pious. It could be anything. From storing water in pots at your rooftop for birds, to helping a poor family to feed. Nobility knows no bounds. And if the cost of your content mood is doing something virtuous, then it’s not a big deal.

The final words:

As I said earlier, you can’t control your mood, but you can make efforts to make it right. A human mood can be conflicted and sad even without no reasons. It is natural and normal. What is not normal is keeping that kind of mood and not doing anything to make it right. There are millions of things you can do to better your mood, divert your mind to something good and forget the cause. Sometimes bad moods make us rude and annoying and even let us commit bad deeds. So it is very important to improve your behaviour and mood. Before anything bad happens. 


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