Normally, the majority of the world has this belief that you will always have morning sickness only when you are pregnant. And it has proven with millions of cases. That when a woman is passing her trimester most probably the first three months, she has to deal with morning sickness for instance, vomiting and nausea, early in the morning. This condition stops on its own right after three months of pregnancy and the lady feels as if she didn’t have this feeling ever in her life. But if morning sickness happens without being pregnant then you really have to find out the cause. Because if it is not happening due to pregnancy then it may have some trouble.

What are the common symptoms of morning sickness?

With or without being pregnant, morning sickness has almost the same symptoms. That may vary with genders, age and overall health. But general symptoms will be the same. These symptoms includes;

Abdomen pain in morning sickness
  • Nausea.
  • vomiting. 
  • Heavy head.
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Psychological complication, for instance the patient wants to cry right after waking up for no reason.
  • Headache.
  • Body pain. 
  • Unable to pass any sort of liquid, even water.
  • Fatigue.
  • Pain in the abdominal area.
  • Frequent urination

There can be more symptoms according to the patient’s age, gender and lifestyle. And most often it is the lifestyle that causes morning sickness.

What are those main causes which attribute to morning sickness primarily except for pregnancy?

To get rid of such unhappy mornings, you have to look up for the causes that are creating the problem in the first place. And for that matter, view these causes mentioned below. Such as;

  1. Your improper diet: Apart from pregnancy, the thing that causes morning sickness is your improper diet. An unhealthy diet which does not fulfil the demands of a human body, will not be sufficient to help it when needed. And a human body needs strength in the morning until it takes some food. That is why if your diet is improper or you are not taking your meals on time, it will certainly cause you morning sickness. Which will end up nauseating in the morning, you will feel unable to drink water, will lose your appetite and don’t want to eat your breakfast. 

A proper diet includes vitamin, minerals, protein,and carbohydrates. And if you keep skipping these essentials and opt for dieting, it will reduce all the essential strength of your body, stored previously. So to prevent morning sickness, you must have a proper diet.

  1. Insomnia/lack of sleep and morning sickness: The universe has created day and night for a particular purpose. This purpose is too important to understand. A day is for work and night is set for rest and sleep. When people opt to stay awake at night and sleep all day long, it badly disturbs and irritates their body and its functions. The person gains extra weight. And becomes fat. Also his or her gets distracted and depressed when awake. Binge eating is another issue. And the person and up with morning issues. 

Because even if we adopt this habit for long, we cannot adopt it throughout our lives. At some point we have to quit insomnia and when we do so, morning sickness kicks in. When a person awakens at night and sleeps late, the first bad thing happens is the loss of appetite. The urge to eat something in the morning fades away. And that’s the main route to morning sickness. 

  1. Stress, anxiety and its relation with morning sickness: Yes there is a biggest relationship between anxiety and morning sickness. You may have heard the word PTSD. It’s a proper mental condition. In which the patient deals with psychological complications. This condition affects the human body as well along with mental stability. Similarly, when you take tension and stress of a particular problem for too long and havors that problem onto yourself, it eventually causes morning sickness. 
Stress and morning sickness

Some people say that taking too much tension causes stomach problems and heartburn. And that’s true to a certain extent. Usually patients who are dealing with stress, anxiety don’t want to eat in the morning. They feel nausea, abdomen pain, spinning, fatigue and headache. And these are the clear signs of morning sickness. 

4. Reaction of any medicine or taking too much medicine: Not many people know that because it’s an unusual cause. Taking too much medicine due to any disease like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and similar other bad health conditions cause anxiety, depression and other issues. Reaction of such medicines becomes a reason for nausea and vomiting. Such patients do not want to eat anything in the morning even if they have to. They feel as if their good is undigested. Some patients even feel abdomen pain.

Because of diseases like diabetes, patients must have to take medicines prior to breakfast. Taking medicines prior to breakfast sometimes causes morning sickness. Patients of these diseases cannot skip their medicines, but they can reduce morning sickness by eating healthy food, using dairy products, fruits and vegetables. If a person follows a healthy diet, takes his meals on time and drinks plenty of water, morning sickness will never come near him or her.

Best ways to reduce morning sickness to minimum:

Morning sickness is something which cannot go on its own. Patient must have to take action. Because if you are dealing with morning sickness on a regular basis or after a couple of days, it will affect your health in a bad way. And will make you unable to do the chores. To prevent the irritating feel you must have to take it serious and do something about it. Such as;

If you are having morning sickness due to pregnancy, don’t bother.

It will go on its own. Know that it is a part of trimester, and will go on its own. Agree with the fact that it will happen for at least three months. You just have to find those ways with which you can minimise the ill feeling to a maximum level. For instance, smell a guava after waking up, walk a few steps, lick a slice of lemon etc. Don’t drink milk right after waking up. It will make you nauseated. After three months, morning sickness will fade away.

Maintain a healthy diet primarily to reduce morning sickness.

People are phobic to reduce weight nowadays. Especially girls. They are obsessed with weight loss therapies. So they tend to follow dieting plans. Such dieting plans are designed in such a way that don’t allow the candidate to eat anything healthy in the night. The universe forces us to eat anything healthy in the night as a night consists of 12 hours approximately and the body needs nutritions. So by following specific diet plans when we don’t eat anything at night it causes serious morning sickness. The person feels extremely nauseous and feels fatigue and abdomen pain. It is really important for a human being to have a proper diet to reduce health problems.

Get rid of stress, anxiety and depression if you want to eliminate morning sickness from your life.

It is said that people who drown into stress and anxiety, end up with heart attacks or suicidal attempts. If you constantly put pressure on your mind with negative thoughts and impulses, a time will come when your physical condition gets worse due to it. 

Stress and depression cause skin disorders wrinkles, fine lines and pimples. It also causes Heartburn and digestion complications. Hence, morning sickness is attributed to stress and anxiety.  When a person is depressed, he usually doesn’t want to eat anything in particular. Especially at night or in the morning which subsequently cause health issues like this. People who remain depressed all the time, most of the time get caught up in diabetes, headache and weak eyesight issues.

Add exercise to your life.

Doing exercise at least five days in a week is profoundly healthy in all respects. Such people who do physical work or do exercises usually remain healthy most of the time of their lives. They never get caught up in minor issues like morning sickness or even in major like diabetes and heart problems. Moreover, their bone health and digestive health get better with time. Cholesterol complications and obesity also don’t come near to such people. So if you want to grant yourself a bulk of advantages of life, add exercises into your daily routine. It will reduce the chances of morning sickness to minimum and improve your overall health impressively.

The final words:

All in all, morning sickness is a health condition. It has its ways to disturb a person’s body. The only way to get rid of it is to make arrangements for it. Morning sickness is a common health condition and can easily hit the body, but if you take action right after the first day, you will not have to deal with it for long. In pregnancy, it is normal. It will happen, you must have to work on the remedies to reduce the intensity. These remedies are mentioned above. 

Other than pregnancy, if you are having morning sickness due to stress, anxiety or improper diet or due to lots of medications, you must have to work for it accordingly. Because if such traits becomes habitual to your body, no matter whatever the reason behind it, it will destroy your life in many respects. Therefore, it is vital for you to find out the cause of morning sickness and make arrangements for prevention to live a healthy, happy and active life.


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