Your body is a machine. Nature has remarkably done a tremendous job in order to create a masterpiece like our body. It has numerous functions and some great helping organs and parts of the body, with which in daily life, we take advantage and help. In this process, just because it is a machine, its organs and parts sometimes, shut down due to constant in order and workload and initially cause the pain.

Your skeleton is the strongest structure in your body. Your other body organs may get weak and injured due to any minor accident or fall. But your bones will not easily hurt or distributed by any minor problem. It will only hurt if you do something unusual to it. All your bones structurally, integrated with your backbone. The legs, arms, and neck are connected with the backbone. So trouble in the backbone can be because of over working by neck, arms and legs. These problems can be cured within days. But the pain that takes time in fading is the pain in your back.

You can avoid the other sort of pain, but you cannot avoid this type of pain. It is so persistent that can’t be ignored. It can’t let you do any of your work with complete attention. Unless you do something for it.

People Who Victimized of it more often;

It only pick those who let their backbone suffer for days or for months. Our bony structure is very powerful in this manner. It doesn’t hurt or get pain easily. We get back pain only then, when we put extra pressure on our backbone. People who stand for hours, who sits for hours and who lay down for hours get caught up in it.

Regardless of gender, it can be developed in any body, in any age, under any circumstances. The only condition is if you let your spinal cord remain in the same posture for hours, you will invite the pain. The ratio for it has increased since the last few years. The reason behind this is the race, in which we all have put ourselves into, forcefully. The race of being able to touch the sky. For this, we work for hours, Whether whatever is the nature of the work we do.

What Causes the Pain?

The causes of the pain are many. Some of them are known to people while some of them are not known. Because those causes are hidden inside your body and only through complete examining, you can find out what is wrong there that become the cause of your pain. However, possible causes are:

Causes of Back Pain
  • After the age of 50, back pain can occur, even without much significant reason.
  • Sitting for long hours.
  • Ruptured disk.
  • Arthritis.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Smoking.
  • Standing for long hours.
  • Obesity.
  • Improper diet, that doesn’t contain any source of calcium.
  • Lifting heavy weight.
  • Not exercising much.
  • Muscle strain.
  • Spinal ligaments.
  • An accident.
  • Falling from something.

Minor causes including;

Renowned Symptoms;

Although causes don’t require any specific age or gender of it. But symptoms for it vary according to the age of the patient and gender of the patient. An old person will have to deal with the acute symptoms of it. Whereas a young person will receive a little less symptoms of it that he/she can bear. Similarly, older people will be cured in many days, while younger people will take a couple of days in relieving from it. These symptoms include:

  1. A sudden sharp pain in the upper or lower back.
  2. Can’t move because of pain, if lean downward or on any side.
  3. Feeling pain during sitting on a chair after standing for a while.
  4. Can’t play any game because of a tired body.
  5. Feeling pain in the lower back after waking up from the bed in the morning.
  6. Feeling pain while lifting weight.
  7. Pain, during changing the side in bed.
  8. After driving the car or riding on a bike.
  9. After any physical activity like dance, run, play or swim.
  10. Feeling acute pain going upstairs.

Is Lower or Upper Pain in the back a Sign of Backbone Cancer?

It’s a common belief that if a person is having back pain for quite some time, then he or she may have backbone cancer. This is absolutely wrong. You cannot pass such statement on merely an assumption. It has nothing to do with backbone cancer if the pain is temporary or for a few days. You can have backbone cancer only if it is inherited or the nature of your profession is really tough and physical that requires your backbone input ruthlessly or you smoke more than enough or a disorder in your backbone by birth.

Temporary back pain which occurs due to some unusual activity, has nothing to do with the backbone cancer. It’s normal, it can be cured. For complete satisfaction and assuring, go to the doctor and run some tests. The truth will come out.

Best Treatments;

Just because this type of pain is so common in people these days, that’s why its treatments are in numbers. In the past, people didn’t understand with which remedy the patient will be cured, but now in modern times, it has hundreds of ways to be cured. These treatments are classified according to the gender and age of the patient.

For instance, young people will get different treatment, older people will be satisfied with different types of cures and for pregnant ladies the treatment will be changed from the rest. And these treatments have proven to be able to cure the patient successfully.

1.Supporting Belt;

treatement of back pain

This is one of the best treatment for all ages. Wearing a belt, that has a plastic or fibre plate like support that would be placed on your back will be suffice to relief you instantly from this pain. Different brands have lounged these sort of belts in the market. These belts help your backbone to remain straight while sitting, laying on bed and standing and release the pressure from the backbone and within an hour fade away the back pain. 

2.Physical Therapy;

Physical therapy is another way to get rid of back pain. Through therapy you can be cured from back pain. This is the long term process. Means, physical therapy takes weeks or sometimes months to give sound results. Your physician will recommend you come over for at least 5 days in a week where you will be undergoing the physical therapy for an hour or half,according to the back pain you are having. As fast as your pain fades, gradually your physician will lower down the intensity of the physical therapy.

3.Surgeries for Backbone or Ruptured Disk;

Surgeries are the ultimate solution for it. If your back pain is chronic and acute that cannot be cured by other mentioned treatments,  then your doctor will suggest surgery for it. This will release the pain and also if you have backbone cancer, surgery will the best option for you. Ruptured disk will also require surgery and treatments similar to this. Sometimes ruptured disk cured by physical therapy only. But people who are 50+ and have similar problems like back pain, requires surgery.


Experts have designed some very effective and specific exercises for back pain. Regular practice of these exercises will not only fade away back pain, but also keep you fit and active as long as it is concerned. Laying on the floor with straight legs and arms and then gradually curve upward and downward and then releases the posture will soothe the pain. These exercises will also release muscle strain. Moreover, running and fast walk will also work well in back pain.

Exercise gives boost and energy to the bones and thus cure the pain. By doing exercise you will shed some extra weight. Sometimes nothing is wrong with your backbone or spinal cord but obesity comes in the way. You extra weight cause pain and also swell your feet. You can’t run, you can walk and eventually you, yourself stem the root of back pain. So doing exercise is a double deal. You will get relief from and will also shed extra weight and become slim and fit physically.

5.Quit Smoking;

quit smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health.” This statement is true to all manners. Smoking causes trouble not only for your lungs, but also other body parts too. A packet of cigarettes in a day will reduce a year from your life. Smoking destroys your life in many ways. Believe it or not, smoking cause different pains in the majority of the world. Tobacco weakens your bones and dries the calcium into your bones.

That eventually causes back pain. The intensity of back pain will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke in a day. If you are a chain smoker, back pain will be acute and persistent.And if you smoke 5 to 7 cigarettes in a day, this pain, even then will be chronic. But if you smoke just for fun or changing the taste, then back pain will be mild and bearable. The sooner you quit smoking, the easier you will get relief from it.

The Bottom Line;

Back pain indeed, a very irritating and frustrating condition of the body. The patient don’t find solace in any situation until it gone for good. Try to have a balance and healthy lifestyle according to the demands of your body. Maintain your weight. Obesity cause big time problem for your backbone and eventually call forth back pain.Eat healthy as much as you can. Add all the important ingredients into your diet that are good for your bones.

If you are the patient of arthritis, dairy products will be beneficial for you. Even if you aren’t, milk and other products similar to it will help you strengthen your bones. In fruits, banana is rich with calcium and magnesium, a great source of demand ingredients for the bones and for it. Fish is another source of omega 3 and hence, required in the pain. With a little more effort, you will surely be able to ditch back pain for a long time.


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