Did you ever think about your lungs? How much effort they have to make just to give you clean, hurdle free breathes?  How much effort does it take? A little less. That’s what you think, right? Because the air in which you live, seems clean and fine. But the actual scenario is, on the contrary to it. The reasons behind it are many. Number one, it’s the 21st century, the space age, so the air isn’t clean at all. Second, the majority of the world’s lifestyle is designed in such a way that deliberately invites viral infections and diseases. Such as pneumonia, typhoid, flu, coronavirus etc.

Thirdly, people often inherited lung problems from parents and grandparents. Lungs problem is in itself is a intriguing condition, but when it turns into bad shape, pneumonia came out. The majority of the world is dealing with pneumonia. Initially people believe that it only develop because of an extreme cold weather and in snowy the regions of the world, but in reality it has significant other causes too, apart from the cold weather.

Pneumonia! A Disease that Cannot Be Ignored;

 You need to understand first, that what pneumonia actually is? It is basically a condition of an infection. In which your one or both lungs get infected with the disease. That depends on the health of the lungs. Weaker lung will effect soon and bitterly. The reason behind this infection will be bacteria, and other viruses that can travel in you through breathing (inhale, exhale). Pneumonia has so many types nowadays. But the most common types of it, is that develops by bacteria. It’s widely known as bacterial pneumonia.

This type of disease usually targets young and adult people. The process of pneumonia is causing inflammation in the air bags in your lungs. These air bags called alveoli. When a person gets infected with pneumonia, these bags filled with pus and when you breathe, this pus make it difficult to breathe. This pus halts the breathing. As a result, the patient starts coughing bitterly and try to spit the pus that cause the blockage in breathing, but usually couldn’t do so because the quantity of pus is large, that’s why one  can’t spit it completely, but can burn with the proper treatment.

Does Weather Bring Any Effects in Causing this type of health problem?

It’s a yes! Weather do effects on a person. And pneumonia most of the time can develop because of the cold weather. The western regions, which have very cold climate, the number of this fever patients are reported in number. Can you guess the reason? The reason for the innumerable patients with pneumonia in such regions that due to cold weather, bacterial infections like flu, cough, cold and fever develop more Intensely.

And if these bacterial infections get worse, they will automatically turn into it certainly. People with a strong immune system can bear any weather changes and the cold climates. And even get cured from flu, cough and fever. But those who have less strong immune system get infected with pneumonia.

How kids’ Conditions in Pneumonia are Changed from Adults;

Symptoms of Pneumonia

kids have softer tissues in their body as compared to adults. Plus, kids are often unable to demonstrate their actual health conditions they are dealing with. So their symptoms of pneumonia are somewhat different from the adults. They have less strong and delicate immune system so they easily get caught up in flu and fever.

And because their lung wall is also delicate, that’s why bacterial pneumonia easily target kids more than adults. https://www.theshreds.org/10-ways-to-get-a-healthy-stomach-naturally/  Their symptoms are also different from adults. Because kids can’t tell clearly describe their condition that why the doctors find it difficult to identify it.  

The Causes of Pneumonia;

Pneumonia is not a small problem that can be cured by it own. It’s a chronic condition, not only for the kids, but also for adults. The causes for it are not many, but have significant impact on the person. Such as:

  • Viruses that roam in the air.
  • Bacteria, in the food you are having, in the air, in hands or clothes.
  • Chemical reactions and environment that is filled with toxic chemicals.
  • People who work in factories and inhale, exhale in the chemical fill air.
  • Extremely cold weather.
  • Lungs disease.
  • Pneumonia, inherited from parents.
  • Long term influenza.
  • Acute chest infection.
  • Excessive intake of cold beverages and food items.

Renowned Symptoms;

People get confused between pneumonia symptoms and fever symptoms. Although their symptoms are alike, but symptoms are slightly different from an average, mild fever. The symptoms if noted keenly, will be this much clear that you will easily find out if you are having pneumonia or not. Common symptoms include:

  1. Feeling at first mild, then acute pain in your chest while breathes or cough.
  2. Changing behaviour or mood swings.
  3. Very heavy cough.
  4. High fever, approximately 103 degrees.
  5.  Sweating.
  6. Chest pain.
  7. Pain in legs and backbone.
  8. Cough with the pus in it.
  9. Water discharge from eyes due to cough.
  10. Memory disturbance in older people.

The Risks That become the Reason;

Pneumonia doesn’t develop automatically, it has some risk factors due to which gradually you get infected with it. Your body fight with the pneumonia bacteria to the maximum level. But when your immune system can’t fight back then pneumonia hits in. There are some important risk factors that if you are having in your life, you may get caught up with it in the future. Such as:

Effective Treatments;

Causes of Pneumonia

Treatments that are designed for pneumonia are very effective and innovative these days. But all the treatments solely depend on which type of pneumonia do you have. Whether its bacterial or chronic or due to lung cancer. In which age bracket are you in, young or aged or you are a kid. If a person has bacterial pneumonia, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

If the patient is young and have mild pneumonia, he/she may be recommended complete bed rest. Chronic pneumonia will demand to get the patient hospitalized. And will run a complete medication course, of most probably 21 days. People of an older age, mostly get caught up in severe pneumonia in which they get hospitalized. Surgery is recommended in rare cases. Or in lung cancer. Antibiotics are recommended in all types of pneumonia, whether you have mild, severe or chronic.

The Bottom Line;

Pneumonia is a chronic disease. People in the west are infected with pneumonia to the large extent. That’s why medications and new treatments are being invented in the west with the same speed. Precautions should be used in any circumstances, especially in cold climates. Try to have such a lifestyle that prevents it.

If you have the history in your family of pneumonia or lung cancer, be a little more careful about what lifestyle you lead and be aware of the possibilities of getting caught up in pneumonia. This is not something you can’t get rid of. With healthy lifestyle, proper health care, precautions and treatment, you will not have to deal with pneumonia for life.


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