Did you ever wonder about having such an efficient organ like stomach?  That has the capacity to digest any sort of food in an hour or half without much difficulty. Did you even try to think for once that what type of tissue does your stomach has? That even after a fever or food poisoning or vomiting, with some medications and prevention’s, your stomach goes back again to its previous routine and start digesting food again. It doesn’t need any stomach cramps remedy to get back to its older way or any stomach cramps medicine.

Not only this, but also stays calm when you provide it no food for hours. It is said that our stomach is way stronger organ of our body than the rest. And it is truly so. But every machinery has a weakness.When you put pressure on any of your organs beyond to its capacity, then you should have to be ready for the reactions. Same rules apply to stomach also. When you go beyond your limits, you end up with stomach cramps.

stomach cramps reasons

Stomach Cramps! A Situation that is hard to Ignore;

Of course! Stomach cramps cannot be ignored. Even a dead man can stand up, if having stomach cramps. Because the pain is this much sharp and stinging that you cannot hold for long. Stomach is like a clock. A ringing machine that work seven when you sleep. It is always in working order and thus extremely hot from inside because of its constant working form. Cramps actually occur when your machinery means stomach, stops working or cool down to the core. Cramps are basically a sharp unbearable pain that occurs because of stomach get cold.

Stomach Cramps Targets Women more than Men;

Yes! That’s right. And the reason is totally acceptable. Because, as compared to a man, a woman eats more spices,junk food, drink beverages and during pregnancy and periods, some women have the tendency to eat more than they need. Overeating and eating regardless of time become a big cause of stomach cramps. Moreover on the contrary, women who don’t eat much or even worse, who don’t eat even which is demanded, have to deal with stomach cramps. Because both situations aren’t normal. So in both cases,women end up moaning with stomach cramps.

Men on the other hand, because works outside and has to deal with so many things simultaneously in a day, so that have to feed properly before getting their selves into things they have to do.That’s why men ate found more punctual in proper eating and eating on time. Because they don’t have to be pregnant so they don’t put pressure on their stomach and eat on a moderate scale through the big course of their lives. Hence, stomach cramps stays far from men as compared to women.

Renowned Causes;

The causes for stomach cramps could be many. It would solely develop according to the person’s lifestyle and the choices he/she made for his daily pursuits. The age factor is also can’t be ignored. Any long term disease and medication regarding those disease can cause stomach cramps. Sometimes, stomach cramps are temporary because they develop in the reaction to some unusual activity you have done. And sometimes stomach cramps invite themselves often because of some long term disease you are having or some disease you don’t know about yet.
Common causes include:

Causes for stomach cramps
  • Ibs; irresistible bowel syndrome.
  • Constipation.
  • Diarrhoeal.
  • Food allergies.
  • Gas problems.
  • Vomiting.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Gall bladder infection.
  • Stress.
  • GERD.
  • Long term illness and medicine regarding it.
  • Crohn disease.

How do you figure out for future Stomach Cramps? Early Signs;

It’s not so hard to guess. Your body works like a time machine. If something serious cooking up in your body, your body will immediately give you signs for it. Because body will not tolerate anything unusual in the body. Its working mechanism is very strict as far as consistency is concerned. So anything that is alien to the body will immediately signify by the brain and then reactions would be processed. If you are going to have stomach cramps in future you will:

  1. Not digest your food properly, or maximum only for two days.
  2. Have vomiting maximum in a week.
  3. Bloating,every time you eat something.
  4. Frequent gas discharge, even after drinking water.
  5. Loose motions. https://www.theshreds.org/10-ways-to-get-a-healthy-stomach-naturally/
  6. Constipation,or even worse stools with blood.
  7. Stress and heavy head.
  8. Not having enough sleep.
  9. Nature’s call (often in a day)
  10. Uranic dysfunction.

Things you’ve to deal with before and with this problem;

There are some really vivid and constant signals and situations with which you can predict which kind of illness, you are going to deal with. Stomach cramps is not something silent and needle like that you can’t identify. The feeling, the pain is just this much sharp that you cannot ignore it. Moreover, while having pain or cramps or before stomach cramps, vomiting will be started.

It is seen in some people those have a serious stomach problem will have blood in their vomiting. Also constant vomiting is seen in stomach cramps. It is due to pain. Bloating is also reported. Fever is seen among patients who have a less active and strong immune system. Loose motions are also found out as the aftermath in stomach cramps.Apart from all these, other symptoms vary according to a person’s age, gender, lifestyle and eating disorders.

Best Treatments for Stomach Cramps even at Home;

remedies for stomach cramps

No matter how much bigger and worse the disease is, it can still be cured. Now the thing is how much time it will take?Will it be cured with medicine or with home remedies? The answer is the nature of the disease at initial stages is very mild. It can be cured at home. When you pay no attention in the initial stages and symptoms of a disease, only then it gets worse and then you need medical attention to cure it.

Similarly, stomach cramps, if are on early stages, means if you have stomach cramps for once or twice, it can be easily cured at home. Even if you have stomach cramps for four to five times due to some wrong eating or as a side effect of some medicines, even then it can be cured. Medicines will prescribe only when the situation gets worse and the patient experience stomach cramps almost daily that can only soothe if taken medication. Home remedies for stomach cramps are really easy and effective. And proved to be sound as long as results are concerned. Such as:

1. Heat;

Heat and warmth, two similar objects that soothe you immensely in both relationships and stomach aching, no pun intended.If you have temporary stomach cramps, heat will soothe you within an hour or two. Have a hot water bottle place on your stomach and lay down on bed for two hours. With a passage of time, the pain will ease. Stomach pain usually occur when your stomach gets cold. So give heat to your stomach will be very beneficial.

2. Chamomile Tea;

Chamomile is basically a flower. Its tea is not only good for health and weight loss but it is also a great source of health for your stomach. And in stomach aching it will work like a healer on the wound. During stomach problem chamomile tea intake twice or more will give energy and warmth to your cold stomach. Its healing properties will give additional advantages to your body. Chamomile is good for your skin as well. https://www.theshreds.org/scratch-on-human-skin-and-its-treatments/  It works like a purifier on your skin. In ancient times, people use to rub chamomile on face to get radiant skin tone.

3. Medications;

 Of course, medicines will certainly get you what you want in even short span of time. But medicines should always take when you can’t bear the pain. Try to have other options too. Taking the heavy amount of medicines will weak your immune system. Effective home remedies sometimes relief your temporary pain and itches. But don’t torture yourself by not taking medicine, if you are having an intense sort of stomach pain.

Seek medical attention immediately and have a capsule that is solely relevant to stomach cramps. Medication not only relief the pain but will also make sure of not reverse the situation if the patient completes the medicine course regarding stomach cramps.

4. Massage over Your Stomach mouth;

This will relax the muscles of your stomach and give it back the strength it lost. Messaging over the mouth of the stomach during stomach cramps with an oil which is hot by nature will magically relax the stomach tissues and muscles and lower down the cramps. Massage is the Chinese therapy for stomach pain. Giving massage with soft hand on your stomach will ease the other muscles of your belly as well. So if you have mild stomach pain and discomfort, try a set of massage twice in a day with hot oil.

5.Above all, Rest!

We don’t need to explain how much important rest is in stomach discomfort. And the patient can’t even work itself.Rest is very important. Laying on the bed covering the stomach completely is itself a treatment. This will loose the String muscles and relax your body. You will feel light. Doing work during the stomach pain will be a bad idea. If you give heat and sleep in this period, stomach cramps will be gone by the time you wake up again. Rest is very important in stomach cramps.

The Bottom Line; 

Stomach problem and pain is not something less important. You need to figure out the cause and make sure to get rid of it meantime. Have healthy food. It’s our carelessness in food intake that leads us further in stomach pain. Exercise will also make our bodies energetic and perfect. Try to add exercise in your daily life schedule. Drink plenty of water. Avoid junk good as much as you can. It is junk food that destroys your stomach tissue and health. Wash your hand every time you eat something and before bed. Bacteria, when on your hands will bring bad health and illness to you. And this will lead you straight towards stomach issues. So take good care of yourselves and skip stomach problems.


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