In Ancient times, the notion of eating and drinking was to get a healthy diet without any artificial flavour and harmful components. The notion is even same for today. But things have changed so far. There is a marked difference between the ancient times and the modern era in the manner of living, eating and surviving. Today, man is too fast in gathering basic facilities of life. For these resources, man has geared up his strength to match with the speed of the world.
In doing so, the precautions in eating habits got a little bit fade. Ready to cook or already cooked food items have been introduced to the world. And that’s how the history of junk food have started.

Working people and this type of food consumption;

These food items are less time consuming and sometimes less expensive than the organic food. People in the world take these food items from the market and fill their stomach simultaneously and again start rushing towards the success. But one thing that the people of the world are forgetting that these food items are working in their bodies like a slow poison. And these items are called the junk food. Yes! It is the junk food that destroys you inside out gradually but severely and you don’t even realize. The havoc doesn’t confine here. If the material that is being used in these junk food items would be hygienic, even then the damage would be limited.

But the worse part is, that the material that is being used to make these junk food items is even filthier and far more unhygienic that it mercilessly slaughtered the internal organs of the human body. Having that kind of food on a regular basis indulges a person into obesity, cardiac problems, kidney failure, diabetes, and cognitive disorders significantly. Junk food isn’t limited to burgers, carbohydrate beverages and confectionery items, you need to understand first which food items are in the circle of junk food.

Junk Food! A Complete Definition;

Let’s be short and precise about the definition of junk food. Anything that is already cooked and artificially preserved falls in the category of junk food. Now take a look at your surroundings, you will estimate the large number of food items that can be considered as a junk food item. This Estimate will start from a small bar of chocolate to a large fat cheesy burger. Means to say that anything that you don’t make at home with raw and organic food that is junk food. Even the saturated salt is also considered to be a kind of artificial food.

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Meat that is preserved with chemicals and spices, nuggets and frozen eating items are also labelled as the junk food. That’s how you can imagine now that you are surrounded by the junk food item hugely. A pack of biscuits that aren’t made at home and is baked at factories with chemicals and artificial flavour to let the taste remain the same for a long time is junk food.

Which is even more dangerous for human health. Because in order to keep these food item sustainable for eating costs health damage.

A Worldwide Scenario over Junk Food Consumption;

Initially, European countries had the tendency to use junk food as their regular meal. Specifically, the United States use this type of food more profoundly than the rest of the world. Because life in European countries, was very mechanical and calculated by then. But gradually with the passage of time, things have changed to another level. Now almost in all regions of the world apart from the United States, including the remote corners of the world, Asia, Africa, Australia are largely depends on the junk food for life survival.

The reason behind this is the exceeded speed and rush of the world. Today’s man has lined up in the pipeline, different important works to do before even opening an eye in the morning.

Our regular life’s dependency;

Human’s daily life survival is dependent on the completion of these daily tasks by the end of the day at any cost. This hustle doesn’t leave adequate time for a person to sit and think about the proper and organic food made at home.

That’s why, people usually opt for readymade food to skip the halt in the work and keep going back to the work the way they were doing. This at one point do minimize the delay, but this junk food actually destroys the efficiency of the internal organs on the other hand simultaneously.  

Harms which Hits the Human Body after having Junk Food;

As you are aware of the fact that from minor to major all the artificial food items considered to be junk food. There are innumerable demerits of eating junk food on a regular basis, but the major ones are:

Memory Disorders and changes in moods:

It is seen among people that those who eats junk food for over a week, mood changes and memory disorders are vividly seen in those people. This shows that such type of artificial food effects human body physically and mentally quite rapidly. The deterioration of the human body, speed, strength different organs of the body within merely 5 days, if one starts eating junk food. The reason of junk food effects on human mood and body is that the protein and fats runs through the blood in the veins.

That made the blood, dense and thick. When the blood gets thicker, the person becomes a little bit problematic and frustrated with the surroundings.

Lunatic behaviour: That sounds crazy, but it is true.

According to the current studies, a person who eats junk food in any shape, whether sweet or spicy, impact drastically on human health. If you take such kind of food in your younger age in bulk than in your old age you may have cognitive disorders. The over consumption of sweet items and confectionery also do the same job.

Loss control in the appetite:

As you aware of the fact that such food doesn’t contain healthy ingredients for the human body. Those fatty acids, which are filled in the junk food are only better in taste, but in fact they are toxic for the brain and body. These acids on one side disturbs the cognitive efficiency and on the other hand stimulate the appetite.

A person can’t control his urge to have readymade food like this and end up with the bulk of junk food having in his lap. Junk food affects the mind, the brain and destroys its capacity to hold on and control appetite. The body needs healthy fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. However, junk food doesn’t provide so.

Depression after having junk food regularly:

A large number of people have been tested for this and the majority of the people are found positive with depression after having artificial food on a regular basis. Not having organic food and eating junk food lessen the important nutrients like amino acids and others. Lack of such nutrients brings depression to one’s mind. When you develop an imbalance in your diet by having toxic ingredients in your food, an imbalance develops in your fatty acids. And this imbalance develops depression significantly.

Unstoppable Urges for Junk food:

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Yes! That’s right. You get impatient with the urges while developing an aptitude for the junk food. For instance, if you have a chocolate pastry or a medium sized pizza, initially this will satisfy your cravings, but right after 2 to 3 hours you will feel the same cravings with even more intensity. Because these artificial sugary sort of junk food raises your blood sugar levels temporarily, but because it isn’t the right source of sweet, that’s why after two to three hours you will yearn for more. This behaviour develops the attitude of impatience and restlessness. The rapid fluctuations of the blood sugar levels because of the junk food also initiate other chronic diseases too.

Chronic Diseases That Follows with the Over Consumption of Junk Food;

The majority of the world is aware of the fact that junk food is the biggest cause of initiating chronic diseases. Artificial food never been a body’s strong ally. Whoever eats such food on a daily basis, end up with major chronic health problems. These diseases can start from a tooth decay to cardiac arrest. Diseases related to the body and the mind are the major aftermath of having readymade food on a regular basis.

But at what age you get these diseases and with which intensity is another debate. That depends on the structure and past lifestyle of the patient. Some major diseases that hit the human body after having junk food most of its life are

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of JUNK FOOD
  • Obesity.
  • Cardiovascular disease and other heart problems.
  • Shrinking of the nerves and veins.
  • Density of the blood.
  • Diabetes.
  • Memory loss.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Skin problems. (Pimples, acne, scars, scratches)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Higher cholesterol levels.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Anger and aggression.
  • Hair loss.

These are the major dysfunctions of the different inside and outside parts of the body that are reported widely. There may be some other health failures too that can be developed due to the over consumption of junk food.

How will You kick out Junk Food from Your Life? 10 Proven ways;

No doubt, the habit of eating junk food is very clinging and hard to resist. One cannot separate himself from junk food once get addicted to. But as you know that nothing is impossible in this world. If you put yourself in the right line with the focused mind, then nobody can stop you to ditch or give up the habit of consuming junk food, no matter how much you crave for it.

All you have to do is to set a goal and stick to it no matter what. Remember that giving up the habit of over consumption of junk food is not a task to do. You may feel terribly tired of not eating junk food and your mind may stimulate you have a little. But remember that the right time of giving up the junk food is the very time when your mind asking you to have a little bit of it.

The most proven and effective way to give up junk food are:

1.Take adequate time to rest.

It will ease the tensed muscles. It is seen in people that those who don’t take proper sleep and don’t take rest adequately, do over eating and hence end up with the addiction of junk food.

2.Meditation and Yoga

Do the job significantly. Exercises like jogging, running and cardio exercises burn extra calories and fat from the body. It helps to shed the excessive weight. If a person adopts few simple steps of yoga and do it regularly, it will give him a fresh start and also help him to give up the over consumption of junk food. Exercising not only shed your weight by sweating, but also improve your metabolism.

3.Healthy and organic diet

Plays a vital role in a person’s health. Imbalance in the diet not only get you slim and fit, but also helps you to ditch the habit of junk food. Sometimes adding a proper amount of vegetables, fruits and adequate crabs automatically reduce the cravings for the junk food. When your body gets all it needs, then it won’t urge for anything artificial. These food ingredients have antibiotics in it that helps the immune system to maintain the defensive system intact.

4.Stop being so digital

In other words, using the electronic gadgets all the time not only weakens the eye sight, but also sitting for a long time develop the habit of eating most probably, junk food. Using gadgets all the time also become a reason of being lazy and sitting idle most of the time. A non active lifestyle brings forth various illnesses and diseases.

5.Don’t drink beverages too much.

These are the most vital of junk food. For instance, whenever you eat a burger or pizza, you always opt for a coke or some other beverage. It is confirmed by the health physicians that a glass of these sort of beverages, contains 6 to 7 spoons of sugar, sometimes 8 to 9. Now you can imagine that such amount of sugar can cause diabetes in no time and obesity.

6.Walk bare feet on the ground.

It will soothe your mind. Reduce tension, and beget the urge to lead an active lifestyle. If you are suffering from obesity, then walking bare feet on the grass make you think positive about you and your physic and will motivate you to give up such toxic food for good.

7.Use purified water to drink.

Because the human body is largely dependent on the water. Approximately 75% of human body are relying on the water. If the water you are drinking every time is filthy or not pure, then you may develop certain diseases because of solely impure water. To ditch the habit of such type of food food, your water intake must be up to the mark. A normal person has to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to reduce the cravings of junk food.

8.Your protein intake in the breakfast must be better than usual while minimizing the cravings of junk food.

Add eggs and omega 3 in the shape of fish and other important ingredients in the diet. A morning breakfast is the starting of the day. If you choose to have a healthy protein filled breakfast in the morning, your stomach will be filled for hours and it will be sufficed to give up the over consumption of readymade food. So have healthy breakfast at least four times in a week.

9.Always use green tea to raise your metabolism level.

Green tea cleanses the nerves and arteries of the body, reduce fats and purifies the blood. It is also very beneficial in obesity. And if you are up to avoid readymade food, green tea will be very helpful in this manner.

10. Don’t get extremely hungry.

Try to eat the right fats. Doing so won’t get you feel hungry. Hunger makes you yearns for unhygeinic food all at once. The solution for this is to eat right and eat the small amounts of food after every two hours. This attitude will save you from readymade food permanently.

The Bottom Line;

So, Whenever your body yearns for junk food, try to remember one thing that you are given this life for once. If you wasted it by eating toxic and unhygienic food, you will reduce 6 to 10 years of your life period. It is right that one cannot help with the cravings, but a good try with a strong and focus mind will minimize the cravings for the such kind of food.  As well as will give you healthy and fit body.

Therefore, try not to play with your life. These burgers and pizzas are just good in taste. As far as nutrition is concerned, these things only provide diseases and disorders to your body. Home made clean food is best for human body. Use olive oil for cooking, and jaggery or brown sugar instead of white sugar. It isn’t good for human health anew and consider as a type of edible food. However, There are other natural resources of sweets available by the nature. You can lead a healthy, tasteful lifestyle even after exemption of artificial food from your life.



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