Life would be so boring if there’s no difficulty. Difficult scenario and problems teaches us how to survive in complex situations. It’s the 21st century. Life is very busy and hectic here. So in such heavy schedule sometimes our health suffers. If you are less ignorant towards your health, you will have minor health issues like fever,flu, headache and cough. All these minor issues can be cured with moderate medication. But if you don’t take these conditions seriously, this could be fatal to the extent. Especially when it comes to cough. Cough has a direct link to your lungs and if you don’t take your cough that exceeded from two to three days it would be dangerous. Hence, cough remedies are highly required to be acknowledged.

What actually happens With Your Lung When You Cough?

Your lung are the natural purifier. The air that enters into your body when you breathe or inhale and exhale. So if the air is polluted and when it passes through your lungs, your lung tissues works like a stainer and cleaner the air for your body. Thus bring the clean air to the varied areas of the body where oxygen is needed. So if the air is much more polluted even more to your lung capacity, eventually you will have temporary cough. It depends on the atmosphere of your surroundings that in how much time you will get relief from this cough. This situation not only get you cough, but also it also destroys the health of your lungs.

Renowned Causes of Cough;

There are some renowned causes of cough that are very vivid and hard to ignore. Unfortunately, these causes are so big.Normally diseases have minor causes that can be avoided to remain indoors. But the things that causes cough are somehow bigger than the other. These causes are;

causes of cough

Global Picture of Cough among People;

The global ratio regarding cough a bit high. Because people nowadays live in a more pollution than ever before. It is assumes that 4 out of 10 are infected with cough. Severe or mild cough, that depends on the age, scenario and gender. Western countries are infected with this health issue more than eastern countries. Because people in Europe drink alcohol and smoke more the eastern people. So even in Europe trees and plants are placed in the gap of a foot, but still people get cough due to their own personal uses and habits. It is due to that patient of tuberculosis and asthma are high in number. And the death ratio is also in large number respectively.

Who Becomes More Victim of it? Men or Women?

This debate needs no proofs. Of course men drink more and smoke more that’s why men are more infected with a problem like this. The human body has the capacity to bear the decent amount of tough time. But when you get ruthless to your body, your body retaliate in reaction. And cough is the first and foremost result in the shape of the reaction. Men, lives harder life than women that’s why they get infected with cough more often and more intensely than women.

How to Get Rid of Cough? 5 Awesome Remedies;

Indeed, there are million remedies to get rid of such discomfort even within an hour or two. However, it will be temporary. But with a constant treatment with patience, you can get rid of cough for a long time. Complex health conditions such as asthma and tuberculosis needs proper medications and professional medical assistance to cure the problem. But if you have a minor cough due to any temporary reason, this can be cured with some great source even at home. These remedies are:

1, Honey, in any Shape! Raw or in Tea;

treatment for cough

Honey is the best source to clam your throat. It’s a sort of antibiotic. Honey nowadays is used by pharmacists in many of the medicines. It is considered as an antidote for the situation for centuries. If you have a rapid cough round for about five minutes, honey will then soothe your throat and full of rash glands. Honey has such properties that not only sweeten your mouth and throat, but also give your throat enough time to not cough again. Take a tablespoon of honey when you have a round of cough and don’t drink water or any liquid after that for five minutes. You will feel relax and calm.

2, Gargles! With Salt and Hot Water;

Gargles are the best remedy for your throat. Whether you have a cough or sore throat, or blocked glands gargles help you relief the tension. We are living in the space age.Where everything is in a race. So if you belong to the working class, then you should do gargles every time you come back home to save yourself from future short of breath. Take mild hot water, add salt in it and then gargles for three to four times if you have a cough.

3, Ginger! The merciful king for Cough;

Ginger is considered to be an antibiotic for many diseases. Ginger has such properties that help to calm and cure many of your health problems. Adding smashed ginger in honey or in the tea can magically relax your throat if you have a cough. Ginger oriented medicine actually use in asthma. Because asthma is a chronic disease and such problem goes high in this disease that’s why ginger is always recommended for cough. People in ancient times use to have ginger tea to clean the throat. Singers in even modern world take honey with ginger to clear the throat and have sound, healthy irritating free throat. So if you have a it, ginger is the best solution for it.

4, Heat and Hot Bandage;

This is the most reliable way to get rid of cough in half an hour. Hot bandage around your neck with the addition of vex or other heat giving creams can relax the muscles of your neck and stops the rapid cough in an hour. Heat is always been a better solution for narrow breathing. For temporal, or even in tuberculosis, if you apply vex and cover your neck with hot bandage, you will find yourself relaxing and cough free as the time passes. A bandage will give ample relaxation to your tensed tissues of your throat and stop the rapid episode of it.

5, Better Your Liquid Intake in Cough;

how to deal with treatment

When you have a condition like this, your throat gets dry and scaly. In this situation you need to have liquids as much as you can. In the period of cough, try to have liquid in the shape of water, tea, green tea or other liquid. Have some cough repellent syrups that help to soothe your throat. In this manner, Mint plays an important role to calm your throat. Frequent use of water will relax the dry tissues keep it wet and halt the continuous period of this intriguing situation. The more your liquid intake is better the greater you will be immune from cough.

Some Important Precautions Regarding it;

There are some important precautions regarding this condition that, if adopted, will be suffice to prevent the short of breath for a longtime. If you are dealing with a cough, try to avoid dusty places. Going to such will invite it deliberately. Add morning walk into your schedule. Because when you inhale and exhale in the morning your lungs stretch widely and it gives room oxygen to fill in the required areas of the body.

Thus, it relaxes the strained veins of the throat. Use medicine and syrup to relief a scaly throat. It’s not good to have cough for long. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Don’t sit around people who smoke. Smoking is a killing spree for a disturbed throat. Elevate your head whenever lay down in bed. Never lay in bed without a pillow. You will have a horrible episode of sneezing and snuffing period if do so. Always have some sort of sweet eatable thing after every meal. It will keep wet your throat and prevent cough.

The Takeaway;

Anything is possible in this world if we tend to change our destiny. sneezing and bad throat isn’t something that can’t be cured if temporary. And even if it’s chronic like asthma it can be cured with proper medications. Today, even tuberculosis can be cure with profound treatment,whereas in the past tuberculosis and cough related to it was considered as a poison in the air. People leaves alone that person who has a cough or tuberculosis.

But in this modern age everything is possible, every disease can be cured and so much so a shortage of breath. So don’t take your cough lightly. Do anything you can to relax your throat and calm your breathing.


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