Even though the maximum area of the world is filled with water, but that water is not drinkable. Most of the regions of the world are lacking the drinkable water and thus, people who live there, are suffering from dehydration. If you take a look at Ethiopia, some of the tribal areas in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa, you will get to know, that the majority of the people, who live there, don’t have drinkable water.

Even for other household activities like cooking, cleaning and laundry. These people remain severely dehydrated most of the time and casualties due to dehydration are a common issue of such areas. Especially, pregnant women and children. Dehydration is an acute problem of the time and this must have to be solved in the world on a serious basis.

Am I dehydrated only because I didn’t drink water?

People have this believe that those who don’t drink water, suffering from dehydration. But it doesn’t happen only because you didn’t drink water. Dehydration is a health condition when your body loss too much fluid. It could be in any shape. Whether due to water, or excessive sweating, or secretion or anything. Because the only source on which we can depend blindly is water, as every kind of beverage made with the composition of water that is why not drinking water is considered to be the major cause of dehydration.

For example, if you drink two glasses of water in a day, 2/4 part of water release in the urine 1/4% water extract in the shape of sweat and remaining water consume by the kidney. Then there is no water for your blood, for gal bladder, for skin and for the other necessities of the body. In such scenario, your body will be ultimately dehydrated and its major parts can’t function properly. And the results could be devastating. Elder people however, survive a couple of days with dehydration. But infants and especially children receive a severe consequences of dehydration.

Classification of the stages of dehydration:

Do you know that your body consumes water, when you breath. When you exhale, the water is consumed by the body in the process. Other than this, your stool also contains an amount of water in it. With the water, there are salt also that you lose from your body, when it releases. Means that when your body sweats or you pass the urine, the amount of salt from your body also extracts along with the water.

The amount of salt that release from the body is less than the amount of water that is released. Our body do the job to adjust the measures of water and salt and maintain a balance. But when you lost too much water and salt, dehydration kicks in. And the stages of dehydration are;

  1. The mild stage.
  2. The moderate stage.
  3. The severe stage.

In the first two stages, the situation can be under control by taking fluids through the mouth and restore the balance. But the severe stage of dehydration not only required medical attention, but also fluids intake will be through drips and medical treatments. It is seen in most cases that deaths are reported due to moderate and severe stage of dehydration.

Water and sanitation conditions of the world; an overview:

Water conditions in the world is not so satisfactory unfortunately. A majority of the world dies every decade due to uncleansed water. The sanitation is not proper in the most regions of the world. https://www.theshreds.org/you-can-get-rid-of-smoking-with-these-super-effective-methods/ Africa, Karachi, Ethiopia, and other under developed countries are lacking the basic facility of clean water.

The majority of the world doesn’t have the basic education about hygiene and cleanliness. Billions of people don’t even have the access to clean and drinkable water. A minimum amount of the people drinks, clean water. In some areas of the world, people actually pay money to acquire clean water and the venders take the price of the choice to provide the facility. In a developed country, where a person uses clean water to flush, that amount of water can be used by hundred of people to drink. This is pathetic.

Diarrhoea and dehydration:

It is very catastrophic to know, that in the last few decades, the number of people who died to diarrhoea and malaria more than people died in the World War II. And in this number, children are around 80% who died due to diarrhoea and dehydration. When a child is suffering from vomiting and loose motions, too much fluid, eliminate from his body and therefore, dehydration occurs.

Diarrhoea and dehydration

Adults, on the other hand, even if face dehydration, they cover up the deficiency in a few days. But a child, who have a minimum amount of water and fluid in his body, when face diarrhoea, can’t make it. Especially when the stage is moderate or severe.  

Main causes of dehydration:

Not drinking enough water is not only a cause of dehydration. It has many. That you don’t even know. Sometimes, dehydration develops just because you are ill or not feeling well. Or you are on some medicines. Sometimes dehydration occurs in a person because he/she eat something that soak up all the water from the body. Other significant reasons are;

  1. Not drinking enough water due to cold weather or any other reason.
  2. Diarrhoea, loose motions and vomiting.
  3. Fever and chills.
  4. Sweating due to very hot, humid weather conditions.
  5. Frequent urination.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. Loss fluids due to certain medicines.
  8. Blood pressure.
  9. Sun exposure for a long time.
  10. Standing for long hours.

The nature of the profession, gender and age also determine the causes of dehydration. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dehydration/ For instance, a man needs a bit more water than a woman. Especially when he is working outside. Similarly, school going children demands more liquid intake then the old people with the 70+ age.

How can I find out if I am suffering from dehydration?

The symptoms of dehydration are very visible and recognizing. One can easily identify if he/she is dehydrated. Young people don’t feel thirsty unless they are dehydrated. But these symptoms can be visibly seen in children and infants. Such symptoms are;

  • Very dry tongue and mouth.
  • Crying without tears (especially in infants and children)
  • Children and infants don’t pass urine for almost three hours.
  • Deep, lifeless eyes.
  • Flat cheeks and dry skin.
  • A feeling of extreme thirst.
  • Less urination and yellow coloured urine.
  • Dizziness or drowsiness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Heat spots on skin.
  • Itching and irritation in the eyes.

Symptoms could be varied according to the person’s age, gender and profession and lifestyle.

5 super effective tips to prevent dehydration in the first place:

In such case, when dehydration is affecting millions of people, then it’s really important to find out those ways and methods that can help ditch dehydration. Therefore, 5 magically effective tips have been mentioned here, which not only help you to ditch dehydration, but also will improve the quality of life. Such as;

Water is life, drink as much as you can.

Of course, this can go without saying that water is life and one of the biggest tools to prevent dehydration. One should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day with or without cold climate. Don’t make an excuse that just because you are living in the cold region of the world, that’s why you can’t drink this much water.

Now, like you are aware of the fact that water is consumed by the body, even when you breath, then its very important for every individual to drink required amount of water. However, drink water with a rhythm. Means that, sipping is the best option. Gulping can cause extra pressure on the body. https://www.theshreds.org/how-can-you-give-up-alcohol/ Dehydration can ditch on a certain extent by drinking water. It will also help you to lose weight and keep your skin vibrant.

Wear those clothes that suit your body and the weather you live in.

Most of the time people wear those clothes, which are in the fashion. Prior to notice that are those clothes according to the season or not. In the subcontinent, where the hot and humid weather stays a bit longer than the cold weather, people often wear pants, shirts of the thick stuff and stockings in the outdoor activities, like in offices, schools and colleges. Doing so, invite dehydration. The clothes must be according to the seasons. Wearing thick clothes cause sweating and moisture loss.

And eventually the person starts feeling thirsty and dehydrated. Sweating and frequent urination in the summer, immediately develop dehydration. And as a result the person’s lips would be chirping and dry. The summer season requires clothes with light colour and light fabric. Whereas thick, knitted clothes are the demand of winter. Cotton is one of the best options for the summer to avoid dehydration.

Moreover, the clothes must be stitched in loose fitting. Too much tightly stitched clothes also cause sweating and moisture loss. Even if they are of light fabric.

Caffeine and nicotine are the major cause of dehydration.

treatment for Dehydration

If you don’t know it, take it from here. Caffeine and nicotine are two those things that harm the human body in many ways. Alcohol causes frequent urination, thus ultimately leads to dehydration. Whereas, caffeine and nicotine dries the kidney. https://www.theshreds.org/the-winters-love-coffee-and-its-health-benefits/ Caffeine also causes frequent urination.

Those who smokes or drinks tea excessively, water get soaked up from the body and hence such people suffer from dehydration. Not only that, but nicotine and alcohol use cause other devastating effects on human health too. These things cause cancer, ulcers and other health problems too. Women who eat more chocolates and similar items, suffer from dehydration.

Those vegetables and fruits which are full of water, highly beneficial in dehydration.

Apart from drinking water, it’s really important to eat those food items which have adequate amount of water in it. Because you cannot drink water all the time. It will put extra pressure on your renal area. Add those seeds in the diet, which are watery. With that use salad every day, preferably in the lunch to ditch dehydration.

Even if you are suffering from diarrhoea, even then drink water, whether a few sips. Because due to extreme loose motion and vomiting, the body gets dehydrated already. That is what it is really necessary to drink water and have those fruits and vegetables, which have the decent amount of water. It will help you to maintain the amount of water in the body. You can also use ORS to reduce dehydration.

Energy drinks and sports drinks should be taken while doing exercise.

Because when you are working out, your body rapidly reducing moisture and water by sweating. If you don’t hydrate your body during the process, you will be severely dehydrated. Drinking a cup of water at least four hours before exercise will grant additional immunity to the body. A moderate cup of water or any sports drink during the exercise should be taken.

And a small amount of water after the exercise must be taken when you are sitting freely. This process will keep your body away from dehydration and make it more active and healthy. But not drinking water during, before and after exercise will brings bad results. You will not find yourself able to do exercise on the next day. Doing such step will not only keep you hydrated, but also maintains your heart health and overall quality of life.

Some important precautions and prevention for dehydration:

Don’t wait to drink water to only when you are thirsty. Especially, when you are old. Because older people have less levels of water and glucose in their bodies. Moreover, because people with this age are weak, their body soaks more water. Therefore, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is mandatory for all age groups. Apart from the water, you can have juice and citrus contained beverages. They also reduce dehydration.

Try not to skip your meals. Balanced diet is not only important to avoid the risks of dehydration, but also improve the overall health. https://www.theshreds.org/10-easy-ways-to-get-rid-of-junk-food/ When you are sleeping in the night, make sure that the water bottle is in your access. Sleeping whole night long without a sip of water will cause dehydration of moderate level.

Vitamins and minerals are the second essential ingredient that should be taken to reduce the risk of developing dehydration. Vitamin and mineral can be easily found in fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you’d diet have all these items included. Give up alcohol and drugs. These types of things affect the quality of life. And become a cause of ruining the person’s life. Engage an active and functional lifestyle. Try to stay happy most of the time in a day.


Since the global warming is increasing day by day, so much so the bad impact of dehydration in the human body. It’s a complicated condition when it turns into a second or third stage. Even deaths have been reported due to the severe stage of dehydration. And unfortunately, children get victimised of dehydration more often than the elder. It is, however important to make efforts for dehydration in the first place.

https://www.theshreds.org/sleep-deprivation-and-its-riddance/ You should take with yourself water or any sort of energy drink with you if the type of your work demands your presence outside most of the time in a day.


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